TIE-TC 6: Destruction

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 5
Release date: 1995-05-17
Last updated: 2003-09-10


Average rating 1.5
Reviews: 37
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 722
Patches used: None
Medal of Destruction
Battle Medal:
Medal of Destruction

Battle Reviews

Played on easy with cheats as it was a boring battle that I wanted to get thru as fast as possible. No story to justify the action and is possible to continually destroy the same rebel cap and platform over and over.

Mostly bug free, although there was a couple times where the enemy ships spawned at the start and instantly destroyed themselves...

Repetitive doesn't begin to describe these missions. You'd think after one or two missions of clearing out the enemy starfighter shield that something different would happen, but nope. It's not even challenging because you're in a Tie Defender the whole time.

A technically well constructed series of missions, but I found some of them rather a grind - in some instances there seemed 'one to many flights' of enemy star fighters to kill off to complete the primary goals. And one mission was just a total grind. Sure I love killing rebel scum, but some variety, would have been nice. Good experience for dog-fighting skills, and I should think for high scores as well, if that is what you are looking for. A solid 3 for those reasons.

This is Star War's version of groundhog day! Heck, if it had been designed that way, it'd actually be a better battle for it. In all seriousness, I do get it. The premise was to fly a series of missions to strip a Calamari and the base of their defenses and to then go for the kill. The execution unfortunately was horrible. In Mission 3? I got tired of the endless waves of fighters and you are completely alone. Blunt and pointless. On the plus side, I didn't come across any bugs.

I played this with cheats and 4x for rtf 21. i mostly just attacked the same platform and capital ship in each battle so there wasnt much variety between the missions.

I played on Easy with cheats enabled. I can't really speak to much on this battle except that it's very fast. If you want a battle that's extremely quick and gets you points, this one is for you.

Fairly basic missions. The first 3 you have to destroy a bunch of fighters. In the last two missions you destroy the capital ships and platform. I did not feel like doing the unnecessary secondary objectives. Easy RTF points.

A bit of a let down unless you're chasing easy FCHG points. This battle could easily have been 1 or 2 missions long with combined goals, instead of multiple missions with discrete goals. Mission 3 is by far longer than the rest - effectively stripping a cruiser of all it's squadrons.

Kind of a let-down. This could've easily been one longer mission with allied wings with different goals instead of five very short ones. The platform should've been farther away with each mission bringing you in closer, engaging different layers of defense, instead of just hitting the same arena over and over again.

I get what they're going for, and I do think that base template of start with a larger strategic goal and work your way there progressively over missions is good. The problem here is that the goal is just too micro to justify that many missions, so it starts to feel ridiculous and repetitive. It's a good idea, just not the best execution of that idea.

It's an interesting idea. The creator's gone with the concept of slowly reducing the platform's defences with a series of strikes, first on the fighters and then on the support ships. It falls down because the TIE Defender is powerful enough that so many strikes would not be needed.

TIE-TC 6. Here we are. At first, I thought I'd just fly it. Then I realized I had to spend 20+ minutes or so on each mission and then I found out it was a good arena for dogfighting training. Even took the time to stream it. Now,the missions can take as long as 1 hour, gets repetitive, even boring for the casual player. It even physically and mentally tires you. As a custom battle is repetitive, tiresome, frustrating, the storyline and much of the details doesn't make sense.

However, as a training ground to exercise your skill, your resistance to stress and even your physical resistance ...well it is perfect. It also serves as a ground for seeking HS for which the tactic would be to dismiss your wingmen and eat the cake on your own after a few special actions on their part... so I'm giving it a 4 for its real purpose: test your endurance and skill.

If you want a battle where you are required to continually decimate wave after wave of fighters, this one may be for you - while continual respawning of fighters can be addressed by targeting capital vessels and enemy platforms, it is none the less a single mission somehow extended into a five mission battle. Useful for the FCHG, but by no means particularly enjoyable to actually fly. Not one I would recommend for comp use.

Like others have said, the battle is unrealistic and repetitive. It's great if you want to engage waves of rebel fighters, but the five missions' objectives could be combined into one simple mission: destroy the cruiser and platform.

