Reports provide a platform for members of the Emperor's Hammer serving in leadership or staff roles to disseminate information concerning their unit or area of responsibilities.

Emperor's Hammer Command Staff
TIE Corps Command Staff
TIE Corps Support Staff
Battlegroup I 3 reports
Battlegroup III 3 reports
ISDII Challenge 74 reports
ISDII Hammer 276 reports
ISDII Warrior 280 reports
Wing I 11 reports
Wing II 2 reports
Wing X 15 reports
Alpha 306 reports
Beta 266 reports
Delta 296 reports
Eagle 47 reports
Epsilon 316 reports
Firebird 61 reports
Gamma 130 reports
Kappa 185 reports
Lambda 82 reports
Raven 3 reports
Rho 85 reports
Sigma 92 reports
Sin 321 reports
Tempest 56 reports
Theta 88 reports
Thunder 76 reports