Emperor's Hammer Patch Archive

Welcome to the Emperor's Hammer Patch Archive

On this page, you will be able to access all the official Emperor's Hammer game patches available. These patches are addons that will add extra features to your games, like new ships and starfighters exclusive to The Emperor's Hammer, others coming from Star Wars expanded universe, and even some general utilities to better improve your gaming experience. All patches have been released by the Science Office and have been tested to work. However, feel free to use the bug report feature to report any issues.

Available Patches

TIE patchesDownload/review patches for TIE Fighter
(132) patches found)
XvT patchesDownload/review patches for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
(114) patches found)
BoP patchesDownload/review patches for XvT - Balance of Power
(114) patches found)
XWA patchesDownload/review patches for X-Wing Alliance
(42) patches found)
XW patchesDownload/review patches for X-Wing
(4) patches found)


As of February 2009, main Emperor's Hammer Ship Patch (EHSP) for all X-Wing Series game platforms, along with the rest of single craft patches are undergoing a major revision. From the moment a platform's patches are available here on the new format, the old patches (identified because they come with a .BAT installation file and usually packed in a .ZIP) are no longer supported, and may no longer work.

To use these new patches, identified for their .EHF file extension, you will need the Emperor's Hammer Ship Patcher.

Unfortunately, all XWA and XW patches are still pending of such revision and have not been converted to the new format; the XWA patches will work using the old installer, the XW patches unfortunately won't.

To install and use XWA patches you may find the Super XP Installer useful while the simpler XP Installer can do the trick for XW! Otherwise you'll need to install them manually following the instructions you'll find on 'readme.txt' files contained in the .ZIPs.

The Emperor's Hammer Patch Archive is maintained by the Emperor's Hammer Science Officer. Currently, the Science Officer is AD Impulse.