XvT-TC 32: Wing XIV: WC Trouble

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Missions: 5
Release date: 2002-05-10
Last updated: 2009-02-22

HA Frodo March

Average rating: 2.6
Reviews: 31
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 173
Patches used
  • EH Ship Patch for XvT

  • Battle Medal:
    Medal of Marchmanship

    Battle Reviews

    Always something weird that happens in Frodo missions. Not in a bad way, just kind of humorous mostly. The one thing though that I'd be happy to get rid of is the unclear objectives in the goals screen. 'huh?' should not be an objective. I get that the creator wants to keep it hidden, but it makes it really annoying to have to guess whether or not something requires you to turn off unlimited waves and thus stop wasting your time. Other than that it is a good battle.

    RA Genie



    I liked the premise as well as the variation of ideas and layout. The last mission, a bit 'funny'. The mission creator is clearly a smart person. :) To help you along, think smart and you'll be able to find him quite fast. Good luck. The mission with the bases, use your rockets wisely to spare yourself from having to laser-grind them down.

    COL Phalk Sturm



    Decent plot, but missions felt somehow lazy. More like a competition focused creation that something cohesive to the narration for the arrival of a new Wing Commander. You will face a few pit fights against multiple opponents and a race against time to destroy several containers and a surprise. Fast points for FCHG but barely anything else.

    LC Kadon Beir



    Interesting way to plotline a battle. All around selecting a new WC, maybe a wing should try that one day, just for fun. The missions were simple (in a good way), and I never encountered any difficulties.

    GN Rancorous



    Not a favourite of mine but not one I despise either, a middle of the road battle with some interesting plot points. The T/A duel is great fun and the battle is worth flying just for that one mission. Makes a change to destroying thousands of A-Wings and dropping rockets into cap ships. Not bad overall but only a 3 pointer.

    No, not the best battle from Frodo but I think it neither deserves the worst puntuation ever. The briefings in verses are very innovative and FGs names are funny, as usual. Other than that this has been my first XvT battle played seriously and I must say it has been much harder than the usual TIE stuff. I don't know if it's for the enemies' increased AI, the hellish accuracy of gun batteries mounted on capital ships or just because the battle is plain hard, but the "Fly Again" button and myself are now loyal friends. And although a melee between loyal Imperial officers doesn't make much sense it was a breath of fresh air outside the classical "protect this/capture that/destroy the damned platform" Oh, talking about platforms, mission 4 is almost a crazy mayhem; I really didn't see the point on destroying up to 6 platforms using 10 GUNs or so while seeing them vaped one way or another as soon as they're in fire range. And as for the last mission... why making us to inspect all the damned traffic in the Galaxy? Why?!!

    LCM Oskar Holtz



    This was another good battle. I especially enjoyed the first mission...duelling in Tie Advanceds is good fun! Had to be quick in the container one too but managed it ok after a few goes.

    LT Trent Devson



    The little poems in the missions descriptions were... interesting. The missions themselves weren't too bad.

    COL Den Darkhill



    Not quite the usual 1 vs 100s of most battles. Doesn't quite all pan out though.

    GN Kaisin Mirtez



    I must say for my first XvT battle, this was fun. Where else can you beat other A:WC to become the new WC. Frodo makes some of the best battles and this is why I am going to love flying XvT battles. I loved mission 3 where you had a time limit to take out all the containers and then a corvette. needed to keep some warheads. took a couple trys to get it right.

    CM Sabbath



    Man, this took forever. I liked the size of the battles, just wish I could ration my warheads out a little better.

    GN Abel Malik



    This might not be Fro's best battle, but the premise was original ie.. competing with your fellow CMDR's for the WC spot then changing your mind when you get A-CMDR to locate the original WC;p. On medium none of the missions are too difficult, but they can take some time.

    COL Zystem Fryar



    A Nice Idea, but just too run of the mill. Some of the missions were fairly daunting...

    HA Daniel Bonini



    I enjoyed the first three missions, but not so much the last two...mission 5 is not so much fun, but you can get some scores destroying everything if you have enough patience...

    COL Flint Darkstar



    Only so-so. Definitely not Frodo's best work, but not a horrible battle either. We've all found out just how much better Frodo can be, anyway. In any case, the little poems in each briefing were original, silly, and a little sad all at once. Which is a good thing. Once again, a bonus point to Frodo for avoiding the superfighter vs. the universe rut that a lot of missions fall into. Mission 5 was a little tedious, though...all in all, a very flyable battle, but if you're looking for a real gauge of Frodo's work, look elsewhere.