I have to agree, this mission was awful. All it is is a generator to get high scores, I mean, come on, more that a squadron of EACH fighter? Where are they hypering in from? When did the Rebels have that much extra money?

I give it a 1 because it worked.. Other than that.. it wasn't a good battle.

I'd have to disagree with the rest of the reviews. This battle is actually very good! Although there's no real storyline and I got the feeling the creator just renamed the craft in every mission, it still is quite entertaining to face near endless waves of rebel fighters. I could have even given this battle a 4, but it had no breakpoints on briefings and some missions were too long. Elsewise, pretty good if you don't mind dogfighting for 20 minutes or so. Oh, and it is one of the few battles that run properly on my diskette version!

Well, since this is before Endor, the Rebels put at least 90% of there forces into that platform. I mean, COME ON!!! There's a seemingly limitless wave of fighters 5 times over. Your wingmen are worthless, missiles everywhere, LONG missions, no plot, no point, my hand hurt, briefings were that kind where you can't fast forward. To sum it up, don't fly this unless it's for a citation, like me.

Want to destroy every single X-Wing and A-Wing the Rebel Alliance has and ever did have? Fly this battle!

Made me feel like I was in the movie! Too bad the movie was "Groundhog Day". Repetitive, poorly designed and technical glitches galore, even for an early battle.

No use flogging a dead horse, but this must have been some kind of sadomasochistic joke with 7 waves of X-wing in one of those missions. Otherwise, every mission is straightforward, and after a while they all look alike.

This is quite possibly thew worst Battle I've ever flown. It is the same mission 5 times in a row with minor changes in objective. The one positive thing I can say about this Battle is that if you need dogfighting trining then this might be helpful, but only for a beginner because the AI is rather low and the main threat seems to come from the sheer number of opponents and the fact that there is a missile launched about every 30 seconds at you. Also don't count on your wingmen for help because they are worse than useless and I often found them firing at me instead of the enemy.

Good battle for dogfighting practice wave after wave....

This battle stinks. All you do in every mission is destroy wave after wave after wave of fighters, and if one of your stupid wingmen leaves one fighter alive with 2% hull left and you don't catch it, it gets away and you fail. Ugh.

Just not very good.

I give it a two; it could've been worse. What if it was T/Ds or T/As instead of A-Wings and X-Wings?

Question: The Point? Answer: There is none. Theres more point in Pamela Anderson or Jordan getting another Breast Enlargement OP.

This is just the same mission five times in a row. Destorying wave after wave of X-Wings, A-Wings and Z-95's gets really boring after about three minutes. Also, if you hate avoiding missiles dont fly this battle.

Overall, a below average shot'em up, but the relentless waves of rebels gets boring and tedious, after awhile you just want it to end.

Pretty easy to complete, but the amount of starfighters are ridiculous. It was fun for about the first minute and then it just got monotonous with wave after wave of starfighters. There is nothing to do but kill and the storyline is pretty unconvincing.

What can I say? BORING. The only thing that raises the overall rating is the fact, that technically it was a playable battle. But I wouldn't play it again.

Starships with starfighter orders, wave after wave after wave after wave of X-Ws and A-Ws and a really bad storyline give this one a shining big zero. Even the medal looks crappy :P Man, didn't the creators test the battles before submiting'em back in those days?

Personally, I thought it was a extremely boring battle. Wave after Wave after wave after etc. So many fighters. The good thing was that you got a lot of kills, even though they were ALWAYS A-Wings and X-Wings. The bad thing was for me, getting those secondary objectives were extremely difficult since at least 1 fighter always hypered out of there. Some missions said, "light starfighter support." Not even close!

Puh, well the storyline is normally enough for a mission and not fo a full battle and to get waves over waves over waves of enemy figthers is boring after some time and over this the mission length/ mission with approx. one hour when you try to reach the goals is too long

This battle must have thrown about 100 XWs and 50 AWs, and some Z-95s at me, and that's about it. Wave after wave after wave. The plot is utterly uninteresting and extremely repetitious compared to modern EH battles. Of course, back when this battle was created, it must have been an achievement. But now, unfortunately, it's a bore.

