Empire at War: Major Update and Competition

AD Silwar Naiilo

25 November, 2023 23:13
31 ABY

Empire at War just had a major patch update (especially exciting given that it's nearly 20 years old!) which updates the game to include 64-bit computer support, which allows for a wide number of things - which you can search up on the Holonet. But also, a new competition!

It's currently on sale on Steam for $6.99, so along with the competition and the sale we're kicking off a new competition. Play as hard of a PvE game as you can, earn points based on the difficulty, and the winners will earn Iron Stars. Anyone who plays an evenly placed match will also earn an ORA, regardless of placement.

Check it out: Empire at War: Strategy Simulations. Good luck!

New Battle Releases!

FA Pickled Yoda

25 November, 2023 06:13
31 ABY

The Tactical Office is pleased to announce some new releases from first-time creator LCM Jagged Fell III.

XWA-TC 70: 'Anti-Rogue Squadron: Battle for Borleias' re-imagines the events of Michael A. Stackpole's Rogue Squadron as if the Emperor's Hammer had been involved.

XWA-F 162: 'An Excellent E-Wing Demonstration' features Locke and La'an trying to prove the E-Wing is superior to other Rebel fighters.

Both missions make extensive use of wav packs to add to the immersion - every message & briefing has corresponding audio. While they're optional to install, I highly recommend using them.

There have also been some Patch Archive updates - both submissions use a new Battlegroup III Crest Pack. The E-Wing patch used in XWA F 162 has also had some updates from GN Master.

Happy flying!

Star Wars Squadrons 95% Off

LC Solohan50

23 November, 2023 19:15
31 ABY

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for an important announcement. Steam has Star Wars Squadrons for 95% off ($1.99 USD) until November 28. Get your copy while the sale lasts and join the rest of TC in the game voted Best Queue Simulator of 2023!


TTT3 3.1.0 Released!

HA Turtle Jerrar

22 November, 2023 13:40
31 ABY

We're happy to announce the release of TTT3 v3.1.0!

This version transitions to fully rendered 3D devices (upgrades) on all ribbons.

To show off these beautiful new ribbon devices, this version also adds two special camera presets, 'Medals' and 'Medals Rank'. These camera presets are available from the Dress Uniform section, and can be used to generate a straight-on render of only the medals or medals + rank area of your uniform. In addition to positioning the camera, they also invoke a special rendering mode that removes the normal uniform curvature and texturing to provide a flat display.

(We're cognizant that this render mode excludes awards worn elsewhere on the uniform, e.g. neck ribbon and badge-type medals such as the IC and MoH. This is intended as a quick option for showing off the typical awards. We have some ideas for future improvements that would display all of a member's earned medals.)

My thanks to VA Robert Hogan for all of his hard work in bringing the 3D medal devices to life, as well as LC SkyShadow for the continued development and maintenance of TTT3. A full list of the changes is available in the application's CHANGELOG.md file.

Note: TTT3 now implements improved semantic versioning. Increments in the minor version number (second number in the version string) indicate updates that materially change the rendered uniform, deprecating previous versions of the software and their rendered uniform images. Increments in the patch level (third number in the version string) indicate bugfixes or other changes that do not change the rendered output. While we recommend that users always use the most recent version, only changes to the minor version number are considered "mandatory" for generating new uniform images for upload to the web site.

New Squadron Executive Officer for Kappa

HA Plif

18 November, 2023 20:32
31 ABY

CPT Rachel Drakon, who's been with us for a very long time as a Flight Member in Kappa and briefly Tempest, has been selected to be Kappa's new Squadron Executive Officer (SQXO). Good luck in your new role!

New Flight Leader for Lambda

HA Plif

12 November, 2023 21:58
31 ABY

LCM scottrick, formerly a Flight Member in Lambda, has been selected to be Lambda's new Flight Leader. Good luck in your new role!

Jagged Fell III Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

FA John T. Clark

10 November, 2023 16:05
31 ABY

From Typhoon Squadron CMDR GN Triji Boliv:

Lieutenant Jagged Fell III has come into the TIE Corps like an absolute wrecking ball. In his first two months of active duty, Lieutenant Fell has flown over 375 single player missions, completed over 70 Imperial University courses, contributed heavily to Typhoon's fifth place overall finish in Raise the Flag 2023, as well as writing fiction, creating graphics, and building new single player missions to add to the compendium. Additionally, Lieutenant Fell has recently stepped up to a leadership position, taking over as Flight 3 Leader, and embracing that role head on by looking out for the pilots in his charge and working to ensure their time in the TIE Corps is enjoyable and fulfilling. Lieutenant Fell has more than earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander and it is my great pleasure to recommend he be promoted at this time. Great work, Jagged! Keep it up!

Congratulations, LCM Jagged Fell III!
And indeed, feel very free to Keep it up!

Maple Wulvar Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

FA John T. Clark

10 November, 2023 15:47
31 ABY

From Eagle Squadron CMDR COL Miles Prower:

For excellent service to Eagle Squadron in the months of August and September 2023, having quickly risen up to the position of Flight Leader and demonstrating the activity and communication requisite to the position, along with the completion of the TIE Corps CORE course, I hereby endorse Lieutenant Maple Wulvar's promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Congratulations, LCM Maple Wulvar!

LT Promotion in Sin Squadron

FA John T. Clark

10 November, 2023 14:51
31 ABY

From completing the Imperial Naval Organization IU course at an impressive 100%, SL Chity'ke'nik of Sin Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Chity'ke'nik!

Tribute Day

AD Phoenix Berkana

09 November, 2023 23:08
31 ABY

November 11th is Tribute Day in the Imperial / EH calendar, the annual day of gratitude for soldiers of the Empire!

This year we will share 3 puzzles, all on the theme of Imperial Service in the name of our late Emperor.

They will be live from November 10th through November 12th to cover all time zones with links available below.

Puzzle 1: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=307c021db671
Puzzle 2: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=2fa020434814
Puzzle 3: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=0fdc99c47a25

Once completed, send screenshots of the completed puzzle (with the completion time visible) to the WO at phoenixberkana@gmail.com

Full competition details can be found here: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=7716