    HA Frodo March



    All reviews after this one, are that of the UPDATED XvT TC 32, which is waaaaaaay better. All previous to this one, are of the old XvT TC 32. Which blew.

    FA Brukhar



    Wasn't really that hard if you're not an idiot...notice how you almost always had shields...the only real tough one was with the E/Ses. Everything else is easy. The mission design was sloppy and it just had an unprofessional, unFrothylike feel to it.

    LC Gen Es'mith



    It was supposed to be hard. If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing. I flew this battle and it has always stuck in my mind. There are a multitude of battles out there that let you fly a Super fighter and destroy weak enemies or fly some stupid mission based on other crap, but this one has a meaning to old timer Wing XIVers that most people will miss. I admit it was sort of aggravating, all the times I had to click the 'fly again' button, but it was worth it in the end.

    COL Rau Aznable



    The good news is that Frodo became one of the best XvT Mission creators a few battles later. The bad news is that he did some bad ones till he got there, and this is one of them. This battle looks like it was made for 6 years old, like those multimedia things for kids with lots of "educational" mini-games. The quality of the battles vary from retarted to annoying. The fourth mission is the only one which could be called "good" but the way everything is deployed makes it too easy. The last one is more of a tribute to a few ppl than a real mission really, you're supposed to find your WC, but you just press the objective key and you got him.

    LCM Overkill




    CM TK-9780



    The battle does contain some errors and Bugs, a few of the missions do seem to be rather pointless. But it was interesting and with a few tweeks could be great.

    overview: good battle with some ideas. Theproblem of a lot of pilots which rated this battle worse were they never looked for RE_LOAD - this is very important in this battle. Forget to shoot around with lasers to get one or two points more. I played it on hard. only hairy mission is 2 where you have too fight against 16 E/S....

    CM BlackHellKnight



    Frodo, um what can i say it wasn't bad i like the way you named the assault shuttles on the last mission i think it was Take off, pants, and jacket someones a blink fan:P other than it was pretty good even tho the mission where you take on A/S's, X/W,and a victory star destroy i thought you could have picked a better ship than a glorified tin can, but i survived if i did lose my patience a few times. 3 from me.

    LC Thorn



    Heh. i wouldnt say it's the worst battle ever, but still - it was VERY boring (X-Ws are not shooting back, there is no problem in any of the missions etc.) and pathetic one. i like the idea of the battle (gladiator methods to declare A-WC) and ship's name - "Ahuha Ciparu Shamut" :). i looked at other battle reviews and noticed one funny thing - the only people who say it's a good battle are those who are in the battle - Mike (aboard Ahuha Ciparu Shamut), Tissaya (ETR: Tissaya), Dengar (main character of the plotline) and Frodo (whose fighter you fly in the battle). the rest of people who flown this battle say it's not worth playing. lol. i'd say it's "easy 5 FCHG" but with one comment - it's also BORING like Hell.

    COL TK-7764



    HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THIS IS GOOD!!!!! I will not change my mind. In fact, I wish that there was a negative rateing I could give this battle. The playtesters and maker of the battle say it is good. Of course they will say that it is good!!! Fly it if you don't believe me. I am not making this up. It is BAD!!!! This is the worst battle I have ever seen. Even the Scarlet Fleet was better. And don't tell us about how we are bad because we are all experts here. We have played the game and we know how to fly strike missions.

    LC Frey Gallandro



    it is the worst battle i`ve ever played ! The storyline is idealess, Mission 2,3 and 5 are crap. Sorry Frodo, but for someone who rated his own Battle with a 4 and who is presenting such a Battle is 0 the only rating i can give. The tester who flew it should die painfully ! You asked for constructive critic, ok, i will try my best. The first mission is from the "action" part ok, but the idea to fire at my own comrades and to kill them just to become the Acting Wingcommander scares me deply. If i fire at my own comrades, something basically went wrong. Mision 2, if i remember right it is the mission where you need to fight against several X-Wings and Escort Shuttles with a single T/F. The only good thing i can find in the mission is that you have shields when you attack 1 Escort Shuttle and loop back from it just to fly in the fire of the other 15 shuttles, i don`t think that i would ever be confrontaded with such a situation, especially when an ISD is hanging in the space, just 3 klicks away. And the mission where you fight with a single Assault Gunboat against the 5 manufacturing platforms, i mean, ok, you just need to destroy 3 of it and you have enough rockets to kill 1 of them with the help of some laser shoots, but to destroy the other two within 4 mins is really difficult for a normal skilled pilot. I don`t fell blamed when i say that i completed the T/F Mission with unlimited waves because i got destroyed to often. Also the Gunboat Mission, because i lost the fun when i flew the battle. Battles are made to have fun by flying, a Battle who kills the fun by flying it isn`t what i would rate as a good Battle, and all in all, i think it is really shameless to rate his own battle with a 4, if you think it is good let others fly it and let them rate it, but don`t do it on yourself. I won`t remove my rating, just you feeled pissed by me, if you can`t life with the critic, take a look atthe others who rated it. It is still the worst battle i ever flew.

