XvT-TC 6: Wolf Pack Aggression

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
Missions: 6
Release date: 2000-05-28
Last updated: 2009-02-22

COL Klick Sabre

Average rating: 3.5
Reviews: 26
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 476
Patches used
  • EH Ship Patch for XvT
  • Battle Reviews

    Really cool set of missions. The second to last mission was kind of weird because the disabled cruiser got destroyed somehow and I still don't know why. The other missions all were pretty cool. I liked throwing in the Millenium Falcon and the fact you had to inspect it. Just a random little bit that was awesome. I shouldn't have let him get away though. Could've saved a lot of family drama later on.

    COL Genie



    Some bad design things happening. Like the Strike Cruiser you are trying to capture, once captured it then tries to hyperspace through your ISD, which in one instance killed it. There are quite a few things like that in this one forcing my hand to downgrade it to a 2.

    CPT Solohan50



    I played on Easy. This set of missions wasn't bad, but it didn't excel either. It was mostly just a bunch of big dogfights with a little bit of capital ship destroying thrown into the mix.

    COL Phalk Sturm



    A decent battle with better missions than briefings. Player will have several fighters in each mission allowing different approaches and replayability. However some missions were insufficient in terms of offensive payload, turning things somewhat tedious whenever all craft had depleted their invetories. However, dogfightings were interesting and except some missions with poor tactical sound, this mission is perfectly eligible for some points in the FCHG and some entertainment for 30 minutes or so

    CM andr3



    flying an x-wing for reconnaissance among rebels w/o the being immediately targeted while han solo crashes the falcon into a factory and thus makes you loose the mission because we all know this is not how he died?

    AD John T. Clark



    A decent mission with an average storyline.
    Good is that the possible craft selections in most missions are very well chosen and allow the possibility to fly every mission a couple of times in different roles. I think the downside is that a couple of missions aren't completely well balanced. With missile armed enemies in larger numbers making it quite hard to stay alive as the AI flightmembers tend to die very quick.
    Plus getting through the fourth mission took quite a number of replays for me, and that was a little frustrating, making me want to abandon the battle.

    LCM Danel



    Good battle, sometimes very easy ,sometimes very hard, specially the recco mission with the X-W and the last mission.Few missiles for the Rebels and sometimes double for the Imperials.Also, only of the presents capital ships the VSD must have Concussion Missiles launchers.No Missiles launchers for ISDs,CRvs,CRSs and Platforms.But in general a well balanced battle with a good plot.

    MAJ Fox Malloy



    Wow. Great mission. The plot was very good, and the actual combt was even better. Good for seasoned vets. Great work!

    LT Wenton Chan



    I agree with many of the reviewers here; the battle was well balanced and perfect for Veteran fliers. Difficult, but possible to complete with one try.

    LCM Luca Fett



    I found this battle to be a great example of mission design. The missions where well driven, as well as the story line. No bugs and challenging. Congratulations to ht designer.

    SL Jagged Fel



    Everyone seems to love this mission, but I think its just fairly good. I did like the way you could pick between bombing and assisting, but the story line was a little boring. Plus, it was too easy!!!!

    SL A.J "Tainer" Brown



    Fantastic Battle, I really enjoyed doing this as my first battle. I loved taking out the capital ships and installations. I can also say I destroyed the Millenium Falcon!

    HA Ender mBind



    Not a bad battle if at times not too easy. (Often I noticed i had still quite some waves left at the end) But the story is good, its a change to capture a CRS for once instead of destroying it and there were some excellent bombing runs... 1 thing on the last mission: if the briefing says just destroy those 2 platforms its weird to see the goals say something different.... but that's no biggy: you get loads of HRs anyway>:)

    AD Adren Silvori



    Was a good battle but it needed a small element of suprise and the grey wolf needed to help out abit i though but nice story and decent missions !

    SL Kitten-claw



    Well, i found this battle fun, but challenging. Congrats to the Designer! LT Robot

    SL Stvg



    Not to bad but again the flight orders let the missions down

    CM Zack Amberam



    Nice Battle..

    LT Robot



    Well, i found this battle fun, but challenging. Congrats to the Designer!

