TIE-F 5: Dorja #1

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 1
Release date: 1995-02-15
Last updated: 2014-07-09

LT Dorja

Average rating 1.2
Reviews: 45
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 472

Battle Reviews

VA Locke Setzer



Very very easy, but also very very bad. But hey, on the plus side: you saved the Empire!

LT Hera Storm



That was fun! I played on medium and it was really easy to complete. Good starting mission I think for new or returning players :)

CM scottrick



Functional, but extremely simple. Barely qualifies as a mission.

CM Nova Discordia



Very simple mission. Was it fun, not really. Was it worth flying, perhaps!

CPT Tiran Marr



I have to admit this was the first time in a long time I got back into the cockpit and brought Imperial fire down upon our enemies. Quick, fast-paced action was all this mission encompassed. Honestly, the battle was over long before it began.

MAJ Morgoth



This is about as easy as it gets. Drop three ships and bug out. Its simple and satisfying as blowing things up is always super fun. Perfect for killing ten minutes.

COL Highlander



This was by far one of the quickest and easiest missions I have flown to date just use advanced torps, link your lasers and ions, send you wingmen home and start blasting away.

RA fr0Zen



If I had fired 9 of the 12 advanced torpedoes in my Tie Defender's ordinance right as I came out of the hangar like "zoom zoom little blue bunnies" then sure, I could beat this in like a minute?

I could also have had more fun shooting down the MUTR shields with the Defender's ions and then it takes just 1 torp to nuke the buggers. 5/5 cuz why not. It's cute and quick if you need a thrill with 5 minutes to load it up and play.

COL Westric Davalorn



Stupidly easy even on hard. Seems impossible to lose. Probably took me 1 minute tops. Good for spam but not much else. But apparently by killing 3 transports I “saved the Empire!”

COL Phalk Sturm



Someone defined this the McDonald's of all missions, and it couldn't be more accurate. Plotless, plays by itself. Absolutely nonsensical to try but to complete the fastest mission in the compendium with a chance of 0% failure. Just fodder, but then again, a mission all SP players will probably fly eventually.

LCM Hopfot



I give it a 2 for the casual gamer, though for a challange it's really only a 1 or a 0.5
A nice little battle if you want to just want to quickly blow up not completely defensless rebels. I mean, they can pew pew back.... a little.




This was another oddball mission. It's incredibly short. You literally just spawn in and kill two muurian transports with your torpedoes. If you don't kill them, they die anyway so it's basically impossible to lose. There's nothing else to say about it really.

CPT Aval



A utter and complete waste of time! Unless you are in need of a FREE mission that can be completed with your eyes closed and little intervention. The Star Destroyer or your wingmen can finish the mission on their own, but as long as you get some shots on the target you get a score.

AD Phoenix Berkana



Quite seriously a mission that took longer to copy to my hard drive than complete.
3 Murian Transports attacking a Star Destroyer is not a fair fight, you can blink and miss it and and no point are you actually under attack or threat. Stick it on hard and you'll cruise to a reasonably high score with no issues whatsoever.

CPT Wildfire



This mission was probably a great introduction to creating a custom mission. And a great introduction to loading and playing a custom mission. However the actual content of the custom mission was extremely lacking. The mission is just destroy three MUTR that are flying around. If you want a good score, do it before your friends get the kill shots. There is no substance and should be retired from the compendium.

RA Colo Delste



Free point and a simple one to knock over for an RTF/ReMob type event where you want quick and easy. The McDonald's of missions. What can I say the other reviews haven't? Super fast, some bugs (that don't break the mission), guaranteed 80%+ of HS if you fly on Hard and manage to kill the MUTRs yourself.

HA Turtle Jerrar



Junk mission, and pretty much a waste of time. It really takes longer to install than it does to fly it. Destroy three MUTRs with ordnance... done. I flew it with EHSP installed as indicated, and it seems like to the first MUTR was destroyed by proximity to the SSD, so it's also potentially bugged. SSD has fighter orders. The only redeeming quality here is the free FCHG point.

LC andr3



If you flying this for a competition: great! Three rockets can finish the battle in a couple of seconds. So let us try making it a speed. If you are playing it looking for sophisticated mission design on the other hand....

FA Pickled Yoda



The only thing in this mission that's of even slight interest is at the meta-level - it's the easiest mission to get close to the high score for almost no effort in the entire battle center. Having the only opposition be 3 MUTR is dumb, having an SSD with fighter orders is dumb, spawning everything so close together is dumb... I actually had to fly this 3 times (accidentally flew on medium, then had my BSF rejected as being identical to the last time I flew it because there's so little variation in how it plays out) and was still done within 3 minutes.

