SL ReconNine Promoted to LT

HA Plif

04 July, 2022 08:48
30 ABY

From the Commander of Rho Squadron, CPT Westric Davalorn:

For the successful completion of a mission in service to the Empire, we proudly recommend ReconNine be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT ReconNine!

Empire at War Multiplayer PvE and PvP Support

HA Plif

02 July, 2022 17:30
30 ABY

Based on a proposal we received from MAJ LegionX and GN Stryker, we've got a new game for you to play for the Legion of Combat and the Legion of Skirmish.

Star Wars: Empire at War (EaW) was first released in 2006 and is currently available on Steam and GOG. We recommend the Steam version because it's significantly easier to get connected for multiplayer compared to GOG.

As we've done with the two EA Battlefront games, we'll support both space and ground battles in EaW. I believe that this is the first time we'll be supporting a real-time strategy (RTS) game for Legions, which represents our willingness to expand the TIE Corps' collection of both games and game types. As a reminder, TIE Corps pilots have never been obligated to play every game in our lineup and this will continue to be true as we make fine additions to our collection.

Like some of our other MP games, EaW allows players to set up multiplayer matches in a way that could be easier or shorter than we'd like. Requirements for PvE and PvP matches will be added to the COO Manual. We'll also need two screenshots per match, one for the game setup screen and one to reflect that the match was won.

The COO Manual and database screenshot forms have been updated to include Empire at War, so check out to see the specific game setup requirements and the database is ready to accept screenshot submissions.

TFTC Competition and Future

FA Pickled Yoda

01 July, 2022 03:32
30 ABY

The TFTC-R competition has finished, congrats to the winners CPT Colo Delste (HS, Writing), CPT Wildfire (Speed) and CPT Westric Davalorn (GFX) !

The Tactical Office is also excited to announce the introduction of TFTC-Campaign as a new category in the Battle Center.

You can read the full details in TAC Report #18

LT Promotion in Rho Squadron

AD John T. Clark

30 June, 2022 16:56
30 ABY

For earning a first handful of Legions of Combat in Star Wars Squadrons SL Chudan of Rho Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Chudan!

LT Promotion in Delta Squadron

AD John T. Clark

30 June, 2022 16:54
30 ABY

For earning a first handful of Legions of Combat in Star Wars Squadrons SL Delta Striker 4 of Delta Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Delta Striker 4!

LT Promotion in Thunder Squadron

AD John T. Clark

30 June, 2022 16:50
30 ABY

For filling in her INPR and submitting a fiction SL Constellation Hoshiteru of Thunder Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Constellation Hoshiteru!

Two Lieutenant Promotions in Kappa Squadron

AD John T. Clark

30 June, 2022 16:47
30 ABY

For earning a first Legion of Combat SL Cooker of Kappa Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

At the same time Kappa Squadron's SL Yokanaan has also been promoted to Lieutenant for his successful completion of a TIE-Free Single Player Mission.

Congratulations LT Yokanaan!

Congratulations LT Cooker!

Eagle CMDR and FLs appointed

VA Silwar Naiilo

27 June, 2022 17:21
30 ABY

After LC Graf D'Jinn went on leave, Eagle Squadron was left with a void. Previous SQXO CM Drummer "The Gunner" Nate stepped up to lead in his absence, and after successfully completing the Squadron Management course, has been chosen to lead Eagle Squadron as its new Commander.

His first order of business was to appoint two Flight Leaders - CM SirCaleb and and CM Cupcake.

Two LT Promotions in Tempest

HA Plif

27 June, 2022 05:04
30 ABY

From the Commander of Tempest Squadron, LC Honsou:

For achieving their first Legion of Combat with the TIE Corps, I hereby recommend Sub Lieutenant CapukkiOne be promoted to full Lieutenant.

For achieving a brace of Legion's of Skirmish with the TIE Corps, I hereby recommend Sub Lieutenant Kertron Seven be promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT CapukkiOne and LT Kertron Seven!

Imperial University migration and brownout

FA Turtle Jerrar

26 June, 2022 16:00
30 ABY

In order to facilitate the transition of the Imperial University (IU) from the old site to the new, on Monday, 27 June we will take the IU offline for approximately one week.

During that time, we will:

  • Perform an automated migration of all IU-related data from the old site to the new.
  • Begin performing manual updating of the major courseware defects (notes and exams). This is the primary reason for the one week “brownout” as data structures on the old site do not enable us to effectively make these corrections prior to the transition.
  • On or around Monday, 4 July, the ability to take exams on the new site will be turned on.

Any exams pending grading will be migrated to the new site as long as the member has adhered to the previously announced guidance regarding matching your email address and member name between the sites.

