Welcome to the Imperial University

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The Imperial University located on Aurora Prime is the training center for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. This training center has grown to encompass training for all Emperor's Hammer members and group specific members alike. Here you will find all of the courses you will need to improve your skills or to fulfill any requirements for advancement. Basic Training, History, Cultures, Communications, Programming/Web Development and Command Level courses for all members are available here.

Imperial University hosts many courses and contains seperate academies that provide instruction on gaming, technical and general courses and certifications that apply to all Emperor's Hammer members. Group themed courses can be found in the respective academies.

Note: At the moment, all course records and functions are located on the main emperorshammer.org site. To take courses members will need to create a profile in the separate database on emperorshammer.org by completing the EH join form to create a PIN so that they can log in. Plans are in motion to consolidate our web services, so needing to have two sets of credentials is a temporary issue. Listings for all courses are available at https://www.emperorshammer.org/cat.php?id=1. After completing courses on emperorshammer.org, your pilot record will be manually updated by members of the TIE Corps Command Staff.

The Imperial University is under the direct management of the Emperor's Hammer Training Office, headed by the Training Officer (TO). Currently, the Training Officer is FA Tomaas Montte.

Imperial University Academies

Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS)

Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) logo

The Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) is the premiere starfighter pilot training institution for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, and is operated by the TIE Corps. IWATS classes are held on Sif in the Phare System and conduct starfighter training exercises near Baldyr, a moon of Ullyr, as well as on the Modified Platform Daedalus and ships throughout the fleet. There are multiple courses available for EH Members to take including Fighter Identification, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter tactics, EH Mission design, as well as technology courses. The courses included in the IWATS training program are highly recommended for all EH Members. Also note, that successful completion of the TIE Corps Core training is required for rank advancement within the TIE Corps.

Dark Jedi Shadow Academy (SA)

Shadow Academy (SA) logo

The Shadow Academy seeks to train young Dark Jedi in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. The Shadow Academy, located on Aurora Prime, is the primary training facility for new members of the Brotherhood of the Dark Jedi. At the Shadow Academy, Apprentices through Grand Masters will find what they seek to gain power and knowledge in the ways of the Dark Side.

Course Information

In this table below you can access any online test by clicking on its course name. Links to course notes, current graduates, and assigned Professors (PROF) are also available. Active courses with no Professor assigned will be graded directly by the Training Officer.