    LC Dengar March



    I don't see what everyone had a problem with in this battle! It was a completely original idea(which alot more than I can say for most battles), well designed, lacking bugs, and Fun for all types of pilots! and about me!:P Great battle Frodo!:D

    LC Tissaya Argat



    I think it's very orginal and well design battle. I liked brifings and whole stryline. It's really nice battle, worth to flying.

    FA Marcin Szydlowski



    Well. I don't know what are you talking about. Maybe it's not best battle ever but I liked it, when I've been playing it. It has pros and cons. Giving battle a 0 means it's totally useless. I think you should reconsider your decision.

    CPT Ninj Prefect



    Oh. My. God.

    COL Jer Stryker




    Battle Bug Reports

    There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

    High Scores

    Battle Total: 340,200 COL Rau Aznable
    Mission 1: 29,000 LCM Danel
    Mission 2: 82,460 CM BlackHellKnight
    Mission 3: 114,000 COL Rau Aznable
    Mission 4: 74,140 COL Moagim Daar
    Mission 5: 99,320 COL Rau Aznable

    Top Ten

    (of available records)

    1 340,200 COL Rau Aznable 2005-02-22
    2 282,000 CPT Mace 2003-02-01
    3 266,785 COL Zystem Fryar 2003-05-25
    4 227,635 MAJ Aft Skylek 2004-08-09
    5 225,610 LCM Ache Nu 2003-01-28
    6 202,410 CPT Joe Arena 2003-01-04
    7 185,650 CM Yukito 2003-08-16
    8 179,805 CPT Derek Dan 2002-08-27
    9 174,545 LCM Overkill 2003-01-17
    10 150,780 LC Savageaz 2003-03-02

    Battle Completion Statistics

    This battle has been flown by 161 pilots a total of 171 times.