Questions or concerns may be directed to me via direct message, carrier pigeon, or suspicious-looking brown paper packages.

KEBLAOMEGA promoted to Commander

AD John T. Clark

21 June, 2022 17:23
30 ABY

From Beta Squadron CMDR CM ElleOhh:

Pilot KEBLAOMEGA has served the Empire with an impeccable flying record, true dedication to his fellow Beta squad-mates, and a vigor for advancing the Empire's reign across the galaxy. His most recent IS-PW, hundreds of LoC/LoSs, distinguished flying cross, and dozens of other service medals, show Kebla's hard work and unwavering strength. For this, I enthusiastically recommend his promotion to Commander.

Congratulations, CM KEBLAOMEGA!

SL Tiberius Duck Promoted to LT

HA Plif

21 June, 2022 04:03
30 ABY

From the Commander of Thunder Squadron, MAJ LegionX:

For the completion of his INPR in record time for Thunder Squadron History, I recommend Tiberius Duck the rank of full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Tiberius Duck!

LT Tiran Marr Promoted to LCM

HA Plif

21 June, 2022 03:53
30 ABY

From the Commander of Rho Squadron, CPT Westric Davalorn:

Since his promotion to Lieutenant on the Third day of the Fifth month of the Imperial year, LT Tiran Marr has earned 7 Legions of Combat and 27 Legions of Skirmish. In addition, he continues to demonstrate his passion and dedication to Rho Squadron and the TIE Corps in general with his contributions to squadron communications and morale.

Tiran contributed to the ISDII Warrior's victory in Imperial Storm IV. In addition, Tiran continues to demonstrate excellent leadership skills since taking on the position of Flight Leader for Flight III.

For these reasons, and for being awarded the Imperial Security Medal in the month prior, we proudly recommend him for promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Congratulations, LCM Tiran Marr!

Star Wars Summer Sale!

CPT TheBlackxRanger

20 June, 2022 20:23
30 ABY

Summer time means Summer Sales!

For a limited time, select Star Wars games are on sale through, Steam, and Amazon Prime Gaming.

Flight Sims

Racing Games

Real Time Strategy

First Person Shooters

Prime Day Exclusives: July 12th - 13th

Prime Members can pickup;

  • Star Wars™ Republic Commando™
  • Star Wars™ Jedi Knight — Jedi Academy™
  • Star Wars™ Jedi Knight II — Jedi Outcast™
  • and more!

Deals available during Prime Day only, additional games are available included with Prime from June 21-July 13

Special thanks to CPT Wildfire and CPT Gytheran for posting these deals in our discord!

Preparation for Imperial University migration

FA Turtle Jerrar

15 June, 2022 13:42
30 ABY

In preparation for the Imperial University (IU) migration that will occur in the near future, members are advised to take the following actions to ensure a successful migration of your record from the old site to the new.

  1. Ensure that the email address on your account matches your account. If there is a discrepancy, update your address on the site.

  2. Ensure that your name on exactly matches your name (your character name as displayed on your member record). If they do not match, please contact me for assistance.

If you have never taken IU courses or created an account on, there are no actions required.


MAJ LegionX

11 June, 2022 01:02
30 ABY

G'Day Pilots of the TIE Corps!

So after some advice and discussion from the IO department, I am pleased to report that the Air Lock Podcast Episodes will start being uploaded once again, as unedited versions, while we wait for dedicated editors to help with the editing. We apologize that it took this long to start getting the videos on the EH YouTube Channel, but now that they will be uploaded more frequently, we hope you do take a listen and enjoy the content as they get published.

As for the Live Streaming portion of the show, they will still continue. I have just been holding on to live streaming / recording more shows with such an extensive backlog. Once the backlog has been relatively cleared, I will start the Live portion of the shows again.

Thank You so much for your patience and we look forward to hearing back any and all feedback from you!

LCM Drummer The Gunner Nate Promoted to CM

HA Plif

06 June, 2022 05:20
30 ABY

From the Commander of Eagle Squadron, LC Graf D‘Jinn:

Eagle's newly-minted SQXO has become an integral part of his squadron, from his leadership, to the way he engages with his pilots and the greater EHTC. He has fulfilled his duties with aplomb. He has made a name for himself amongst his peers as a pilot of considerable repute. He has become a prolific writer, with several exceptional 'embellishments' of his real-life pursuits as a bounty hunter-extraordinaire. I am proud to have Drummer as my right hand man, and overjoyed to recommend him with a very well-deserved promotion to the rank of Commander.

Congratulations, CM Drummer The Gunner Nate!

LT Promotion in Eagle Squadron

AD John T. Clark

05 June, 2022 14:32
30 ABY

For completing a first set of Legions of Combat Eagle Squadron's SL Rockwell has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Rockwell!