TIE-F 125: Noname Squadron

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 1
Release date: 2000-08-11
Last updated: 2003-09-10

MAJ Flelm

Average rating: 3.6
Reviews: 7
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 118
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

COL Triji Boliv



An exceptionally easy mission to complete. Make sure you order your wingmen to ignore the containers so they don't destroy them accidentally before you can inspect them. If you need a quick FCHG point, this one's for you!

MAJ Westric Davalorn



Fairly easy mission on hard, with some oddities. You're in a shielded TIE/in with warheads, which begs the question why not just a TIE/ad? The enemy VSD has fighter orders and will chase you around, allowing me to drag it towards the platform to trade turbolaser fire.

GN Genie



For a Free mission type it is decent, but that's as far as it goes. I kept waiting for ... something to happen. A straight shoot them up mission. An attempt at humour, but it doesn't quite land. Still, not bad. And maybe, at the time this mission was created it was more relevant. I don't mind the T/Is having shields, just that it is always better to weave that into the story. Perhaps the squadron in question was flying T/Is for EH (will not spoil its name). I am upping the rating to 4, as it presented a nice puzzle for the High Score. Not the most convoluted but still fun to unravel. I always give the creator the benefit of the doubt, in that he knew what he was doing and that it was done on purpose

LC Freelancer



A very good mission, with some flaws here and there but for the most part a very good play. Of course, TI's with shields is a bit cliched, mind you, but when you get into it you just go with the flow. There is one case of a starship with fighter orders, but I suppose it couldn't be helped, and allows some interesting tactics.

LC Gen Es'mith



TI in shields, brings back memories of my time as Quaestor. Such a poisonous crew and now the names have changed anyway.

COL Beef



The plot was a little derranged and the in flight messages annoyed me. It was something different though. But it defeats the purpose of flying a T/I when you give it shields and warheads; that made it too easy.

GN Mark Schueler



It was Good,but the secondary goals took prority because only the cloaked figure was in the briefing room

Battle Bug Reports

LC Kyle Kroan


Typos, inverse (or at least somewhat mixed up) IFF, the ISD has starship orders.

High Scores

Mission: 67,777 GN Genie 2020-07-12

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 67,777 GN Genie 2020-07-12
2 67,411 CM Talon Drear 2003-04-02
3 67,394 LC Freelancer 2003-04-02
4 66,745 GN Genie 2020-07-11
5 66,528 GN Genie 2020-07-12
6 64,780 GN Genie 2020-07-11
7 54,967 LC Rando 2020-07-12
8 52,097 LC Alejandro Araujo 2020-04-30
9 51,646 LCM Mateusz 2004-06-05
10 45,975 CM Wolve Excelsior Berkana 2022-07-02

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 108 pilots a total of 115 times.

Title               : Noname Squadron
Author              : FL/CM Flelm/LAMBDA 3-1/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign
Platform            : TIE Fighter
Number of missions  : 1


Required patches
* none

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle

	Recently, proud and mighty Belladona Squadron of House Caliburnus has been 
informed than in some languages, the connotation implied by their name was... less than 
manly.  In response to this realization, Belladonna was rechristened Noname Squadron until
a suitable replacement name could be found.  Your job is to extract a name from some 
colonists with sympathies towards the rebels.  And just remember, terror is usually the 
best persuasion.

FL/CM Flelm/LAMBDA 3-1/Wing I/SSSD Sovereign (Hussar)
ISM/CoB/OV - MIS "Brick"   {IWATS-M/1/2-SM/2}
JH Flelm (Sith)/House Caliburnus of Clan Scholae Palatinae