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Here you will find all current TIE Corps combat events (multiplayer-based competitions) including all pertinent information along with detailed results of past events when they become available. Unlike those that were denied or are still pending at Competition Center ALL these events have already been approved by the Combat Operations Officer (COO) thus becoming official, and all TIE Corps pilots are welcome to participate no matter their units.

Combat Events by Status

Current combat events 2
Recent combat events 0
Past combat events 190

If you're considering getting serious about TIE Corps multiplayer scene you're strongly advised to hone your combat skills for the greater glory of The Empire. In that case you may find these links below quite useful:

The TIE Corps Combat Center, Combat Rating list and Pilot Multiplayer Killboard are maintained by the TIE Corps Combat Operations Officer (COO). Currently, the COO is FA Miles Prower.