COL TheBlackxRanger



this is a very very quick battle. take out the murian trans freighters as soon as you laod the mission. one will be flying right for the ISD, which doesnt really matter because the ISD has a lot of health points. once theyre taken out, thats it! missions over

CPT Witchblade



I do not know where to begin, the Dorja series is very simple but good practise for loading custom missions. This particular battle has you destroying some transports and nothing more, which can be done in under a minute.

I mean what is there to say. Go kill a minimal number of ships and call it a day. Very easy mission. There literally is nothing to do. This may be the easiest mission I've ever played in TIE Fighter.

CPT TI-40026



On the positive side, this served as an easy 'tutorial' mission on how to get TIE set up for custom battles. That's unfortunately the extent of positivity - it takes about 15 seconds and gives a good giggle when you 'save the empire' by destroying two transports. I was able to complete with 0 setup of keybinds.

LC Solohan50



I played on Easy. This was another extremely short missions. Your goal is to kill 4 turreted ships, that's about it. I've spent longer writing this review than I did playing the mission. It's good for points, not much else.

MAJ Wreckage



Super easy mission. I guess if you never flown a mission this one would be a decent one to start to see how the process is to do a mission. But don't blink, because it will be over before you know it.

LT LouisdeFuines



Very boring mission. Won`t fly again.

VA Robert Hogan



Echoing what's already been said here, this mission is ridiculously easy. The only objective is destroying a few transports, so there's not much you have to (or can) do. This was the first time I had played the TIE Fighter game and even then was a piece of cake. Easy FCHG point, but wouldn't recommend it for enjoyment in the least.

GN Doyon



As everyone pointed out, most likely the easiest mission you can play here. It's ridiculous. Saving the Empire by killing 3 MUTR Transports that are attacking an ISD? That's genious.

RA Genie



Everyone was talking about this mission on Discord. On how it was simple, fast etc etc. I must say, even though it takes a grand total of 30 seconds to complete it, all those 30 seconds are a waste of time. Fly this only if you are a completionist, otherwise just stay away. A well deserved 0 out of 5. Worthless.

GN Silwar Naiilo



Perfect mission to play on a simulator while piloting your TIE/IN.

HA Anahorn Dempsey



Way too easy. You start way too close to a starship under attack by a handful of transports (?). Kill all three, and mission won. This is a bad example of a free mission. Free missions should have a little ingenuity and take a little effort to win. This one was over before I realized I'd started....

SL Alejandro Araujo



Well I have to be honest here. From a certain point of view, it could be considered as silly since you just kill a couple MUTRs and that's pretty much all about it. Quick FCHG points if you would. However on its defense, let me state that if we are to be 'realistic' somehow, then sometimes missions doesn't have to be complicated or large battles, sometimes it is routine work like this one. On the tactical side, I don't get who on its right mind would use two MUTRs to hit one SSD unless you've got an ace up your sleeve - which could have been a nice touch for this mission. Another issue is the SSD doesn't fire back at the transports and you just jump in from hyperspace I mean , doesn't the mighty SSD Executor have fighters on its own at any given time? so 2/5 for this.

LC Tempest



Shouldn't even be on the compendium.

GN Master



Meh, quick FCHG point.

COL Rau Aznable



This mission shouldn't even be here! It's too fast, you can even complete it by doing nothing. You just get there and see 3 transports get powned. If a medal was given for creating a mission back in those days, then making something like this is the lazy way to get it.

CM Strahl



All I can say is easy. You against three ships that don't fight back and are slower than a space slug. On top of that you have two wingmen and they're TIE Defenders! Thanks for the easy points, Dorja.

LC Guthwulf



This is one of those, I havent flown T/F in years and I want to brush up on how to play kind of missions. Very easy indeed, kill 3 craft and go home.

LC Curtis



easy would be a understatement this is about 15 seconds

MAJ Erryc Lasitter



Ummm...I'll give it a rating of the FCHG Points it is worth...1. Hehe.

CPT Dujhod



There are a grand total of three flight groups (ten craft) in this mission. The object: use torpedoes to destroy the three enemy MUTRs. Did I mention that they don't shoot back?

