TIE-TC 163: Project: Athena

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 6
Release date: 2000-10-11
Last updated: 2005-04-17

LCM Zodiak

Average rating 3.8
Reviews: 18
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 289
Patches used: None

Co-created with 16 Malaktos

Battle Reviews

GN Master



I enjoyed this battle.
Well made, really good story. I don't understand the hate.
Fly it, u wont be disappointed.

RA Genie



Overall decent. It has some flaws when it comes to enemy fighter orders, but those are minor things. I believe people who enjoy TIE Fighter as a game will enjoy flying this one overall. The "tips" in the debriefing are not tips, but more like taunts. Personally, I don't mind either way, but if you will use taunts it's best to be thematic of the entire briefing and debriefing. In general, it is best to give players a hint, unless there is a reason not to. On the plus side, you get to fly as a number of different fighters (T/A, GUN, M/S) and I liked the way the corvettes were used in the mission you fly as a Missile Boat. The story does fall apart in the second half of the battle, which I found puzzling, but it gets a 4 only because there aren't any issues with the battle and the combat overall was ok.

CM scottrick



Missions are okay, but mostly just waves of the same FG over and over. Mission 4 is not fun though, and holds back the battle a lot.

COL Aardvark



A mediocre battle. I was engaged in the story for the first few missions but got confused and lost interest in the story line in the second half. The craft selections and loadouts didn't make sense for the assigned missions. The battles were free of game-breaking bugs but I did see some out of synce radio messages. I thought the gameplay was in line with my expectations on medium difficulty. On hard setting, the only difference is that there is more waves which is boring and makes for a tedious grind. Other than the story falling apart in the latter missions, what turns me off about the whole battle is the poor briefings and the snarky comments in the debrief. If you fail a mission, there aren't any hints on how to improve; all you get is some unhelpful dialogue on how badly you did.

LC andr3



Boring battle. Dragging out... a lot...............

CM Nova Discordia



Really enjoyed these series of missions - well designed and interesting plot. There was a variety of different goals to achieve and all round, a very enjoyable six missions to play :)

LT Ty Seerlan



Good set of missions overall. I liked the variety of craft you get to fly, and there was a good mix of dogfighting, capital ship assault, and escort. Missions were a little on the easy side but not so easy that you thought your flying wasn't making a difference. There was a mission in the middle (mission 4 I think) that I thought had an event that made the mission impossible unless you had played it already. A ship that was boarding another craft gets attacked by fighters coming from hyperspace that end up right next to it. Without knowing these fighters are coming, getting back to the boarding craft in time was impossible. That, however, was the only instance of poor mission design. Otherwise, I think this battle had above average mission design and execution. As a bonus, the story was easy to follow, and wasn't afraid of painting the Empire as the villains (which, let's be honest, is the truth)

COL Mouse Droid



I am not so much a TIE player, but this battle was excellent. Interesting plotline that slowly develops during the missions. On top of that, not too hard on medium. I especially liked the following quip from mission #5: Pilot to Flight Officer: "You're looking spiffy today, Sir!". Flight Officer to Pilot: "Well, glad that you noticed. I have been promoted from Lesser Briefing Officer to Senior Briefing Officer. Just waiting for the Flight Office to approve it.". It's this kind of humor and great plots that make flying TIE still very worthwhile! Great job, creators!

HA Plif



Excellent, well-made battle. Though, if you're rusty like I was when I flew this one, you may want to start with something else, because this battle will be throwing things at you every step of the way.

COL Beef



First off, the plot for this battle was superb. Quite interesting story even though it yielded slightly standard missions. The missions were very thorough, though, and true to the plot. Each mission had a real purpose in connection with the larger operation, and I found that to be quite enjoyable. I noticed the missions played realistically (for the most part), however, some of the ships could've/should've used different orders. The missions could be a handful if the pilot doesn't destroy/disable enemies in the correct order. Besides, you can always set it to 'easy' if you have to. I can see that a great deal of work went into this battle. Excellent job.

MAJ Dae Cam



An excellent battle. The plotline was well thought out, a nice change from blasting rebels or hunting pirates. Furthermore, I found that the battles, while quite challenging, were quite exciting and the odds in a few had me on the edge of my seat.

SL Vexan



Mission-5 is A totally unreal mission, the author has every fighter coming out of 1 FRG. In reality a FRG only holds 24 fighters.