Name Academy # Graduates Professor
Combat Operations Exam IWATS 28 FA Silvius
Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards IWATS 99 FA Pickled Yoda
Multiplayer 2 IWATS 69 FA Tomaas Montte
Squadron Management 5 IWATS 57 HA Mordechi Wolfe
TIE Corps Core IWATS 3187 FA Tomaas Montte
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 3 IWATS 21 FA Pickled Yoda
Wiki Editing for Dummies IWATS 51 FA Tomaas Montte
X-Wing Alliance Mission Design IWATS 170 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing Mission Design IWATS 22 FA Pickled Yoda
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 1 IWATS 304 FA Pickled Yoda
Multiplayer 1 IWATS 146 Inactive
Squadron Management 1 IWATS 26 Inactive
Squadron Management 2 IWATS 728 Inactive
Squadron Management 3 IWATS 509 Inactive
Squadron Management 4 IWATS 52 Inactive
Tactical Staff Course IWATS 29 Inactive
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 1 IWATS 326 Inactive
TIE Fighter Mission Creation 2 IWATS 10 Inactive
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 2 IWATS 112 Inactive
Active Server Pages 146 FA Tomaas Montte
Advanced Field Communications Operator 4 active
Advanced Multiplayer Tactics 51 FA Tomaas Montte
An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance 103 FA Tomaas Montte
Apprentice Demolitions Technician 5 active
Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper Certification 3 active
Artillery Basics 4 active
Basic Flight Maneuvers 94 FA Tomaas Montte
Capital Ships for X-Wing Alliance 79 FA Tomaas Montte
Cold Assault Stormtrooper Certification 2 active
Combat Medic 6 active
Computer Basics 722 FA Tomaas Montte
Crazy Tactics that Work 26 FA Tomaas Montte
Crypto-Analysis Course 7 FA Tomaas Montte
Demolitions Technician 3 active
Desert Assault Trooper Certification 3 active
Empire at War 40 FA Tomaas Montte
Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology 15 active
Field Communications Operator 7 active
Field Tactics Certification 5 active
History of the Galactic Civil War 165 FA Tomaas Montte
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 1 622 FA Tomaas Montte
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 2 451 FA Tomaas Montte
Imperial Officer Training Course 6 active
Imperial Shield Technician 28 FA Tomaas Montte
Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology 20 active
Jungle Operations Certification Course 0 active
Linux 221 FA Tomaas Montte
Mass Tactics 0 active
Military Intelligence Basic Course 5 active
mIRC 1 921 FA Tomaas Montte
mIRC 2 646 FA Tomaas Montte
mIRC Scripting 43 FA Tomaas Montte
Naval Stormtrooper Certification 1 active
Radiation Trooper Survival Course 8 active
Scout Trooper Course 6 active
Senior Demolitions Technician 1 active
Small Arms 10 active
Special Forces Qualification School 0 active
Star Conflict 41 FA Tomaas Montte
Starfighter Weapons 58 FA Tomaas Montte
Steam Introduction 55 FA Tomaas Montte
Stormtrooper Certification 28 active
TIE Fighter Tactics 579 FA Tomaas Montte
Urban Operations Certification Course 4 active
Vehicle Course - Stage 1 9 active
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Tactics 367 FA Tomaas Montte
XML 131 FA Tomaas Montte
A-Wing Advanced Knowledge 9 Inactive
Advanced Crypto-Analysis 0 Inactive
Advanced Writing 2 Inactive
Airborne Training Course 4 Inactive
Alvaak Clan History 0 Inactive
AOL Instant Messenger 924 Inactive
Apprentice Sniper Course 14 Inactive
Arcona Clan History 0 Inactive
Artifacts of the Force 6 Inactive
Ashtar: Basic 0 Inactive
Assassin Tactics Course - Part 1 3 Inactive
Aviation Tactics 4 Inactive
Aviation Vehicle Specialist Level One 0 Inactive
B-Wing Advanced Knowledge 11 Inactive
Basic Argumentation Course 2 Inactive
Battleteam Leadership 3 Inactive
BitchX 153 Inactive
Burnination 0 Inactive
Cannoneer 0 Inactive
Cascading Style Sheets 48 Inactive
Chief Gunner 0 Inactive
Close Combat Course 10 Inactive
Computer Basics 0 Inactive
Corpsman 0 Inactive
Crowd Control 12 Inactive
Deva: Basic 0 Inactive
Directorate Core 12 Inactive
Dreamweaver 33 Inactive
Eggdrop 90 Inactive
English Grammar 5 Inactive
Expeditionary Warfare 0 Inactive
Expert Medic 0 Inactive
Expert Sniper 2 Inactive
Extrajudicial Execution 10 Inactive
FileZilla 24 Inactive
Flash 234 Inactive
Freeworlds 145 Inactive
Freeworlds Tactics 19 Inactive
Frigg: Basic 0 Inactive
General Leadership 6 Inactive
Ghenna: Basic 21 Inactive
Graphics 264 Inactive
Hades: Basic 21 Inactive
Hand Weapons General Knowledge 312 Inactive
Heavy Weapons 0 Inactive
Heimdall: Basic 0 Inactive
History of House Qel-Droma 0 Inactive
History of Imperial Intelligence 15 Inactive
History of Imperial Naval Organization 7 Inactive
History of the Dark Lords 9 Inactive
History of the Galactic Republic 9 Inactive
History of the Galaxy Prior to the Republic 10 Inactive
History of the Jedi Order Part 1 7 Inactive
History of the Krath Order 0 Inactive
History of the Mandalorians Part One 11 Inactive
History of the Mandalorians Part Two 9 Inactive
History of the Royal Guard 8 Inactive
House Caliburnus History 0 Inactive
HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 3 274 Inactive
ICQ 581 Inactive
Imperial Command and Staff College 0 Inactive
Imperial Infantry Officer Advanced Course 0 Inactive
Imperial Naval Organization 13 Inactive
Instructor 7 Inactive
Internet Analysis Course 8 Inactive
Internet Basics 196 Inactive
Interrogation Course 1 Inactive
JavaScript 111 Inactive
Jedi Academy Primer 2 Inactive
Krath Phase II 5 Inactive
Lears: Basic 0 Inactive
Lightsaber Construction 10 Inactive
Lightsaber Techniques 6 Inactive
Loki: Basic 0 Inactive
Mandalorian Language 0 Inactive
Master Demolitions Technician 0 Inactive
Master Gunner 0 Inactive
Master Stormtrooper Certification 0 Inactive
Master/Student Program 0 Inactive
Military Intelligence Advanced Course 1 Inactive
Naval Staff 3 Inactive
Njord: Basic 0 Inactive
Obelisk Phase II 5 Inactive
Observer 10 Inactive
OPTing 8 Inactive
Osiris: Basic 18 Inactive
Pararescue 0 Inactive
Patrol Communicator 0 Inactive
Peacekeeping Operations Course 0 Inactive
Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood 42 Inactive
PHP 110 Inactive
Poetry Studies 3 Inactive
RebED 3 Inactive
Rebellion Tactics 317 Inactive
Report Basics 1 Inactive
Sahare: Basic 0 Inactive
Scholae Palatinae Clan HIstory 0 Inactive
Sif: Basic 0 Inactive
Sith Phase II 8 Inactive
Sniper 8 Inactive
Special Forces Advanced Course 0 Inactive
Specialist Signaller 0 Inactive
Star Fighter Weaponry 3 Inactive
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 1 Inactive
Star Wars RPG Character Creation 2 Inactive
Star Wars RPG Stats 6 Inactive
Starfighter Tactics 12 Inactive
Starfighter Weaponry 1 Inactive
Superweapons 9 Inactive
Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) 0 Inactive
SW Galactic Battlegrounds 75 Inactive
SW Galactic Battlegrounds Mission Creation 169 Inactive
Taldryan Clan History 1 Inactive
Tarentum Clan History 0 Inactive
The Guide to Competitions and Medals of the Dark B 0 Inactive
The Tarkin Doctrine 8 Inactive
Thor: Basic 23 Inactive
TIE Fighter 17 Inactive
Tragedy Studies 2 Inactive
Training Lightsaber Course 5 Inactive
Trillian 122 Inactive
Ullyr: Basic 0 Inactive
Unit Leadership 10 Inactive
Vehicle Course - Stage 2 5 Inactive
Vehicle Course - Stage 3 4 Inactive
Vehicle Course - Stage 4 3 Inactive
Visual Basic Script 216 Inactive
Wing Management 139 Inactive
Wookiee Studies 17 Inactive
Writing Debriefs 3 Inactive
X-Wing Advanced Knowledge Course 4 Inactive
Y-Wing Advanced Knowledge Course 11 Inactive