This battle only rates a 2 because its functional. Other than that it bite big time. The story line sucks, most interesting part is "what will be the reinforcements this time". The cap ships have starfighter orders (and attack craft friendly to them). It relys on waves of craft rather than dificulty.. mission 3 is a tedious "never ending flight group" mission.. and its not alone. Personally i was glad to be done with it, unless you like 5 missions of "wipe the starfighters, then the cap ships", avoid. Mission 2 also has player on invulnerable.

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 485,084 MAJ Titus
Mission 1: 95,142 MAJ Titus
Mission 2: 92,716 HA Daniel Bonini
Mission 3: 125,717 CM Gandalf
Mission 4: 135,668 HA Daniel Bonini
Mission 5: 103,256 GN Andrzej Mezynski

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 484,480 LC Rando 2018-11-28
2 464,207 RA Genie 2022-06-28
3 443,072 LCM Marlin 2005-03-06
4 424,515 HA Daniel Bonini 2002-08-18
5 420,052 CM scottrick 2023-03-16
6 384,038 LC Brin Chaser 2003-09-08
7 378,673 LCM Mateusz 2004-06-01
8 374,126 LC Scuslem 2004-10-04
9 372,174 MAJ Binagran 2003-10-28
10 358,473 LCM Nylan 2003-06-12

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 636 pilots a total of 717 times.

