"EH TV" Project Announcement

LC LegionX

23 March, 2023 19:59
31 ABY

Good Day / Afternoon / Evening Pilots of the TIE Corps!

LC LegionX here to announce a new project in the works now starting to come to fruition. It is my pleasure to bring forward the next level of media entertainment to the TC, Emperor's Hammer TV!

This project will be combining shows and streams alike for all pilots to enjoy, Starting with 2 shows to add to it's list. The first being the return of the pilot favorite and frequently asked AirLock Podcast which will return to both streaming and youtube alike starting sometime next week, just before Imperial Storm 5 ends. It will be starting with a new format of podcast, adding more than just the interview style it previously had. The second on that list will be a sports type of show using our freshly created EH Pub League, Based within the game BloodBowl 2, several members within the EH have created several American styled football teams in a turn based game which allows full on actual combat between players while also trying to score points against each other. Be sure to check it out and cheer on your favorite teams! The first season is already underway, however for future seasons should other EH members like to join in and make their own team within the league, be sure to contact LC LegionX.

More shows are in the works for future additions, so be sure to always check back for more updates. Be sure to check out the official EH Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@emperorshammer7192 for more!

LT Promotion in Rho Squadron

AD John T. Clark

23 March, 2023 17:46
31 ABY

For earning their first Legion of Combat SL Maston Dane of Rho Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Maston Dane!

CPT Kazraran Promoted to MAJ

HA Plif

22 March, 2023 14:57
31 ABY

From the Commander of Sin Squadron, MAJ andr3:

In the past twelve months CPT Kazraran has scored ten monthly merit awards - on average close to a Bronze Star and even including a Silver Star. This shows their remarkable dedication and activity. They are an exceptional single player pilot, always to be found in the top places of the monthly killboard and 2nd overall for 30 ABY. This also makes them one of the most active pilots of Sin Squadron, setting an example for other pilots. Furthermore, they passed a significant number of IU courses and occasionally score LoSs.

It is my honor to recommend CPT Kazraran for promotion to Major.

Congratulations, MAJ Kazraran!

Recon Office Squadron Highlight: Alpha Squadron

RA Alexandre Morgan

21 March, 2023 23:31
31 ABY

The Emperor’s Hammer TIE Corps is composed of 17 unique squadrons, each with their own cultures, craft, and leadership. The Reconnaissance Office is proud to present each of these squadrons to the outside community over the course of the next few weeks, beginning with the squadrons of the ISDII Hammer and Wing I.

Today we begin with Alpha Squadron! Check out these social posts to learn about Alpha, and like and follow to help bolster our efforts!


New Systems Course

VA Sylas Pitt

21 March, 2023 23:25
31 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce a new course for the Imperial University, Systems: Aurora. This new course encourages members to use our own Encyclopedia Imperia to learn more of the system we call home. We hope to reduce the amount of courses focusing on individual planets, and rather have the courses cover individual systems. We are still working on the other systems courses for the Alpha Sector, and we hope to include the Beta Sector some time in the near future.

Many thanks to VA Jaxx "Hijacker" Nassin for his efforts as the Logistics Officer in getting the Systems Manual ready for this new endeavor.

Check out the course here!

Tactical Tournament - Thrawn's Revenge!

AD Stryker

20 March, 2023 20:06
31 ABY

Armchair Admirals unite! A tournament to find the best player to enact Thrawn's Revenge on the New Republic begins!

That's right, a new TC-wide Empire at War tournament is beginning on April First! Using the Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War mod, players will battle it out in a round-robin style tournament to determine which of you is most qualified to be the instrument of Thrawn's vengeance!

An IS-PW is up for grabs for the winning player!

In-depth competition details can be found here: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3543
A guidebook for the event can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iM84mOqUiz8ZO4LI3hvt_X0BsKN40Z4Noi7oMiHC1iY/edit?usp=sharing
Signup Form: https://forms.gle/Sr3g7MCQT9Fuh73D6

Players have until March 30th to sign up. Factions will be assigned on March 31st. Round One pairings go live April 1st!

If there are any questions, please contact me via e-mail or Discord DM!

TIE Corps in Battle Results for February

HA Plif

19 March, 2023 20:10
31 ABY

Ace of the TIE Corps is a set of competitions that recognizes pilots for placing in the top ten on the SP, PvP, and PvE killboards. Below are the results for February.

