Emperor's Hammer Battle Center

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The Emperor's Hammer Battle Center is the primary repository for Emperor's Hammer custom missions and battles for our supported single player games. It includes the mission/battle file downloads, as well as full statistical and historical information for each of the custom battles. Game patches are also available so you can actually use our custom ships and starfighters, plus many others from the Star Wars expanded universe, in your gaming!

All of our custom battles have been organized into categories, per game platform and originating Group of the Emperor's Hammer. This Battle Center currently contains over 4,000 custom-made missions constructed by members of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet! If you are interested in making your own battles/missions for any of our supported game platforms, thus contributing to the glory of the Empire, don't hesitate to visit the Mission Creation Center.

More information about new battles, battle submission, our cheating policy, how to play battles, and other rules and procedures related to using custom missions and battles can be found at the Tactical Office.


Follow this link to download and view information about battles, such as creator, rating, medals, and a listing of other people who have completed them.


I. About the installation of custom battles and missions

In order to fly the Emperor's Hammer custom missions you need to install them first on their game folders. For X-Wing, SW: Galactic Battlegrounds and Jedi Academy this means to download the .ZIP file from our battle list, then carefully follow the instructions included in the 'readme.txt' file to the letter. For TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Balance of Power and X-Wing Alliance, there are two ways to do so:

The first and most comfortable way to install our custom battles and missions is to have the Emperor's Hammer Battle Launcher (EHBL) installed to decrypt the missions; just download the .EHM file from the battle list and run it through EHBL. Normally you will be using EHBL for Windows, but if you want to install and play our custom missions under TIE CD (Collector's Edition) or the original TIE Disk you will need EHBL for DOS instead (to be run either under real DOS or some emulator like DOSBox or VDMSound).

For an alternative way to launch TIE CD using the more comfortable Windows version of EHBL, the "EHBL bridge for TIE-CD" method you will find at http://tempestkappa.isdchallenge.org/tf_tools.htm or using THIS LINK may work for you.

You must be logged in to download the Emperor's Hammer Battle Launcher

The other way would be to do as with the other game platforms mentioned above; download the .ZIP file from our battle list, then follow the instructions present on the included 'readme.txt' file. This alternative method will be using the unencrypted versions of the battles and, though not half as comfortable as the first one, is meant for those who aren't able to run EHBL on their systems.

On X-Wing Alliance you'll need a new pilot able to fly the new custom battles to be used in game; in other words, you'll need a pilot with the first seven original campaigns completed, and ready to start flying the eighth campaign which is the custom one. EHBL would do this for you, as explained on its user's manual, but if you aren't using EHBL to install the battles you'll still need such a pilot. If you don't know how to create this pilot yourself, you can download a pilotfile ready to start flying our custom content from HERE; just copy this file to game's main folder and select "EHPILOT" in game launcher to fly the new missions (you'll need to use a fresh pilotfile copy for each new battle).

II. About the installation of custom patches

If you wish to play Emperor's Hammer custom battles you may need to install one or more of our custom game patches for the battles to work as intended by their designers. For most battles you will find all needed patches listed on 'readme.txt' file; uncompressed into "MISC" subfolder of main game folder and automatically displayed upon battle installation by the EHBL, or to be found compressed within the .ZIP file if EHBL wasn't used. For X-Wing battles and other rather old content be sure to also check for a 'patch*.txt' file to determine if a patch is needed.

III. About the TIE Fighter laserless rule

In the game TIE Fighter, pilots are given points for hitting something with their lasers. To prevent pilots from endlessly firing lasers at friendly ships, the scores for TIE Fighter are recalculated before they are processed, the so-called "laserless scoring". Laserless scoring applies to all high scores and competitions.

Laserless Score = Total Score - (Laser Hits x 3)

The Emperor's Hammer Battle Center, Mission Compendium, FCHG list, Pilot Killboard, and Squadron Battleboards are maintained by the Emperor's Hammer Tactical Officer. Currently, the Tactical Officer is FA Pickled Yoda.