COL A. C. Badlands

CM A. G. Snijglau - 2002-08-28

COL Aardvark - 2021-10-27

GN Abel Malik - 2004-09-06

COL Absolut Vodka


CM Ace

LC Ace Hobbes

CPT Achim Schwarick

LT Adam

CM Adam Lagoda

CPT Adam Szydlowski

COL Adrenaline

LT Adrian Tepes

LT Aenyc Kreahyde

MAJ Aeolus

MAJ Aft Skylek

CM Agace

CPT Ahkliat

MAJ Aidan Pryde

SL Airamags - 2003-08-20

LT Al Fuller

LCM Alan

MAJ Aldaric - 3 times, last on 2018-06-02

LC Alec Qarni - 2003-06-02

SL Alejandro Araujo - 4 times, last on 2020-04-07

LCM Aleksey Chugunov - 2003-08-18

LCM Alexandr III Biges

LT Alexandros

CPT Alexi Stukov - 2003-12-01

CPT Alimet

CPT Amadeo

HA Anahorn Dempsey - 10 times, last on 2021-05-06

LT Andreev Anton

CM Andrelious J. Inahj - 2004-08-05

LT Andrew

CM Andrew

CM Andrew

CM Andrew Strinder

GN Andrzej Mezynski

LT Angel

COL Angel - 2003-11-13

LT Angel Enriquez

LT Angel Fire - 2002-11-27

LT Anna Fox

CM Anthony Starr

CPT APanasyuk

AD Apophis Kuma - 2004-11-26

MAJ Arathar

CM Arcanix

COL Archangel

Archibald Zoraan

CPT Ard Royber

LC Ardeth Mordor

LT Arek Korpil - 2004-08-07

LC Argon Viper

MAJ Arid Foxtrot - 2002-11-16

CM Arion Sunrider

LT Arkus

CM Arlins Scabo - 2003-07-06

CM Armagon - 2003-09-06

CM Arne Saknussem - 2014-12-21

COL Arso Slyth

AD Arthak Rhade

CM Arti

MAJ Artyis - 2003-09-30

COL Astin

LT Athen

CPT Atmos Myremod - 2002-09-18

CPT Aval - 2022-05-24

CPT Avantar

CM Ayudanter de la Clars

LC Azazel

VA Azazel Djo'Tarr

CPT Azrael

CPT Badger

CPT Badlan

CM Banger

LCM BBtank

COL Beef

COL Benjamin Jahou Morgan

LCM Bernie

LT Bester

LCM Bevel Lemelisk

LCM Big Daddy - 2003-01-26

LCM Bigron

COL Bilbo

LCM Bill Tar

CM Billy Taldrya - 2003-05-17

MAJ Binagran - 2003-10-28

MAJ Black Revenge

CM Blade

COL Blade

VA Bond - 2003-02-12

CM Bonzo

MAJ Brad Tack

VA Brakka

LC Brandon

MAJ Brat Stone

CPT Braxus

CPT Bret K'thraz

LCM Brian Klem

LC Brin Chaser - 2003-09-08

COL Brucmack

FA Brukhar

LCM Brunon von Doom - 2003-02-25

MAJ Bryan

GN Caddo

COL Calias

LCM Calidore

COL Callista

MAJ Caltin Doros

MAJ Calvin Senzin

LT Cardassian

COL Carl Lost

LT Castor Troy

LCM Charlie X - 2 times, last on 2020-09-03

COL Chei-Ras

LT Chrusos Ichthys

LCM Chuckie

LCM Clarg Zethman - 2005-04-12

CPT Cmr Brown

LCM Cochrane

LT Cody BlackStar

SA Compton

CPT Con Selar

FA Conker Blackwood - 2003-09-01

GN Coranel Both - 2 times, last on 2023-09-03

Corran Force

SL Corran Horn

CM Corran Horn

CM Cracoucas

MAJ Cray Mikalen

COL CrimsonFury - 2005-01-19

LC Curtis

LCM D. Rizen

CPT Dagger

LC Daisuke Airyu - 2004-09-12

LCM Dall Star

LCM Damien Warchild

COL Dan Malaktos

HA Daniel Bonini - 2002-08-18

LC Daniel Kamprath

MAJ Daniel Klivian

COL Daniel Stephens - 2 times, last on 2016-06-06

FA Danrik

LCM Dargor - 2004-07-14

CM Darius Hunter - 2004-07-11

COL Dark Angel

LT Dark Scorpius


CM Darkfire

RA Darklord

AD Darksaber

CPT Darkstar

CPT Darkstar

Darth Vader

CPT Dave Darklighter

MAJ David

CM Daviriv Rracall

GN Dax Corrin

CPT Deamon

CPT Death Angel - 2002-12-20

CM Death Knight

LCM Deathangel

LT Deathcall - 2003-03-18

CM Dedmeat

MAJ Deleted Member - 2003-10-04

CPT Demon Yoda

COL Den Darkhill

LC Dengar March

VA Depriest

CM Derek

