XWA-DB 8: Secret of Andevia

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing Alliance
Missions: 5
Release date: 2005-07-03
Last updated: 2005-07-03

HA Frodo March

Average rating: 4.5
Reviews: 11
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 47
Patches used: None

Battle Medal:
Secret Medal of Andevia

Battle Reviews

COL Phalk Sturm



Very good campaign, the plotline about cortosis alloy that blocks lightsabers is an original development. The space battles can turn into quite of a furball and this is pure fun. A nice battle to keep digging in the DB lore with all those cool names.

LCM Oskar Holtz



I didn't like this battle as much as Frodo's others ones but thats not because its bad, just that the others are better. Still this had a good story in it and good missions. I found it difficult in some places and frustrating too. Oh and don't forget the mines! Aaaarghhhhh! The second-last mission isn't that fun at all because of those mines but the last one makes up for it when a whole rebel factory gets vaped :D

GN Rancorous



A good battle, not a great battle for me but a good one. Plenty of things to do to keep a pilot busy, though it loses a point for the mines. I hate mines and I hate them even more after that little mission, as other people have said there are just a few too many for my liking ad it gets a little boring. Other than that great work.

Excellent battle from Frodo! The plot is splendid and the design of the missions shines in its own rights. Anyway, I don't know if it's because it was the first XWA battle I flew "by the book" or just because you, Frodo, want all us to suffer while enjoying the pain your twisted mind has cooked for us (maybe the first), but it was very though for me just to survive. It doesn't matter; I could give you a 5 anyway but... What's that little shooting thingy over there? A Mine! Oh, it vaped my 5!! Tsk, tsk... at least I still can handle a 4. >:D

CM Sabbath



This one was tough for me. I had to fly the second mission a few times and the minefield mission twice because i turned right into a mine and died the first time. Excellent plot development as usual though.

COL Den Darkhill



Good missions all through the battle. Only complaint is way to many mines to kill in that second to last mission.

GN Kaisin Mirtez



I must say one of the best DB missions I hhave flown. Flying in a fighter wiht no shields is somehting I like and makes me work harder to complete the mission and stay alive. I love Frodo's missions as they are some of the best I have flown. Although I will say I keep seeing mines all over the place, nice touch wiht ION and Lasers for them.

COL Flint Darkstar



Very well written plotline and logical sequence of events. Probably the only problem I found with the battle was the second to last mission...all those mines...:P In any case, the "realism" and logic for the entire battle made perfect sense. Begs for a sequel...

GN Abel Malik



This battle was designed for the Secret of Andeva ehDB Vendetta (if i remember right Fro' developed this for Drak when he was DGM of the ehDB) a few years back and features a nice mix of dogfighting, cap ship bombing practice & how to disable/destroy transports and space defenses (such as mines, laser emplacements etc..). A nice mix of combat & difficulties in the battle, well worth flying.

COL Zystem Fryar



I have to agree with DB, Good plot, and excellent battle. It would b eperfect for a comp.

HA Daniel Bonini



Very good battle. I had much fun flying this battle, and I encourage everyone to fly it. The plot is simple, but of good quality, and the missions were well designed, for my taste, at least. Good work!!

Battle Bug Reports

SL Zekk Terrik


First mission is irreparably broken. It tells me I cannot fire with my S foils closed but it also says my craft has no S foils...?

High Scores

Battle Total: 197,478 COL Deimos
Mission 1: 17,030 COL Deimos
Mission 2: 3,805 COL Deimos
Mission 3: 144,944 COL Deimos
Mission 4: 15,625 HA Daniel Bonini
Mission 5: 16,239 COL Deimos

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