GN Drake



I loved this battle so much that if it was a girl named Suzie I would marry it..

COL Fenn Logan



The missions were interesting and challenging--even if the plotline was a little gruesome. LOL!

COL Dan Malaktos



Ok, this battle is good. If it's too hard, then tone down the difficulty level!

CM Akira Vorsahyer



The ending mission is kinda tough, but the storyline is well thought out. A bit more variety in the mission goals would have been nice, but it follows a good progression and is quite fun.

AD Arthak Rhade



The Briefings are great, but some Missions are too hard! This Battle isn't really great. The Missions are not really interesting!

LT Zekk Terrik



This was a very interesting, intriguing, and fun battle! Even the twists in humor during the briefing sessions were fun. Good job, Zodiak and Da Jew. :)

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 475,688 COL Mini Minkus
Mission 1: 55,369 COL Fireclaw
Mission 2: 108,454 COL Fireclaw
Mission 3: 108,811 COL Fireclaw
Mission 4: 103,623 COL Fireclaw
Mission 5: 75,228 CPT Mace
Mission 6: 97,971 CPT Mace

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 446,552 RA Genie 2022-12-12
2 386,858 CM Vessicant 2002-12-14
3 360,455 COL Aardvark 2022-12-05
4 356,772 CM scottrick 2022-12-06
5 335,082 RA fr0Zen 2023-06-22
6 320,908 COL Dirty Vader 2004-10-27
7 283,642 LT Kaek 2003-07-13
8 267,767 AD TK-2107 2002-12-16
9 263,119 SL Alphafoxtrot1 2004-12-28
10 262,690 LT Ty Seerlan 2022-11-25

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 270 pilots a total of 285 times.