LT Arwyn Fox



I laughed when I finished this one in the first 20 - 30 seconds of flying. "You have saved the Empire!"... by destroying 3 tugs? :P

COL Jacob Van Nowak



LIke I always say if its a easy FCHG point it always gets above a 1, unless it just stinks

LT Satariel



Blah! Veeeeryyy easy... For me the easiest mission I've ever flown... I think the note is too high but there is no less... :PP

CM Nic Rety



This was an extremely easy and lame mission. Quick FCHG point is all it is

AD Troutrooper



This is by far the lamest FTIE ive ever flown. The primary goals are completed way too fast and then there's nothing else to do. It's a quick FCHG point, but a very good point.

Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Mission: 16,987 HA Anahorn Dempsey 2014-07-09

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 16,987 HA Anahorn Dempsey 2014-07-09
2 16,987 LC Tempest 2015-04-24
3 16,987 FA Pickled Yoda 2017-10-01
4 16,987 CPT Witchblade 2022-06-24
5 16,987 CM scottrick 2023-06-13
6 16,927 LC Brandon 2003-03-30
7 16,787 LT Malcolm Howard 2002-11-19
8 16,787 MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana 2023-06-17
9 16,787 MAJ Alexandre Morgan 2023-06-18
10 16,687 LCM Mateusz 2003-07-03

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 382 pilots a total of 468 times.