CPT Derek Dan

MAJ Devin Taralis

CPT Devlin

CPT Dharus

LC Diaboli - 2005-01-20

LT Diakonov

CM Dirk Logan

COL Dirty Vader

MAJ Dodger

LCM Dougal Ceallaigh - 2021-01-10

GN Doyon

COL Drak

GN Drake

LC Drake Jensen

COL Drako

COL Dras Hempor

LCM Drax Remlinger


LC DS-61-4

CPT Dujhod

CM Dulcatos - 2003-03-16

COL Duncan Idaho

LT Duncan Stromguard-Walrafen

CM Dvader

GN Earnim Branet - 2019-06-30

CM Elvaron Starfire

GN Elwood the Brave - 8 times, last on 2023-09-12

LCM Enneal Voscom

CM Epicedion - 2 times, last on 2021-10-03

MAJ Erryc Lasitter - 2002-09-08

LT Escarith Wolfbane

MAJ Eugene

MAJ Evo Sarnok

MAJ Exar Khaland

GN Exar Kit - 2003-08-29


LCM Executor

CM Fahrer - 2005-01-04

CM Falcon

MAJ Falcon

CM Faliaj Shai - 2005-01-20

LT Fieldmarshall

COL Firebird

COL Fireclaw

CPT Firzam Coldsteel - 2004-08-16

MAJ Flelm - 2 times, last on 2015-06-11

LC Florian

LCM Focault

GN Ford Prefect

RA fr0Zen - 2023-09-01

LT Fred

CPT Frenchie6 - 2 times, last on 2021-05-07

LC Frey Gallandro

MAJ Fritz Von Stukart - 2003-01-08

HA Frodo March - 2 times, last on 2015-06-07

LCM Frost

LT Furbo

COL Gallows

CM Gandalf

CPT Garyth Mantisa - 2021-03-04

SL Gascutone

FA Gelton Torr - 2003-07-31

LC Gen Es'mith

RA Genie - 2022-06-28

COL George

CM Ghorg - 2005-02-14

AD Gidda

GN Gilad Pelleaon - 4 times, last on 2018-06-28

FA Giovanni Palermo

GN Golbez Harvey - 2 times, last on 2016-06-25

VA Gord Darkonian

COL Gordon

VA Grail SoulChaser

LCM Gruckn Rahn

CM Grzmot - 2002-09-15

LCM Guenevere

LC Guthwulf

COL Gyssler

COL Hades

LCM Halk Knight - 2010-10-26

LC Harkonnen

AD Hav Antiel - 4 times, last on 2020-09-02

COL Hawkins - 2015-06-14

LCM Hawky

CPT Hello

MAJ Hermann - 2 times, last on 2021-01-10

MAJ Hev Randrowan

SL Hirikka

LCM Hotshot

FA Howlader

LCM Hubert - 2003-01-05

MAJ Hunter

Ian Jackson

LC Iceman - 2002-09-03

AD Impulse - 2005-03-22

VA Indaro Gallia

CM Infamus - 2003-01-19

COL Ixion Deathbringer


COL Jacob Van Nowak

CPT Jagged Fell III - 2024-03-28


CM Jamiek

VA Jan Wemmel

CPT Jaques Landeux - 2005-03-01

AD Jarak Maldon

GN Jarek La’an - 6 times, last on 2023-09-05

MAJ Jaron Kai

MAJ Jaruus

CM Jason

CM Jason Dehner - 2002-08-06

LT Jasta Var

CPT Jaster Sadista

LCM Jatz Crakker

CPT Jay Urick

MAJ Jedgar - 2003-03-21

HA Jedgar O. Paladin

AD Jeff 'Tiger' Loruss

COL Jendris Scinar

LCM Jerry

ACO JetMech - 2020-09-09

MAJ Johann Glorick

LCM John Deathstalker

LT John Pennl

FA John T. Clark - 2 times, last on 2016-06-09

FA Jorddyn

CM Jorg Silsti

LCM Josepy Killrath - 2003-06-29

COL Josh Popelka

CPT Julian Clary

CM Justice

LCM Kadath L'Hoon

LC Kadon Beir - 2004-07-31

CM Kahooli - 2003-06-14

MAJ Kale

SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz

CM Kanasu

MAJ Kane

VA Kane Reese

CPT Kaneda Pellail

LT Kaskad

LC Kayle Bayron

MAJ Kazraran - 2022-02-18

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2022-10-01

MAJ Keiran

LCM Keiran Bastra

MAJ Keiran Laserlight - 2003-02-16

VA Keldorn Cochrane

Keller - 2002-12-06

LC Kenath Zoron

COL Kermee

FA Kessler

FA Khadgar

AD Khaine

SL Khalitar

Khameir Sarin

COL Killraven

LCM Kit Juno

COL Klick Sabre

LC Kodiak Kereban

AD Kryder