COL Aardvark - 2022-12-05

GN Abel Malik - 2005-03-06

COL Absolut Vodka


LC Ace Hobbes

CPT Adam Szydlowski

LC Adolf

CPT Ahkliat

CM Akira Vorsahyer

SL Alphafoxtrot1 - 2004-12-28

HA Anahorn Dempsey - 9 times, last on 2021-08-24

LC andr3 - 2022-12-01

LT Andreev Anton

COL Angel - 2004-09-18

CM Anthony Starr

MAJ Arathar

COL Archangel - 2004-07-19

CPT Ard Royber

LC Ardeth Mordor

COL Arso Slyth

AD Arthak Rhade

CM Arti

CPT Asen Starlancer - 2022-12-10

CPT Atmos Myremod - 2003-09-10

CPT Aval - 2022-11-29

CPT Avantar

LC Azazel

CPT Backfire

CPT Badger

LCM Bail Antilles

COL Beef

CM Benjamin Colley

COL Benjamin Jahou Morgan

LCM Bernie

LCM Bevel Lemelisk

LCM Bigron

CM Bizzare

COL Blackbird

MAJ Brad Tack

VA Brakka

LC Brandon

CPT Bret K'thraz

COL Brucmack

FA Brukhar - 2005-03-05

CM Cahir

COL Calias

COL Callista

MAJ Caltin Doros

MAJ Calvin Senzin

COL Carl Lost

LT Castor Troy


LC Chris McCollum

LCM Cochrane

GN Coranel Both - 2016-06-27

Corran Force

CM Corsair

MAJ CrazyR2

COL CrimsonFury

LC Curtis

COL D. T. Hammer - 2002-12-17

MAJ Dae Cam

LC Daisuke Airyu

CM Dakar Romson

COL Dan Malaktos - 2003-02-28

MAJ Daniel Klivian


RA Darklord

Darth Vader

CPT Dave Darklighter

GN Dax Corrin

CPT Deamon

CM Death Knight

LC Dengar March

CM Derek

CPT Derek Dan

CM Dex D'Alcobia

LC Diaboli

CM Dirk Logan - 2002-09-03

COL Dirty Vader - 2004-10-27

GN Drake

LC Drake Jensen - 2003-02-25

COL Dras Hempor

CPT Dweezil

COL E. Tarkin

GN Earnim Branet - 2004-07-23

CM Edvard

GN Elwood the Brave - 4 times, last on 2022-12-06

LCM Enneal Voscom

CM Fahrer - 2005-04-02

LT Fed Prendergast

COL Fenn Logan

COL Fireclaw

CPT Firzam Coldsteel - 2005-01-07

CPT Fishbone

RA fr0Zen - 2023-06-22

HA Frodo March

COL Gallows

Garet Jax

LC Gen Es'mith

RA Genie - 2022-12-12

AD Gidda

CM Gistenjunge - 2004-12-12

GN Golbez Harvey - 2015-07-01

CPT Great Griffin

LC Guthwulf

COL Gyssler

COL Gytheran - 2022-12-01

LCM Hadrian von Astaan

AD Hav Antiel - 2017-07-31

LCM Hawky

MAJ Hermann - 2005-04-23

MAJ Hev Randrowan

CM HicRic

LT Horus Taalon

LCM Hubert - 2003-02-02

MAJ Hunter

LC Iceman - 2003-11-19

COL Ixion Deathbringer

LCM Jacob Racke

VA Jan Wemmel

LCM Jean Paul Gerard

AD Jeff 'Tiger' Loruss

CPT Julian Clary

LCM Kadath L'Hoon

LT Kaek - 2003-07-13

LCM Kaleel Tempus

VA Kane Reese - 2003-01-10

CM Karce

LCM Kataka

MAJ Kazraran - 2022-12-09

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2022-11-29

LC Kenath Zoron

FA Kessler

FA Khadgar

Khameir Sarin

LC Kodiak Kereban

MAJ Koriel

CM Leonid DeBastide

LC Linkan

CPT Lito Rendal


VA Locke Setzer - 2003-07-20

COL Loor - 2002-11-19

CPT Mace

MAJ Mairin Astoris

FA Marcin Szydlowski

COL Marconius

LC Mark - 2002-12-31

GN Mark Schueler

GN Master - 2023-05-06

MAJ Mauser - 2015-06-06

CM Max

LCM Maximillian

MAJ Michael

LC Michael Emrys - 2018-06-23

LCM Micheal Perry

COL Mini Minkus

COL Moagim Daar - 2005-02-12

COL Mobiles

COL Mouse Droid - 2004-11-13

LC Murad Ibn Mark

LCM Nash

MAJ Nebular

LCM Nergal

CM Nick Chi'Cath

CPT Night Grue

COL Nightmare - 2003-04-16

CPT Ninj Prefect


CM Nova Discordia - 2022-11-25

LCM Nylan - 2003-06-20

LCM Obi-Kan Kysiobi


FA Pellaeon

HA Pete Mitchell - 2017-06-11

COL Phalk Sturm

CPT Phoenix

FA Pickled Yoda - 3 times, last on 2020-09-02

COL Piett

HA Plif

CPT Predator

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

MAJ Prophet

AD Proton

CPT Quicksilver

GN Rancorous

AD Ranthier Khaen

LT Raven Arestar

CM Raven Lockholme

LCM Raxell

AD Reaper

MAJ RedTaz

CPT Ric Gravin

GN Ric Hunter

COL Ricardo

MAJ Richlet

VA Robert Hogan - 2020-10-09

CPT Roger

CPT Rogue - 2003-09-07

CM Roulex

CPT Rover

CM Rue Sokky

MAJ Ryan Chi'Cath

CPT Saadam

LC Saeul Trigue

MAJ Sanj

MAJ Sarn Erec - 2003-02-28

LC Savageaz - 2003-08-25

COL Scoser

CM scottrick - 2022-12-06

CM Sergeyli - 2009-08-16

CM Shadow

COL Shae Kitane

MAJ Shakur

COL Shawshank

LC Solohan50 - 2022-11-23

LC Spade - 2005-01-16

CM Spearhawk

AD Stele Pellaeon

HA Striker

COL Stuart

CPT Talas

COL Talons Pryde

LCM Tam Weltl

LC Ted

COL TheBlackxRanger - 2022-11-25

VA Thomas Nitecki

LC Thorn

LC Tissaya Argat - 2003-01-27

AD TK-2107 - 2002-12-16

CM TK-9780

MAJ TopDawg

VA Toran Dan

COL Torres

GN Triji Boliv - 2 times, last on 2022-12-14

AD Troutrooper

LC Turr Phennir

CPT Tvan'Oris

LT Ty Seerlan - 2022-11-25

CM Varik Kassal - 2022-11-27

MAJ Veers