    CM The_Z



    OK, good plot and such, but cap ships with starfighter orders? C'mon ppl!

    CPT Cmr Brown



    The missions were set in a very odd order. Some problems occured when selecting other craft to fly, mostly anything TIE related. The strength and smarts of the enemy AI was always stronger than allied forces. The set objectives of the allied forces were too incomplete to show intelligence in critical points of the missions.

    GA Cyric



    A fairly easy battle. It is a little upsetting to see the starships attacking their own fighers though. All in all a good story line and great idea.

    MAJ TopDawg



    It had a great plot, but it was poorly put together. The starships started jumping around, attacking TIE Fighters because they had bad orders. And in the first mission, I wound up destroying my own GUNs because they were going to destroy the CRS, which is against mission parameters. Also, it crashed my game after the 4th mission was completed.

    CPT DarkAlpha



    Great story! Great missions!

    VA Azazel Djo'Tarr



    CM Reza



    Good battle. Pure strike. My kind of missions. Except for a few flaws in the first mission its great. Hats off to you Klick.

    LCM Keiran Bastra



    Superb battle! I very much enjoyed taking out the VSD in the last mission! Top notch!

    Battle Bug Reports

    GN Dunta Polo


    Mission 2: SHU Comm crashes into the CRS Freedom. T/F Odin crash into ESC Tango at the start of the mission. Mission 3: PLT Repair and the EH corvettes have starfighter orders.

    High Scores

    Battle Total: 869,712 COL Brucmack
    Mission 1: 117,530 CM BlackHellKnight
    Mission 2: 119,700 LCM Tron
    Mission 3: 154,100 COL Brucmack
    Mission 4: 200,174 COL Brucmack
    Mission 5: 99,812 CM BlackHellKnight
    Mission 6: 191,670 COL Brucmack

    Top Ten

    (Submissions since 2010)

    1 410,492 GN Dunta Polo 2009-03-11
    2 387,194 MAJ Tuba 2011-06-11
    3 384,736 LT Dav Aosiz 2009-08-03
    4 379,060 LT Zeek Doinds 2009-08-18
    5 378,746 FA Conker Blackwood 2009-09-07
    6 377,910 AD Hav Antiel 2018-05-28
    7 376,936 GN Anahorn Dempsey 2015-02-26
    8 375,666 GN Golbez Harvey 2019-11-29
    9 372,859 GN Mark Schueler 2017-06-13
    10 371,405 MAJ Hermann 2020-09-09

    Battle Completion Statistics

    This battle has been flown by 459 pilots a total of 474 times.

