Multiplayer 2 (MP/2)

This course is an orientation course for those wishing to participate in multiplayer X-Wing Alliance (XWA) and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT) games. It is geared towards practical information like how to find opponents and get the game running. Those looking for tactics should consider two excellent courses on the subject: Basic Flight Maneuvers (BFM) and Advanced Multiplayer (AMP).

Review the course notes (linked below) in detail to become confident with the course material. When you are ready, access the Multiplayer 2 Exam to begin testing.

Questions regarding this course should be directed to the Training Officer.

Course Administrative Data
Course Exam: Multiplayer 2 Exam
Course Category: Gaming
Proponent Academy: IWATS
Status: Active
Assigned Professor: None
Passing Score: 75%
Automated Scoring: No
Number of Graduates: 74