Top Ten on the SP Killboard for February 2023
  1. CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana with 364 missions, IS-GW
  2. LT Benji Tandor with 204 missions, IS-SW
  3. CPT Kazraran with 160 missions, IS-SW
  4. GN Mark Schueler with 50 missions, IS-BW
  5. COL Triji Boliv with 36 missions, IS-BW
  6. LCM Jayden Halcorr with 24 missions, IS-BW
  7. GN Master with 19 missions, IS-CW
  8. LC Solohan50 with 17 missions, IS-CW
  9. MAJ Colo Delste with 14 missions, IS-CW
  10. LCM Asen Starlancer with 13 missions, IS-CW
Top Ten on the PvP Killboard for February 2023
  1. LCM TecGenie with 178 victories, IS-GW
  2. LCM Blaster72 with 128 victories, IS-SW
  3. CM Maximus Meridius with 119 victories, IS-SW
  4. CM Matthew Steel with 95 victories, IS-BW
  5. CM Grendel with 74 victories, IS-BW
  6. MAJ DemWookieeCheeks with 58 victories, IS-BW
  7. LT Rui Borges with 52 victories, IS-CW
  8. LT SirPants with 46 victories, IS-CW
  9. LC fr0Zen with 39 victories, IS-CW
  10. LC Solohan50 with 38 victories, IS-CW
Top Ten on the PvE Killboard for February 2023
  1. GN Elwood the Brave with 573 victories, IS-GW
  2. LC Robert Hogan with 514 victories, IS-SW
  3. MAJ Gytheran with 205 victories, IS-SW
  4. LC Westric Davalorn with 194 victories, IS-BW
  5. CPT Alexandre Morgan with 143 victories, IS-BW
  6. AD John T. Clark with 115 victories, IS-BW
  7. CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana with 107 victories, IS-CW
  8. LC Solohan50 with 86 victories, IS-CW
  9. COL Highlander with 73 victories, IS-CW
  10. LCM Therj'en'nuruodo with 58 victories, IS-CW

Well done, pilots!

Sigma Looking for Squadron Executive Officer

CM Matthew Steel

19 March, 2023 18:11
31 ABY

Sigma Looking for Squadron Executive Officer

Greetings Pilots!

We're looking for someone to take up the role of SQXO for Sigma Squadron! If you're interested in furthering your career with the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps please DM me on Discord or send me an email at ehtcmatthewsteel@gmail.com. I'm happy to provide further details for those who are interested.

CMDR/CM Matthew Steel/Sigma/Wing II/ISDII Warrior/Battlegroup II
SS/ISM/MoI/MoC-2boc/IS-BW/ORA/LoC-TS/LoS-CS/CoB [Marksman 1st] [Private 4th]

Matthew Steel Promoted to Commander

AD John T. Clark

19 March, 2023 17:53
31 ABY

From former Sigma Squadron CMDR and now BGCOM of Battlegroup II RA JetMech:

For his admirable performance during the last two months at the rank of Lieutenant and his performance as the SQXO of Sigma Squadron, I recommend Matthew Steel for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Congratulations, LCM Matthew Steel!

For being assigned as CMDR of Sigma Squadron, Matthew Steel is promoted to Commander rank as well today.

So Congratulations, CM Matthew Steel!

New Sigma CMDR Selected

RA JetMech

19 March, 2023 15:29
31 ABY

Greeting Pilots!

Matthew Steel has been selected as the new CMDR of Sigma Squadron! Congratulations! We look forward to seeing all the great things to come!

-RA Jet "Sus" Mech

LT Promotion in Delta Squadron

AD John T. Clark

18 March, 2023 15:39
31 ABY

For completing a first XvT-Free mission, and leaving a review, SL Hera Storm of Delta Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratualtions, LT Hera Storm!

LT Promotion in Sin Squadron

AD John T. Clark

14 March, 2023 17:22
31 ABY

For completing their first IU course, this being TCCORE, SL darkpatatoes of Sin Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT darkpatatoes!

Alexandre Morgan selected as Command Attache to the Reconnaissance Officer

RA TheBlackxRanger

14 March, 2023 04:59
31 ABY

Since becoming my Recon Office Assistant, CPT Alexandre Morgan has shown an exceptional amount of dedication to the Reconnaissance Office. He has proposed many great ideas for our social media pages and has even come up social media campaigns for Imperial Storm. His commitment to promoting the Emperor's Hammer to the public shows in his work.
I am proud to call Alexandre Morgan my right hand man and select him as Command Attache to the Reconnaissance Officer. I look forward to our continued collaboration together!

RA Sylas Pitt Promoted to Vice Admiral

FA Turtle Jerrar

13 March, 2023 22:19
31 ABY

For her accomplishments in the role of Training Officer and demonstrated future potential, RA Sylas Pitt has been promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral. Congratulations!

As RA Sylas Pitt assumed the role of Training Officer, she immediately faced a number of challenges within the Imperial University system. Undeterred, Sylas Pitt accepted these challenges head-on and began making immediate changes and improvements while simultaneously clearing the existing IU exam backlog. She began by developing the team needed to successfully overhaul the Imperial University system. Through her leadership, the office began a dedicated effort to fix problems in existing courses while also looking to the future for new course development. To date, this has included major revisions to four courses (with 10 others planned in the queue), the release of four entirely new courses, and minor improvements to numerous others. RA Sylas Pitt’s guidance and oversight has also reduced the turnaround time for exam grading. Most exam submissions are now graded (with feedback provided to the member) in no more than a single day. These improvements have significantly improved the experience in taking Imperial University courses for all members as well as the overall quality of instruction.

