Certificate in Internet Technology

An overview of the various internet technologies used by the Emperor's Hammer, this certificate prepares members to contribute to the Wiki, write appealing unit reports, and understand basic internet systems.

Qualification Administrative Data
Academy: None (Imperial University)
Status: Active
Program Level: Certificate
Number of Personnel Awarded: 14

To earn the Certificate in Internet Technology qualification, complete all of the following requirements:

Member Date
LT Matt Brass 2024-04-11
CPT Atashi Rain 2023-08-18
VA Locke Setzer 2023-06-10
LC Vapen Van’an 2023-02-21
CM Rui Borges 2023-02-05
GN Silwar Naiilo 2023-01-29
COL TheBlackxRanger 2023-01-26
CM Bonebolt 2023-01-24
GN Elwood the Brave 2023-01-20
LC andr3 2023-01-18
FA Pickled Yoda 2023-01-18
MAJ Kazraran 2023-01-18
HA Turtle Jerrar 2023-01-18
VA Robert Hogan 2023-01-18