Lightsaber: Training Saber (TLC)

This course certifies Sith to wield a Training Lightsaber. Required that members have passed Lightsaber Construction and Lightsaber Techniques before a Training Lightsaber is issued.

Review the course notes (linked below) in detail to become confident with the course material. When you are ready, access the Lightsaber: Training Saber Exam to begin testing.

Questions regarding this course should be directed to its assigned Professor, COL Aardvark.

Course Administrative Data
Course Notes (Notes Viewer): Lightsaber: Training Saber Notes
Course Category: War College
Prerequisite Courses: Lightsaber Techniques
Proponent Academy: Dark Jedi Shadow Academy
Status: Active
Assigned Professor: COL Aardvark
Passing Score: 75%
Automated Scoring: No
Number of Graduates: 32