Under RA Sylas Pitt’s guidance, the Training Office has also established two new aspects of the Imperial University system: the certification program, and the newly revamped Medal of Scholarship. The introduction of the certification program has provided members with a new way to engage with IU content and to be recognized for their accomplishments. The Medal of Scholarship provides a visible means for members who create IU content to be recognized for their contributions. These innovative efforts have continued to improve the depth and breadth of the Imperial University’s offerings.

In recognition of these accomplishments in the first seven and a half months of her tenure, I am pleased to recommend RA Sylas Pitt for advancement to the rank of Vice Admiral.

Recommended by Fleet Admiral Turtle Jerrar and approved by Grand Admiral Rapier.

AD Marenta Retires, RA JetMech New BG2COM

HA Plif

11 March, 2023 22:27
31 ABY

Embarrassed by having attention drawn to her by being promoted, AD Marenta has decided to-- Just kidding. For a much more inevitable and unavoidable real life circumstance, AD Marenta has stepped down as the Commander of Battlegroup II. For her outstanding service to the TIE Corps and the Emperor’s Hammer above and beyond the call of duty, Marenta has been awarded the Grand Order of the Emperor.

To succeed her as BG2COM, congratulations and good luck to RA JetMech! JetMech has been serving as the Commander of Sigma Squadron on the ISDII Warrior and was Marenta’s first recommendation to be the next BGCOM. We will watch your career with great interest.

Dathka Graush Promoted to Commander

AD John T. Clark

11 March, 2023 12:51
31 ABY

From Raven Squadron CMDR CM Atashi Rain:

Dathka has been a consistent and dedicated member of the TIE Corps since joining 8 months ago. He goes from strength to strength, churning out legions and representing the TC in the wider community through his competitive play. Raven is proud to have him as our XO and it is a personal honour to recommend that he be promoted to Commander with immediate effect.

Congratulations, CM Dathka Graush!

Constellation Hoshiteru Promoted to Commander

AD John T. Clark

11 March, 2023 12:49
31 ABY

From Epsilon Squadron CMDR CM Nova Discordia:

Since joining Epsilon Squadron, in late February, LCM Constellation Hoshiteru has been an active and supportive pilot in our community, cheering all of us with her lovely discord posts and leading by example. Whilst she is new to the SQXO position, she is also showing herself already as the example of community activity and engagement for all our pilots. I therefore have no hesitation to support her promotion to Commander. Well done! Its a honour to serve with you.

Congratulations, CM Constellation Hoshiteru!

VA Marenta Promoted to AD

HA Plif

11 March, 2023 01:54
31 ABY

In her time as Commodore of the ISDII Warrior and later Commander of Battlegroup II, VA Marenta has served with distinction and is highly regarded across the entire TIE Corps. When faced with adversity, she’s risen to the occasion time and time again, steadfastly refusing to give up or to give in. I could not be more proud of the work she’s done for the Warrior and her pilots, and it’s my pleasure to promote her to the rank of full Admiral.

Congratulations, AD Marenta!

Solohan50 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

AD John T. Clark

10 March, 2023 16:39
31 ABY

From Battlegroup I BGCOM AD Phoenix Berkana:

Major Solohan50 has been an exemplary officer in the TIE Corps and Lambda Squadron since his arrival over two years ago, consistently earning personal merit medals and taking on a focal point role in his squadron.
He was promoted to Major when he took on the role of Lambda XO, a role he acquitted very well. It is therefore no surprise that he recently stepped into the Squadron Commander role with supreme aplomb.
All of this points to our resident Ewok Major being ready to take on this new challenge, as a Lieutenant Colonel Solohan50.

Congratulations, LC Solohan50!

LT Promotion in Thunder Squadron

AD John T. Clark

10 March, 2023 16:37
31 ABY

For earning a first Legion of Skirmish SL Swainteth Lortan of Thunder Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Swainteth Lortan!

Highlander Promoted to Colonel

AD John T. Clark

10 March, 2023 16:36
31 ABY

From Battlegroup I BGCOM AD Phoenix Berkana:

Lieutenant Colonel Highlander has been a staple member of Delta Squadron since its reformation, serving the Hammer through thick and thin. His recent record speaks for itself, 14 reports issued, reliable service to his Flight Members and several competitions that have spurred on activity throughout the squadron.
I am therefore pleased to be recommending his promotion to the rank of Colonel with immediate effect!

Congratulations, COL Highlander!

