TIE Corps Officer Reports

  TIE Corps Admiralty Board
            TIE Corps Commander (370 reports)
            Strategic Operations Officer (304 reports)
            Dean of IWATS (16 reports)
            Combat Operations Officer (250 reports)
  TIE Corps CS Supporting Officers
            Fleet Systems Engineer (0 reports)
            Editor of the Newsletter (0 reports)
            Warden of the Imperial Archives (0 reports)
            Simulations Officer (6 reports)
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  Ship Commodores
            ISDII Challenge (8 reports)
            ISDII Hammer (216 reports)
            ISDII Warrior (240 reports)
  Wing Commanders
            Wing I (11 reports)
            Wing II (2 reports)
            Wing X (11 reports)
  Squadron Commanders
            Alpha squadron (253 reports)
            Beta squadron (205 reports)
            Epsilon squadron (278 reports)
            Inferno squadron (1 report)
            Lambda squadron (8 reports)
            Rho squadron (23 reports)
            Sin squadron (237 reports)
            Tempest squadron (11 reports)
            Theta squadron (59 reports)
            Thunder squadron (9 reports)
  EH Command Staff
            Fleet Commander (1 report)
            Executive Officer (0 reports)
            Security Officer (0 reports)
            Internet Officer (1 report)
            Training Officer (0 reports)
            Tactical Officer (17 reports)
            Logistics Officer (0 reports)
            Science Officer (3 reports)
            Recon Officer (9 reports)
            Communications Officer (1 report)