    GN Abel Malik

    MAJ Ace

    LCM Ache Nu

    CPT Achim Schwarick

    CPT Adam Szydlowski

    AD Adren Silvori

    MAJ Aft Skylek

    CPT Ahkliat

    MAJ Aidan Pryde

    SL Airamags

    CPT Akhil Thantos

    LCM Alan

    LC Alec Qarni

    LC Alejandro Araujo

    AD Alex Foley

    CPT Alsdyr

    LC Ambar Kilick

    GN Anahorn Dempsey - 10 times, last on 2021-01-02

    CM andr3 - 2021-09-07

    CM Andrelious J. Inahj

    LT Andrew

    COL Andrijas

    GN Andrzej Mezynski

    COL Angel

    AD Apophis Kuma

    MAJ Arathar

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    MAJ Blair Vallyn

    MAJ Bobxavi

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    MAJ Brat Stone

    LC Brin Chaser

    COL Brucmack

    FA Brukhar

    MAJ Bryan

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    LT Cadoo Toca

    COL Calias

    MAJ Caltin Doros

    MAJ Calvin Senzin

    COL Carl Lost

    CPT Carren "Angel" Hiles

    LT Castor Troy

    CPT Chaos Angel

    LCM Cho Leed

    LC Choosh

    LCM Chris

    LC Chris Cox

    LT Chrusos Ichthys

    CPT Cmr Brown

    LT Cody BlackStar

    CPT Con Selar

    SL Condar Freed

    FA Conker Blackwood - 2009-09-07

    GN Coranel Both

    MAJ Coremy Jertese

    COL CrimsonFury

    CPT Crovax

    CPT CTXclr

    LC Curtis

    LT Cyborg

    GA Cyric

    COL Czulvang Lah

    COL D. T. Hammer

    CPT Daar Skeloria

    LCM DaGer

    LC Daisuke Airyu

    CPT Damarcus

    CPT Damon Kast

    LCM Danel

    LT Danest Scopor

    LC Daniel Kamprath

    AD Daniel Licinius Trajanus

    CM Dark Archon

    CPT DarkAlpha

    COL DarkC

    COL Darklord

    CPT Darkstar

    Darth Vader

    CM Dash Rendar

    LT Dav Aosiz - 2009-08-03

    COL Davi Anthol

    GN Dax Corrin

    CPT Deamon

    LC Death

    CM Death Knight

    MAJ Delak Krennel

    LCM Demitri Zanquan

    LC Dengar March

    CM Derek

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    MAJ Devin Taralis

    LCM Dion Ellis

    LCM Dirk Dredd

    COL Dirty Vader

    LC Dolsar Saris

    COL Drak

    CPT Drake Starfire - 2017-02-20

    COL Drako

    COL Dras Hempor

    LCM Drax Remlinger

    LT Draxx


    LCM Duad Bombarda

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    CM Dukimar

    COL Duncan Idaho

    GN Dunta Polo - 2 times, last on 2013-10-14

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    COL Genie - 2021-10-24

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    GN Golbez Harvey - 2019-11-29

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    AD Hav Antiel - 2018-05-28

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    COL Malidir - 2 times, last on 2009-02-08

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    GN Mark Schueler - 2017-06-13

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    GN Master - 2009-05-17

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    LT Nathan Cole - 2016-10-18

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    LCM Rin Jaeger - 2020-08-17

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    AD Troutrooper

    MAJ Tuba - 2011-06-11

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    LCM Tyrian - 2009-02-08

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    LCM Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2 times, last on 2022-01-31

    COL Woobee

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    CPT Xura Verr

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    MAJ Z'Harm Kelh Gasu'lk

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    LT Zantor

    LT Zeek Doinds - 2009-08-18

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    COL Zeth Durron

    LCM Zhil

    LT Zidane

    COL Zorn Starn

    VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

    HA Zsinj

    COL Zystem Fryar

    Readme for Wolf Pack Agression
    Title: Wolf Pack Agression
    Missions: 6
    Game Platform: X Wing vs TIE Fighter
    Author: FL/CM Klick Sabre/Tartarus 2-1/Wing XIII/ISD Grey Wolf
    Required patches
    * EH Ship Patch for XvT
    Installation instructions
    1] Make sure you have the EH Ship Patch for XvT installed
    4] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
    5] Check the Misc folder in your XvT one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
    6] Press the X-wing vs TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
    7] Create a new pilot and fly the Imperial training missions
    Rear Admiral Cyric sat at his desk reading over a load of reports which had been handed to him earlier on. He stopped reading the reports when a beeping from his personnel encoded holocommunicator, indicating that someone was trying to call him. He answered the call, and saw Grand Admiral Ronin standing in full holo, 
    	"Hello Cyric," the Grand Admiral said.
    	"Hello Sir," replied Cyric
    	"I have a mission for you. I am always wanting to expand the amount of ships that are in the Emperor's Hammer, and my informatives tell me that a Rebel Cruiser, known as the Freedom is undergoing repairs. I want that Cruiser to add to the fleet, and I have decided to put you in charge of capturing it, good luck. I will enclose the location of the cruiser at the end of this transmission."
    Cyric called LC Woobee to his office, 
    	"Woobee, plan an assault on a Mon Calamari Cruiser, I want it captured!"
    	"Yes Sir!"
    Within hours, the Grey Wolf had dumped it's squadrons on to the Escort Carrier Tango, (an Ingenious plan made by LC Woobee). The Tango was oon its way to the Rebel cruiser already...
    I accept no respnosibility for anything that happens to your computer when playing this battle, not that anything should happen, my computer still works!
    Klick Sabre