TIE-F 212: Intercept in the Nebula

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 1
Release date: 2002-10-27
Last updated: 2003-09-10

CPT Ras Kronar

Average rating: 2.9
Reviews: 9
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 63
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

MAJ Landon Cruise



Cake walk on easy

LC Curtis



I agree with master, we are getting soft with our T/Ds and T/As lets fly the simple craft for once :P

MAJ Calvin Senzin



The dogfighting, while beyond the "fun" point and into the realm of tedium, isn't the bad part. I've survived a lot worse. However, unless you can shoot down a Y-Wing at exactly 1.8 km, you can expect to spend a long time trying to get a good score on this mission on Hard while attempting to keep the Y-Wings from firing exactly enough rockets to destroy your frigate.

SL Corran Horn



While shieldless craft should definitely be used more in missions, they should be used correctly. The whole point is that they make up for their lack of protection through safety in numbers, but it's completely the opposite in this mission. In short, it's just unrealistic :P

GN Master



This mission gets a 5! Not only does it turn away from shielded craft such as TIE Advanced Fighters and Defenders, since i think everyone is getting soft in their "superships". BUT it also provides a challenge, its not impossible on Hard, i finished it second time running with a score that SHATTERED the HS (though i know DarkEagle will have beaten mine :P) It requires skill to go out their in a TIE Interceptor and take out a squad of XW's and TW's at once, a CRV and finally two squads of YW's which can destroy your Capital Ship very quickly since they have rockets. Bring on more missions like this and get everyone out of their comfy T/A's and T/D's. DOWN WITH SHIELDS!!!

CM Gandalf



Now that I'm calmer about this, I will post a proper review just for this mission. Still gets a 2. As stated before, because it's just another rehash of "Yet another kill kill kill" mission. Giving the player a T/D in this mission won't make this mission any better, it will still rate a 2. ==== As for skill and patience training, well, at #3 in the HS table and as TT PROF, I know it when I see it in a mission, and I don't see it here. Patience training is NOT getting pilots to constantly weave just to dodge lasers because one lucky shot can fry your engine or flight control. Any knucklehead can just dodge, hell, I could've done the mission blindfolded if that's all I have to do! But it takes brains to make a great pilot which can only be tested in a mission with at least some design complexity for it to be a great mission.

CPT Ras Kronar



Well I love to have the chance as the creator to comment on my little mission. (my first btw :) I guess it's just a matter of oppinion which craft you like flying. I for one love the challenge of flying unshielded craft as it's well.. more challenging and it's truer to the SW universe for me. It's NOT just a matter of luck. I think you're not at all patient enough.. You want to get this over with.. Well that attitude in combat gets you killed.. If you're not patient in your ducking and weaving (that means do it constantly or get fried) and patient in taking on the CRV you're fried. I really LOVE this kind of challenge as it requires more skill than simple going in in an unshielded craft and blasting everything. This mission is NOT impossible on hard.. It's just hard.. That's what that difficulty level is for.. I think almost all TIE mission are WAY too easy on hard. I've completed it on hard myself so it can be done. And I don't think I'm the only one. Patience is a key element in flying a good mission :)

CPT Alexi Stukov



I HATE FLYING UNSHIELDED CRAFT!!! This mission on Hard is impossible. *Note* This mission would have gotten a 3-4-5 if you had shields.

CM TK-9780



It's 1 FCHG point !

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Mission: 28,256 LC Curtis

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