LCM Kurha Merino - 2003-03-09

VA Ky Terrak - 2003-04-10

CPT Kyle Fardreamer

SL Lailon Lantel

ST Legion Ordo - 2022-03-17

COL Lenvik

CM Leonid DeBastide

CPT Leslaw

LC Linkan

SL Linoge

CPT Lito Rendal

LCM Lo Mar - 2020-09-03

VA Locke Setzer

CM Lonestar - 2005-01-24

COL Loor

LCM Lordhelmet

LCM Lordhelmet

CPT Mace

CPT Machinari - 2003-05-28

CPT Maiko Spince

MAJ Mairin Astoris

MAJ Malik - 2002-09-15

FA Manesh

COL Marc

CPT Marcin Kaczynski

FA Marcin Szydlowski

COL Marconius

MAJ Marcus Caine - 2015-06-27

CPT Marcus Constantine Augustus III

LC Mark - 2002-11-18

GN Mark Schueler - 9 times, last on 2022-10-02

CPT Mark Stephenson

LCM Marlin - 2005-03-06

GN Master - 2 times, last on 2015-06-05

LCM Mateusz - 2004-06-01

LT Mathius Jerikko - 2023-04-13

CM Matthew Weeks - 2013-09-13

CM Matti Kuokkanen

MAJ Mauser - 2015-05-23

LC Maverick

MAJ Mawy

CM Max

LT Max Danzig

LCM Mayk Drazzic

Mayk Wolverine - 2002-09-07

LCM Mel Aani S'ger - 2004-06-14

LC Menacer

CM Miackus

MAJ Michael

LC Michael Emrys

LCM Micheal Perry

COL Mini Minkus

LT Mirei Seppen - 2020-03-30

COL Moagim Daar

COL Mobiles

LC Monaghan

CPT Mordred Pendragon

LCM Morte Scura

CPT Morth

COL Mosh

LCM Mulder - 2002-12-16

CM Mycroft

CM Myotis

LCM Nash

COL Nav'ric Trow

MAJ Neko Nuwen

CM Neo Rising

LCM Nergal

CM Nicholas

LCM Nico Avenger

CM Nico Qarni - 2002-11-13

CPT Night Grue

COL Nightmare

COL NiksaVel

LC Nile Rosenau

CPT Ninj Prefect


MAJ Nolij - 2014-06-03

CM Nova Discordia - 2022-11-19

COL Nurel Turr

LCM Nylan - 2003-06-12

CPT ObiVader

CM Odin Strongheart - 2022-08-11

CM Outlaw

CPT Paco - 2003-05-27

LCM Pain_then_Death

CPT Panaka

CM Parker Lewis

CPT Paul

COL Pavel


FA Pellaeon

HA Pete Mitchell - 4 times, last on 2021-05-31

COL Phalk Sturm

COL Phantom - 2002-12-05

CM Phantom

LCM Phelan

VA Philo - 2002-09-08

CPT Phoenix

AD Phoenix Berkana - 3 times, last on 2022-10-03

MAJ Picard

FA Pickled Yoda - 11 times, last on 2022-10-09

LCM Pit Viper

HA Plif - 6 times, last on 2020-09-05

MAJ Ponda Jarret - 2002-12-15

MAJ Powerslave

CPT Predator

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

MAJ Prophet

MAJ Prost Varsis - 2023-04-22

CPT Quicksilver

LC Quincy Nelson - 2003-06-04


COL Raith Sienar

LCM Rana Grande

GN Rancorous

LC Rando - 3 times, last on 2020-09-11

LC randyrumrnr - 2020-09-06

AD Ranthier Khaen

CPT Ras Kronar

LT Raven Arestar

CM Raven Lockholme

LCM Raxell

MAJ Raxis Krieger

LCM Razor

AD Reaper

CPT Red Fox

MAJ RedTaz

Rekio Corsair

COL Renegade

LCM Renorion

LC Repulsor

LCM Rhys von Pohl

CPT Ric Gravin

GN Ric Hunter

COL Ricardo

MAJ RichyV - 2009-05-21

VA Robert Hogan - 2020-09-29

CPT Roger

CPT Rogue

LCM Rogue Ronin

LCM Rollins

CM Rondo - 2003-07-17

CM Rue Sokky

LCM Ryan Neale - 2005-05-09

LCM Ryuu - 2004-06-20

CPT Saadam

LC Saeul Trigue

MAJ Sandor Clegane

MAJ Sanj

MAJ Sarn Erec

VA Sarok

LC Savageaz - 2002-11-17

LCM Sayrah Mikfarlant

CM Schitzo

LT Scorch - 2003-05-25

COL Scoser

LT Scott McCarty

CM scottrick - 2023-03-16

CM Scud

LC Scuslem - 2004-10-04

LT Sempren Kale - 2005-05-07

CM Sergeyli

CM Serin Jansj - 2002-08-12

CPT Shador

COL Shae Kitane

MAJ Shakur

LCM Shark

LC Shark

LT Shino Kisaki

