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Soontir Fel`s discipline working its magic on 181st IFW -- from 'X-Wing Rogue Squadron #25'
Theta Squadron180
Sigma Squadron22
Tempest Squadron17
Epsilon Squadron16
Sin Squadron7
Beta Squadron0
Delta Squadron0
Lambda Squadron0
Rho Squadron0
Alpha Squadron0
Kappa Squadron0
Thunder Squadron0
Inferno Squadron0
Eagle Squadron0
Firebird Squadron0

The maximum number of citations currently stands at 660

A squadron possessing at least six members will be credited for any battle that at least half of its present members has completed, thus earning a Squadron Citation for that battle. If squadron members drop below six or the number of pilots that have completed the battle somehow drops below 50%, the squadron loses its citation. All citations earned by a squadron are listed on its roster page, and detailed statistics are available at its battleboard which can be accessed below.

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