    GN Abel Malik - 2002-11-17

    LCM Ache Nu - 2003-01-28

    MAJ Aft Skylek - 2004-08-09

    LC Alec Qarni

    CPT Alsdyr

    LC Ambar Kilick - 2003-10-28

    HA Anahorn Dempsey - 7 times, last on 2021-01-11

    COL Andrijas - 2003-10-23

    AD Apophis Kuma - 2003-03-29

    MAJ Arid Foxtrot - 2003-02-21

    MAJ Artyis - 2004-06-18

    CM Ayudanter de la Clars

    LC Azazel

    COL Benjamin Jahou Morgan

    LC Big Poppa K - 2004-10-31

    CM BlackHellKnight

    LCM Blenheim

    COL Brucmack

    FA Brukhar

    MAJ Bryan - 2004-07-17

    COL BubbaX - 2003-04-11

    MAJ Caltin Doros - 2002-08-28

    CPT Carren "Angel" Hiles

    LC Choosh

    LC Chris Cox - 2003-01-12

    MAJ Colo Delste - 2021-10-09

    CPT Con Selar

    FA Conker Blackwood - 2009-09-28

    MAJ Coremy Jertese - 2019-10-13

    COL CrimsonFury - 2003-03-08

    COL Czulvang Lah

    CPT Damarcus - 2004-08-08

    LCM Danel

    HA Daniel Bonini

    AD Daniel Licinius Trajanus

    Darth Vader - 2003-03-11

    CPT Dave Darklighter

    GN Dax Corrin

    MAJ Delak Krennel - 2003-01-02

    COL Den Darkhill

    LC Dengar March

    CPT Derek Dan - 2002-08-27

    MAJ Devin Taralis - 2002-11-20

    LCM Dion Ellis - 2002-08-30

    COL Dirty Vader

    COL Drak - 2004-08-13

    LCM Drax Remlinger

    CM Dukimar - 2003-03-23

    COL Duncan Idaho

    GN Dunta Polo - 2010-06-03

    GN Earnim Branet - 2004-12-17

    LT Eifel

    CM El Guapo

    Enahropes Teriad Entar

    GN Exar Kit - 2002-09-08


    CM Falcon

    LCM Felix Anthraxson - 2003-01-08

    COL Fenn Logan

    COL Flint Darkstar

    MAJ Fox Malloy - 2005-02-09

    LC Frey Gallandro

    HA Frodo March

    FA Gelton Torr

    RA Genie - 2021-10-11

    CM Ghorg

    AD Gidda

    FA Giovanni Palermo

    LC Girth Snail

    LCM Godo Nurok

    LCM Gruckn Rahn - 2003-04-12

    COL Gyssler - 2011-10-08

    AD Hav Antiel - 2018-11-28

    MAJ Hermann - 2 times, last on 2021-10-10

    MAJ Hev Randrowan - 2002-11-16

    MAJ Hunter - 2002-08-20

    CPT Hunterwolf - 2003-12-27

    LC Iceman

    CPT Jan Pieter - 2004-08-31

    LCM Jaorrus Morraus

    COL Jer Stryker

    CPT Joe Arena - 2003-01-04

    MAJ Johann Glorick

    CPT John Clark

    LC Kadon Beir

    GN Kaisin Mirtez

    CM Kakihara - 2004-08-27

    MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2023-11-24

    MAJ Keiran - 2005-01-17

    MAJ Keiran Laserlight - 2003-11-10

    LC Kenath Zoron

    SL Ketan-Shej - 2003-01-11

    CM Kysar Xero - 2005-01-16

    COL Lenvik - 2005-01-23

    COL Loor - 2002-11-23

    CPT Mace - 2003-02-01

    CPT Machinari - 2003-09-09

    CPT Mad Max - 2003-09-28

    COL Malidir - 2 times, last on 2009-02-08

    FA Marcin Szydlowski

    MAJ Marcus Caine - 2003-12-04

    LCM Marlin

    CM Michael K Starburst - 2003-11-24

    COL Moagim Daar

    CM Nicholas

    COL Nightmare - 2002-12-15

    RA Nutrientman

    LCM Oskar Holtz

    LCM Overkill - 2003-01-17

    LCM Peh

    FA Pellaeon - 2002-08-17

    HA Pete Mitchell - 2017-05-21

    COL Phalk Sturm - 2021-10-08

    COL Phantom

    FA Pickled Yoda - 2003-04-16

    HA Plif - 2005-01-04

    CPT Predator

    CM Predator

    GN Rancorous

    COL Rau Aznable - 2005-02-22

    COL Rei Ayanami

    GN Ric Hunter

    CPT S 4patas - 2004-07-13

    CPT Saadam

    CM Sabbath - 2003-01-21

    LC Savageaz - 2003-03-02

    LT Scipion

    COL Shae Kitane

    LC Spade - 2003-10-20

    LC Steve Strangelove

    HA Striker

    COL Talons Pryde

    MAJ Tek Selkirk - 2005-01-20

    LC Thorn

    CPT Tiamat

    LCM Timpa Sloan

    LC Tissaya Argat

    AD TK-2107 - 2003-06-10

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    CPT Tvan'Oris

    CPT Vertigo

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    COL Vladet Xavier - 2003-06-12

    CPT Von Predator - 2005-03-07

    GN Wil Striker - 2002-09-17

    CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 3 times, last on 2023-09-11

    CM Xanatos Screed

    CM Yukito - 2003-08-16

    MAJ Z'Harm Kelh Gasu'lk - 2003-01-13

    COL Zeth Durron

    LT Zev Zuggs - 2002-11-24

    MAJ Zhaim Jifarr

    LCM Zhil - 2002-09-15

    COL Zorn Starn - 2002-08-15

    VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

    COL Zystem Fryar - 2003-05-25

    TITLE: XIV WC: Trouble 
    MEDAL: Medal of Marchmanship
    GAME PLATFORM: X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
    Created by: CMDR/CPT Frodo/Krayt/Wing XIV/ISD Intrepid
    Required patches
    * EH Ship Patch for XvT
    Installation instructions
    1] Make sure you have the EH Ship Patch for XvT installed
    2] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
    3] Check the Misc folder in your XvT one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
    4] Press the X-wing vs TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
    5] Create a new pilot and fly the Imperial training missions