FA Shotgun

GN Sickman

CM Sidian

LT Silversurfer - 2003-08-10

LCM Sint Seelasi

LCM Sirion - 2004-07-23

LT Siross

LC SkyShadow

CPT SL8c8 - 2019-02-21

FA Slade J. Holm

LC Solohan50 - 2 times, last on 2021-11-30

LCM Sotskov Yan

LCM SoulWhisperer

LC Spade - 2003-01-18

CM Spearhawk

LT SpyFunk

MAJ Sslither

FA StarLion

LT Starwolf

AD Stele Pellaeon

LC Steve Strangelove

CM Steve Sunrider

LC Strahd

HA Striker

COL Stuart

SL Stvg

COL Styles

CPT Syntroth - 2022-10-03

CM Szymon - 2002-12-13

COL Tad Taliesin

CPT Taf'ron Daro

CPT Talas

VA Talek Pter Dei

COL Talons Pryde

LCM Tarkinan

LCM Tarrafal

LT Tavrim Kain

LC Tempest

LT Terek Kesh

LC Thaas Pobyn

COL TheBlackxRanger - 2 times, last on 2024-02-25

LC Thom Zack - 2002-09-04

LT Thomas Letifer

VA Thomas Nitecki - 2003-01-31

CM Thomas Solo - 2003-01-16

LCM Thor

LC Thorn

CT Thrak Stener

LT Thrawn

CPT Tiamat

COL Tiberius

LC Tiger


LC Tissaya Argat

MAJ Titus

AD TK-2107 - 2003-01-04

CPT TK-6686

COL TK-7764 - 2004-06-19

LCM TK-8148 - 2002-09-18

CM TK-9780 - 2005-03-21

COL Todbringer

LT Tom Gilbert

Tomaas Banys

FA Tomaas Montte

VA Toran Dan

COL Torres

LT Tpyo - 2003-05-10

LT Trent Devson

CPT Trideo Arkson - 2016-06-12

GN Triji Boliv

AD Troutrooper

CM Trowa - 2003-06-02

MAJ Tuba - 2011-07-09

LC Turr Phennir

HA Turtle Jerrar

CPT Tvan'Oris

LC Tygra Shadowclaw

LCM Tyr Kenaz - 2003-02-03

COL Ulrich Drachen - 2016-06-04

LT Ulysses

LCM Uriel K'rrden

MAJ Valic

LCM Valjean - 2003-08-11

COL Vampire

LCM Vance Blackguard - 2003-09-18

LC Vapen Van’an - 2022-10-23

CM Varik Kassal - 2011-11-12

LCM Vbehrends

CM VectorX

LCM Verde

CPT Vertigo

CM Vessicant

SL Vexan

LT Viktor Trollstein

MAJ VinDoros

CPT Viper

FA Viper Pred

CM Virus

CPT Von Predator

FA Von Reinthaler - 2003-02-03

CPT Voort SaBinring - 2004-09-29

CPT Vuffi Raa

CPT Wap Eal - 2003-01-22

CPT Wedge

COL Wes Janson

GN Wil Striker

LCM Wilq Fastclaw - 2003-11-19

CPT Witchblade - 3 times, last on 2023-09-04

CM Wizard

CM Wolf Blacker

COL Wolfverine - 2022-08-30

COL Wolly

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 3 times, last on 2023-04-25

COL Woobee

COL Wraithdog - 3 times, last on 2016-06-01

COL Wysseri Arestar

CM Xanatos Screed - 2003-08-30

FA Xavier Sienar

CPT Xura Verr


CM Yarik Kelve

COL Yoman

LCM Zbyl

CM Zeke Freeman - 2005-05-04

SL Zekk Terrik

CPT Zept Leeartic

COL Zeth Durron

LCM Zodiak

COL Zorn Starn

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

HA Zsinj

COL Zystem Fryar

Required patches
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Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle


Emperor's Hammer Battle Center - http://battles.tiecorps.org
Modified for Project Phoenix (Sept 11, 1999)
- Battle1.lfd file corrected
- Bug corrected on Mission 4 (Rebels going after Pirates)
- Bug corrected on Mission 2 (Player invulnerable) (21/02/00)
by CA:TAC/AD Striker/CA-3/SSSD Sov (EH_Striker@mail.com)

Following bugs were corrected:
- Mission #2: PLT's and Calamari Cruiser orders changed 
- Mission #3: PLT's orders changed
- Mission #4: Calamari Cruiser orders changed
- Mission #5: PLT's orders changed

by: FL-TCT-TCS/CM Michael/Diamondback 3-1/Wing XIV/ISD Intrepid