TIE Corps Personnel Record #5956
 High Admiral Frodo March (# 5956)
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High Admiral rank badge  
RSV/HA Frodo March/M/FRG Phoenix
RSV/HA Frodo March/
OV-19E [Executor] [Marksman 4th] {TCCORE-MCBS-MP/1-SM/2/3/4-TACS-TM/1-XAM-XTM/1/2}

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
 Name and rank: High Admiral Frodo March
 ID line: RSV/HA Frodo March/M/FRG Phoenix
 Gender: Male
 Species: Normal
 Date of Birth: 12 Years before the Death Star Exploded (First one
 Place of Birth: Lears
 Marital Status: Married
 Family information: Brother (Declared MIA 2009), Cousin Declared MIA (2006). Rest of Family happily alive on Lears. Which is great except for all the dark jedis.
 Social status: Well to do.
 Significant events of childhood: Lied about his age to join the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. It is quite strange that he was admitted despite his youthful appearance, but he had passed all the TIE Pilot admittance tests, and showed promise. The Emperor had also just died, and the EH leadership were more lax in their admittance of members.
 Significant events of adulthood: His adult life was entirely spent in service of the Emperor's Hammer. Most of his feats were classified in order to perform special operations. Fortunately, with the closure of Praetorian Squadron, these events were unclassified.

Lead Wing V, the ISD Intrepid, TAC office, Flight Office, TCCOM, Reconnaissance Officer, Special Operations Officer, and Warrior Commodore.
 Alignment and attitude: Pro EH. Generally reticent to change.
 Previous occupations: Praetor.
 Tragedies in life: Nil
 Phobias and allergies: Nil
 Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
 Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
 Desire to fly.
 Other comments: 
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