CPT Veers

LCM Verde

CM Vessicant - 2002-12-14

SL Vexan

FA Viper Pred

CPT Von Predator - 2004-07-30

CPT Voort SaBinring - 2003-11-16

CPT Wap Eal

COL Wes Janson

COL Westric Davalorn - 2022-12-02

GN Wil Striker

LCM Wilq Fastclaw

CPT Witchblade - 2022-11-28

COL Wolly

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2022-07-20

COL Wraithdog - 2014-07-22

COL Wysseri Arestar

AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

CM Xeraan Rhazzazor

CM Yabbo Wagyx

CM Yarik Kelve

SL Zekk Terrik

COL Zeth Durron - 2010-05-28

COL Zippy Hawk

COL Zorn Starn

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles - 2 times, last on 2009-05-21

HA Zsinj

COL Zystem Fryar

TC-TIE BATTLE: Project: Athena - Phase I
# of missions: 6
Game plaform: TIE Fighter

Battle creators and contributors:

FL/ LT Zodiak/ Dagger 3-1/ Wing IX/ ISD Relentless (zodiak_EH@usa.net) - Project conception, coordinator and editor, creation of mission 1,2, and 6, plotline, beta testing
FM/ LT Dan Malaktos/ Sword 1-2/ Wing IX/ ISD Relentless (Cloud88FF7@aol.com) - Creation of missions 3,4, and 5, coordinator and editor, plotline, beta testing
Beta testing: CM Outlaw, CM Ahkliat, MAJ Tethys, VA Jarak 
Final approval: MAJ Tethys and VA Jarak

Required patches
* none

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle


Start up your TIE fighter game and create a new pilot with the name _ and go 
to Battle !.  Fly like the dickens and have fun on a dangerous mission deep in Rebel space!

Plotline for Project: Athena / Phase I

The ISD Relentless has found itself in quite a fix in the Emperor's Hammer.  As of late, 
the ISD has enjoyed a great deal of success in battle, but it is often passed over in the 
Battlegroups for the most exciting and dangerous assignments.  VA Jarak has grown tired of 
this, and has consulted with all of the pilots within his command and came up with a new, 
daring, and bold idea....independent of standard Battlegroup operations.  The idea is to 
move the entire strike fleet under the ISD Relentless'es command deep into Rebel space to 
the star system Legend.  There awaits the Newly developed Rebel platform Optimus V, reputed 
to house a state of the art research facility that specializes in biomedical engineering 
and military physics.  The ISD Relentless wants that facility!....or rather, wants the 
equipment housed in the facility.  With this new equipment, the ISD Relentless can use 
its spare cargo space  to develop its own research facility, concentrating on military engineering 
and bio-technology.  Capturing a Rebel scientist would also be a plus, considering what 
he may tells us about new developments within the New Republic.  Also, as an extra, insidous 
idea, it has been proposed that the bioweapons development would be far more useful with a 
sample of jedi cells.  Since this is impossible at the time, force-laden cells of the 
Duinougwuin will be sought, as well.  It is of the utmost importance that the Strike Fleet 
remains undetected in the Legend system, and that it does not sustain any significant damage 
should it encounter the enemy. 

Mission 1: Destroy starfighter defenses around Rebel research platform Optimus V
Mission 2:  Disable the platform Optimus V, and strip it of its contents to
build the research lab on the Relentless
Mission 3:  Defend the Rel from attack after its presence is discovered near
Rebel space
Mission 4:  Capture Mon Calamari technical scientist from M/CRV for his
knowledge of cutting edge military technology.
Mission 5:  Capture Duinuogwuin ambassador for experimentation and cell samples
Mission 6:  Deliver all captives to the Rel and return to the Aurora sector

After this battle, The ISD Relentless has an upgraded, state of the art research
facility with one of the greatest technical minds of the Galaxy.  Not
to mention, a living cell sample from a bieng closely connected with the
Force.  Information obtained from this sample will make it far easier when
dealing with Jedi in the future.  As we know, the one, Luke Skywalker scours the
Galaxy for recruits.

Mission Features:

Do not be afraid of flying the mission on the various difficulty settings.  Changing the 
settings may change the mission entirely.  It is designed for an easy completion, but a 
difficult time in getting a high score. The main point of this battle is that ANY pilot 
can fly it, good or bad....the only thing is...HOW MUCH CAN YOU SCORE?

Good luck, and HAVE FUN!