Certificate in Naval Doctrine

Highlighting essential information for leaders and officers of the TIE Corps, this qualification provides insight into leadership, management, and the theory behind our naval service.

Qualification Administrative Data
Status: Active
Program Level: Certificate
Number of Personnel Awarded: 8

To earn the Certificate in Naval Doctrine qualification, complete all of the following requirements:

Member Date
MAJ Erryc Lasitter 2023-01-24
GN Jarek La’an 2023-01-21
CPT andr3 2023-01-19
CPT Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan 2023-01-18
LT Therj'en'nuruodo 2023-01-18
CPT Sylas Pitt 2023-01-18
CPT TheBlackxRanger 2023-01-18
LC Robert Hogan 2023-01-18