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In order to join the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps the recruitment office needs to gather some information about you. Please fill out the following form in full (you will receive an e-mail after your sign up has been processed).

 Your Imperial name: 
 Please be original. Popular Star Wars character names are no longer being accepted. No names like Darth Vader, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Thrawn, Stele, etc. Titles like "Dark Lord" or "Jedi Master" or "Dr." are also not acceptable. Avoid using numbers at the end of your name like 'John550'. 
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  'Squadron' refers to the active squadron you wish to be assigned to after completing your training; you can check all available squadrons at 'TIE Corps' - 'TIE Corps Rosters' (elite squadrons are not open for cadets). You can also choose to be assigned to any squadron, to be decided by the TIE Corps Commander. 
 Security Question:VI + IX ?Answer: 
 Answer to Security Question above must be entered as a roman number too. If not done correctly the form will be rejected on submission.