TIE Corps Command Staff

The Emperor's Hammer TIE Fighter Corps is commanded by the TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM), who is supported by the Strategic Operations Officer (SOO), Combat Operations Officer (COO), and Warfare Officer (WO). When referred to as a group, these three positions are called the TIE Corps Command Staff (TCCS).

TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM / TC-1)

TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM) Insignia

The TIE Corps Commander is in overall command of the TIE Corps, and answers to the Executive Officer and Fleet Commander of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. He bears the ultimate responsibility for the TIE Corps. Aside from keeping a close eye on the general state of the TIE Corps, the TIE Corps Commander is responsible for roster updates, and covering for the Strategic Operations Officer and Combat Operations Officer if they are on leave. Day to day, the TIE Corps Commander works with new recruits to get them assigned to squadrons, reviews promotion recommendations, and runs competitions. The TIE Corps Commander is also an Emperor's Hammer Group Commanding Officer.

The TIE Corps Commander is the main contact for anything related to the TIE Corps for all non-members, hence why an e-mail link is also provided.

The TIE Corps Commander is High Admiral Plif, and can be contacted at tccom@emperorshammer.org.

The Command Attache to the TCCOM is High Admiral Mordechi Wolfe.

Strategic Operations Officer (SOO / TC-2)

Strategic Operations Officer (SOO) Insignia

The Strategic Operations Officer is primarily responsible for reviewing and approving award recommendations, approving uniforms, and reviewing the ship/wing monthly evaluations from Commodores and Wing Commanders. The SOO is the second in command of the TIE Corps and runs the TIE Corps when the TCCOM is on leave.

In absence of the TIE Corps Commander, the Strategic Operations Officer is also the officer to contact for anything related to the TIE Corps for all non-members.

The Strategic Operations Officer is Fleet Admiral John T. Clark.

Combat Operations Officer (COO / TC-3)

Combat Operations Officer (COO) Insignia

The Combat Operations Officer is in charge of all multiplayer activities throughout the TIE Corps and is responsible for organizing multiplayer events both within the TIE Corps and with other outside organizations and clubs. The Combat Operations Officer's primary duties are coordination of multiplayer pilots, expanding multiplayer activities, and approving multiplayer-oriented awards.

The Combat Operations Officer is Rear Admiral Colo Delste.

Warfare Officer (WO / TC-4)

Warfare Officer (WO) Insignia

The Warfare Officer oversees competitions in the TIE Corps by managing the competition approval queue and running large-scale events for the subgroup. The Warfare Officer also ensures that competitions are announced and have their results published properly in addition to confirming that competition awards are presented as expected.

The Warfare Officer is Admiral Phoenix Berkana.