GN Abel Malik - 2004-08-15

LT Abhay Alok - 2003-09-03

COL Absolut Vodka


LC Ace Hobbes

CPT Achim Schwarick

CPT Adam Szydlowski

COL Adrenaline

LT Adrian Tepes

COL Aeishline Strathaven

LCM Aero Slasher

CPT Ahkliat

CPT Akhil Thantos

SL Alejandro Araujo - 17 times, last on 2023-06-30

LCM Alexandr III Biges

MAJ Alexandre Morgan - 2023-06-18

MAJ Algaron Xerves

CPT Alimet

SL Alphafoxtrot1 - 2004-09-09

LT Alpharius Omegon - 2022-07-08

HA Anahorn Dempsey - 7 times, last on 2022-07-09

LC andr3 - 2022-06-15

LT Andreev Anton

CM Andrelious J. Inahj - 2004-08-03

CM Andrew Strinder

COL Angel - 2004-09-11

CM Anthony Starr

CPT APanasyuk

AD Apophis Kuma - 2002-12-12

MAJ Arathar

CM Arcanix - 2003-07-16

COL Archangel - 2004-08-27

LCM Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov

CM Arlins Scabo - 2003-06-27

LT Arwyn Fox

CPT Asen Starlancer - 2022-10-01

COL Astarosta

CPT Aval - 3 times, last on 2022-10-10

CPT Avantar

LCM Avenger

LT Axis Rivkahson

LC Azazel

VA Azazel Djo'Tarr

CM Banger

LCM BBtank

CM Bearstyle

COL Beef

CM Benjamin Colley

LT Bester

LCM Bevel Lemelisk

LCM Bigron

COL Bilbo

CM Bizzare

MAJ Black Revenge

CM Blade

LCM Bob-Fett

MAJ Bobxavi

CM Bonzo

MAJ Brad Tack

VA Brakka

LC Brandon - 2003-03-30

GN Brian - 2004-09-05

COL Brucmack

FA Brukhar

MAJ Bryan

CM Cahir

LT Calista FairBright - 2003-11-13

COL Carl Lost

CPT Chaos Angel

COL Chei-Ras

LT Chrusos Ichthys

LCM Clarg Zethman - 2005-04-12

RA Colo Delste - 3 times, last on 2022-06-15

SA Compton

Corran Force

SL Corran Horn

LC Curtis

MAJ Da'emon Narshay

LCM Damien Warchild

HA Daniel Bonini - 2004-09-03

LC Daniel Kamprath

MAJ Daniel Klivian

CM Daniel Russell - 2004-08-30

COL Daniel Stephens

LCM Dano Fado - 2004-07-17

CM Darius Hunter - 2004-09-11

COL Dark Angel

CM Dark Archon

LT Dark Scorpius


AD Darksaber

LT DarkSnake - 2004-06-14

CPT Darkstar

CPT Darky

Darth Vader

LCM Daukern Fost

MAJ David

CM Daviriv Rracall

CM Dawurm

GN Dax Corrin - 2004-09-14

LC Death

CPT Death Angel - 2002-12-29

LCM Dekar Jansen - 2021-10-05


MAJ Deleted Member - 2003-01-05

CPT Demon Yoda

MAJ DemWookieeCheeks - 2022-06-22

CPT Devlin

LC Diaboli

COL Dirty Vader

LT Dorja

GN Doyon - 2020-09-05

COL Drak - 2003-06-26

COL Dras Hempor


CPT Dujhod

CM Dukimar

GN Dunta Polo - 2009-07-13

LCM Dupuy

CPT Dweezil

COL E. Tarkin

GN Earnim Branet - 2018-06-03

CPT Egg'Foo

GN Elwood the Brave - 3 times, last on 2024-05-23

HA Ender mBind

MAJ Erryc Lasitter

MAJ Eugene

LCM Executor

CM Fahrer - 2005-04-05

CPT Fallien Skull

AD Figaro

COL Firebird

COL Fireclaw

CPT Firzam Coldsteel - 2004-09-07

MAJ Flelm

COL Flint Darkstar - 2005-06-03

LC Florian

SL Fondor

GN Ford Prefect

RA fr0Zen - 4 times, last on 2023-09-24

CPT Frenchie6 - 2021-05-16

HA Frodo March - 2003-01-16

CM Furious George

LCM Gabo Steele

LCM Gaius Gracchus

COL Gallows

CPT Gavin Dahl

FA Gelton Torr - 2004-09-06

LC Gen Es'mith - 2003-07-30

RA Genie - 4 times, last on 2022-06-18

AD Gidda

GN Gilad Pelleaon

GN Golbez Harvey - 2005-05-23

LC Guthwulf

COL Gyssler

COL Gytheran - 2022-09-03

COL Hades

AD Hav Antiel - 2017-09-21

COL Hawkins - 2015-05-01

LT Hera Storm - 2024-03-14

MAJ Hermann - 2005-02-01

COL Highlander - 2022-07-10

LC Honsou - 2022-07-12

LCM Hopfot - 2022-06-27

MAJ Hunter

CPT Iam Thinking - 2 times, last on 2024-05-04

CPT Isabis Kamaria - 2023-06-25

COL Ixion Deathbringer

LT Jaccr Crais


COL Jacob Van Nowak

CM Jague Philu

CM Jamiek - 2003-04-12

VA Jan Wemmel

LC Janich

CPT Jaster Sadista

AD Jeff 'Tiger' Loruss

COL Jer Stryker - 2004-09-19

FA John T. Clark

SL Jonathan

MAJ Jonathan

FA Jorddyn

CPT Julian Clary

LC Kadon Beir - 2004-09-05

CM Kahooli - 2003-02-20

GN Kaisin Mirtez

MAJ Kale

CPT Kaneda Pellail

CM Karce

MAJ Kazraran - 2022-03-02

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2022-06-25

MAJ Keiran

CM Kell

LC Kenath Zoron - 2003-01-24

SL Ketan-Shej - 2004-06-24

FA Khadgar

LCM Kieran Yoyo - 2 times, last on 2024-05-15

LC Kodiak Kereban

LT Kosh

