Reports provide a platform for members of the Emperor's Hammer serving in leadership or staff roles to disseminate information concerning their unit or responsibilities.

Emperor's Hammer Command Staff

Fleet Commander 1 report
Internet Officer 6 reports
Tactical Officer 23 reports
Recon Officer 11 reports
Communications Officer 7 reports
Science Officer 3 reports
Imperial Sovereign Protector 1 report

TIE Corps Command Staff

TIE Corps Commander 399 reports
Strategic Operations Officer 307 reports
Combat Operations Officer 280 reports
Dean of IWATS 16 reports

TIE Corps Support Staff

Warden of the Imperial Archives 2 reports
Simulations Officer 48 reports


ISDII Challenge 68 reports
ISDII Hammer 273 reports
ISDII Warrior 279 reports


Wing I 11 reports
Wing II 2 reports
Wing X 15 reports


Alpha 298 reports
Beta 261 reports
Delta 290 reports
Eagle 44 reports
Epsilon 309 reports
Firebird 53 reports
Inferno 9 reports
Kappa 180 reports
Lambda 74 reports
Rho 74 reports
Sin 317 reports
Tempest 50 reports
Theta 81 reports
Thunder 76 reports