TheBlackxRanger Promoted to Major

AD John T. Clark

10 March, 2023 16:34
31 ABY

From Lambda Squadron CMDR MAJ Solohan50:

What is there to say about Ranger that hasn't already been said? While his tiny horns may be lacking, his tenacity and drive to improve the TC definitely aren't. He has been been an invaluable addition to Lambda Squadron since he joined us. He runs competitions, he keeps the Lambda chat active, and he's one of our most active pilots. On top of this, he constantly seeks to help the wider TC, first becoming a COOA and eventually becoming the RO.

No one can say whether the promotion to RA made his head so big that he has a hard time wearing his helmet, or if it's just his horns getting in the way. Even still, no one can say that this Zabrak is undeserving of this next promotion, as very few in the TC deserve it more than he does. Without further ado, I am incredibly happy to recommend that TheBlackxRanger be promoted to the rank of Major. Good job, Ranger!

Congratulations, MAJ TheBlackxRanger!

Grendel Promoted to Commander

AD John T. Clark

09 March, 2023 17:14
31 ABY

From Thunder Squadron CMDR LC LegionX:

In the eight months that Grendel has joined us in Thunder Squadron, he has stepped up time and again to show that not only is he here to have fun with fellow pilots, but to promote an outstanding community and leadership within the squadron. I only regret that I could not recommend this any sooner, but it is with great pleasure that I recommend the rank to Commander for Grendel. Lead on the charge pilot!

Congratulations, CM Grendel!

Star Wars Hunters: Battle for the Arena (BOOK) is now available!

RA TheBlackxRanger

07 March, 2023 17:59
31 ABY

A new book is now available based on the game, Star Wars Hunters! This book follows the characters of the game, presenting their story, and provides additional content and context you won't find in game!

From the author:

On the planet Vespaara lies the Arena―a series of battlefields where fighters known as Hunters face off in teams to compete in front of roaring crowds. Newest to their ranks is Rieve, a Force-sensitive orphan from Corellia with abilities she can barely control, and a past she desperately wants to leave behind. But Rieve gets off to a rocky start, strugging with her lack of confidence both inside the Arena and with her fellow Hunters. And when a mysterious stranger begins stalking the Arena, Rieve fears her troubled past has finally caught up with her….

You can pick up this book on Amazon today!

LT Promotion in Sin Squadron

AD John T. Clark

04 March, 2023 10:50
31 ABY

For beginning to fill in the INPR and supporting activities, SL Khoan Izen of Sin Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Khoan Izen!

Gathering Storm

AD Phoenix Berkana

28 February, 2023 22:55
31 ABY

Plif checked and rechecked the chronometer embedded in the arm of his chair before taking in the sweeping vista visible ahead of him. Since coming onboard the Hammer late last year engineers and technicians had worked tirelessly to convert a space above the bridge into something of a personal command centre, from where the TCCOM could oversee operations of the wider fleet without being disturbed by day-to-day bridge operations.

Ahead of him, arrayed beyond the protective transparisteel viewports were elements of the Hammer’s task force, Strike Cruisers, Frigates, a number of corvettes and the Star Destroyer Grey Wolf. All set for battle and awaiting the go ahead to begin operations, much as their compatriots aboard the Challenge and Warrior were in their respective launch zones.

Plif checked the chronometer again and unclipped his comm unit, the moment of truth was here. The Ishtari homeworld had been located deep inside a star cluster, the Assurian Halo in the neighbouring sector, it was time for the Emperor's Hammer to remind the galaxy of the Empire and bring liberation and order to the subjugated worlds of the sector. Pacification of the Ishtari homeworlds being the end goal of the campaign.

"Commence Imperial Storm"

Turn 1 orders from team captains are due shortly and will be actioned on the morning of March 1st GMT and released here, via discord (#is5-war-room & #imperial-news-network) and to the captains. Where this takes us... nobody knows.

Good hunting all!

Imperial Storm - INN

AD Phoenix Berkana

27 February, 2023 10:48
31 ABY

With Imperial Storm 5 due to begin this week, the WARD and I are looking for a couple of volunteers who will help us move the story along. These individuals will fictionally be filling the role of reporters with the Imperial News Network who will be working alongside the TIE Corps fleet and posting news snippets and/or longer articles to the #imperial-news-network channel on Discord.
Any volunteers will need a hour or so of free time per week and given we're fighting the insectoid Ishtari in this iteration of the wargame they'll need to avoid being lunch! Please drop me a DM on Discord if interested.

SQXO Position - Epsilon Squadron

CM Nova Discordia

26 February, 2023 21:54
31 ABY

This position has now been filled, thank you to all applicants for their interest.


Epsilon Squadron is currently looking for someone to take up the role of our SQXO. If you're interested in developing your career with the Emperor's Hammer and also learning about squadron command, please DM me direct on Discord or send me an email to DiscordiaSicarius@mail.com. Fly safe, pilots!