VA Ky Terrak

LC Kyle Kroan - 2013-01-01

MAJ Landon Cruise - 2014-02-17

SL Lazarus

ST Legion Ordo - 2022-02-10

LC Linkan

VA Locke Setzer - 2 times, last on 2024-05-13

LCM Lordhelmet

LCM Lordhelmet

LT LouisdeFuines - 2020-11-20

CM LQC-75-3 - 2022-06-15

LCM Ludovicus Gallorum - 2023-09-21

LCM MacCredu

LT Malcolm Howard - 2002-11-19

CPT Marc Kendoran

FA Marcin Szydlowski

COL Marconius

CPT Marcus Constantine Augustus III

GN Mark Schueler - 5 times, last on 2021-10-01

CPT Mark Stephenson

GN Master

LCM Mateusz - 2003-07-03

CM Matthew Weeks - 2013-09-15

CM Matti Kuokkanen

LT Mauler Mithel - 2004-11-16

MAJ Mauser

MAJ Mawy

CM Max - 2004-08-17

LT Max Danzig

Mayk Wolverine

CM Miackus

MAJ Michael

LC Michael Emrys

CM Michael LeRoy - 2016-09-20

COL Mini Minkus

LT Mirei Seppen - 2002-11-22

COL Moagim Daar

CPT Mordred Pendragon

MAJ Morgoth - 2 times, last on 2022-07-12

LCM Mulder - 2002-12-12

LC Murad Ibn Mark

COL Nav'ric Trow

CM Neko - 3 times, last on 2021-05-18

LCM Nemesis

CM Neo Rising

LCM Nergal

CM Nic Rety

COL Nightmare

LC Nile Rosenau

CPT Ninj Prefect - 2003-06-29


CM Nova Discordia - 2022-11-03

COL Nurel Turr

RA Nutrientman

LCM Oorl Quygg

COL Osan'gar

FA Pellaeon

HA Pete Mitchell - 2 times, last on 2018-06-01

COL Phalk Sturm - 2 times, last on 2022-06-29

COL Phantom

CM Phantom

AD Phoenix Berkana - 5 times, last on 2022-06-24

FA Pickled Yoda - 6 times, last on 2022-06-15

HA Plif - 2 times, last on 2018-06-03

CPT Predator

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

LC Quincy Nelson

MAJ RacerX710

CM Raistline Majere

LCM Ranger

AD Ranthier Khaen

COL Rau Aznable - 2004-09-08

AD Reaper

LCM Reb Crush

MAJ RedTaz

CM Regis Knox

LCM Renorion

LC Repulsor - 3 times, last on 2016-06-03

CPT Ric Gravin

GN Ric Hunter

COL Ricardo

MAJ RichyV - 2 times, last on 2009-02-08

VA Robert Hogan - 2020-09-15

CPT Roger

CM Rondo

LT Roth

CM Roulex - 2003-03-22

CPT Rover

MAJ Ryan Chi'Cath - 2003-07-02

LT Ryan Tribal

CPT Saadam

CPT Saar

Sanson en Carlsberg - 2009-10-09

LT Satariel

COL Sauron

CM Sauron Tarrke

LC Savageaz - 2003-10-10

CM Schitzo

COL Scoser

CM scottrick - 2023-06-13

CM Scud

LC Scuslem - 2004-09-06

CM Sergeyli - 2009-08-03

CM Serin Jansj - 2005-02-15

LC Seth Crimson

CM Shadow

COL Shae Kitane

LCM Sharpthief

COL Shawshank

CPT Shimir Sheerelk

COL Shups

CM Sidian

GN Silwar Naiilo - 7 times, last on 2024-05-01

LCM Sirion - 2004-07-19

SL Snake

LC Solohan50 - 3 times, last on 2023-06-17

MAJ Sparky - 2015-06-02

CM Spearhawk

LCM Stark Rhavyn

LT Starwolf

AD Stele Pellaeon

CM Strahl

HA Striker

COL Stuart - 2004-12-23

CM Szymon

COL Tad Taliesin

CM Talon Drear

LC Tempest - 2 times, last on 2015-04-24

LC Thaas Pobyn

COL TheBlackxRanger - 7 times, last on 2023-06-17

LC Thorn - 2003-01-02

CM Thunder

CPT TI-40026 - 2021-10-03

CM Tigurius


CPT Tiran Marr - 2022-07-15

LC Tissaya Argat - 2003-02-17

AD TK-2107 - 2004-07-26

COL TK-7764

COL Todbringer

COL Torres

GN Triji Boliv

AD Tron

AD Troutrooper

LC Turr Phennir - 2003-09-02

HA Turtle Jerrar - 2022-06-17

CPT Tvan'Oris

LC Tygra Shadowclaw

LCM Uriel K'rrden

LCM Valjean - 2003-07-13

CM Varik Kassal - 2022-11-27

LCM Vbehrends

SL Vexan

FA Viper Pred - 2005-04-26

CM Vitaru - 2009-02-08

LT Von Kaiser

CPT Von Predator

LT Wade Finley

CPT Wap Eal

COL Wes Janson

COL Westric Davalorn - 6 times, last on 2024-05-01

GN Wil Striker

CPT Wildfire - 2022-06-24

COL William Waffennass

CPT Witchblade - 4 times, last on 2024-05-19

VA Wlodek

COL Wolly

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 3 times, last on 2023-06-17

COL Wraithdog - 2015-06-16

MAJ Wreckage - 3 times, last on 2021-10-02

COL Wysseri Arestar

CM Xanatos Screed - 2003-05-28

FA Xavier Sienar

CPT Xura Verr

MAJ Xye - 2021-03-27

SL Zekiel Masters

COL Zeth Durron

MAJ Zhaim Jifarr

COL Zorn Starn

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

HA Zsinj

CPT Zyrax - 2003-09-28

COL Zystem Fryar

Required patches

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle