TIE-TC 30: Save the Emperors Archives

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 4
Release date: 1996-07-22
Last updated: 2014-12-30

COL Renegade

Average rating 3.0
Reviews: 16
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 534
Patches used: None
Medal of Archives
Battle Medal:
Medal of Archives

Battle Reviews

RA Genie




COL Highlander



Actually this was a very fun battle, I only had the game to crash one time, mission 4 was a bit tough for me but enjoyable

COL TheBlackxRanger



Pretty straight forward battle to save the archives. Mostly shuttle defense and escort missions, take care of those pesky a-wings! Definitely recommended

LC Solohan50



I played on Medium except for Mission 4, which I played on Easy. These missions are a mixed bag but, overall, the Battle is pretty lackluster. The entire premise of this Battle is to protect shuttles carrying the Emperor's Archives. The issue is that protecting them is trivial (except for Mission 4) in most of the missions. One of the missions doesn't even require you to keep the shuttles alive. Most of the missions have the shuttles hyperspace out incredibly quickly and they were never in any danger. Missions 1-3 are a breeze and then Mission 4 is really tough, in stark contrast to the rest of the missions. I think this could definitely be rated higher if some more polish had been put on it.

LCM Lo Mar



Generally a well-constructed battle. The story is not the most ambitious, guarding the Emperor's archives in a transfer, but it's executed really well. The mission arc is believable, and each mission is in that sweet spot of driving the story forward without being incremental. The missions themselves, while not too long or complex, are generally well designed too.

LC SkyShadow



A well laid out 4 mission battle based on the plot of protecting the Emperor's archives. I found the missions briefings to be rather fast paced and to the point, though they served their purpose and I found the officer reports to be extremely casual and added very little to the story line. The plot unfolds well enough across the missions which are pretty basic and easy to complete. Mission four is probably the hardest of the bunch and will require a closer watch on your mission objectives.

GN Jarek La’an



This battle provides an easy opportunity for additional FCHG with little in the way of real challenge, even at higher difficulty levels. The first missions is fairly tedious, due to a lengthy dogfight, which is somewhat mitigated by the rapidity of missions 2 and 3 to complete. Mission 4 is not particularly challenging, as long as the SHU is closely protected. The battle as a whole can be completed in under 30 minutes, with no gameplay issues or apparent bugs.

AD Impulse



Very easy battle, even on HARD dificulty. Poor briefings and questions. No critical bugs tho.
Only the Emperor himself knows how the transports became shuttles between missions 1 and 2.
Patrol craft with starfighter behavior is not good. Missions lack plot twists and some additional events to 'kill the all' action. Only the last mission gives you some small challenge.

HA Anahorn Dempsey



Poorly designed. Half the time, saving the archives isn't even a goal, and you're stuck destroying enemy fighters while your cargo craft are long gone. It's also funny how 4 ETRs in mission 1 turn into 2 SHU in mission 4. And of course, the one mission where they do get attacked you get the lame SHU to protect against a quartet of A-wings....

CM Serin Jansj



Overall, this battle was decent. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. There really isn't any sort of plot besides the vague notion of important cargo, but the missions seem to get better as they go along, and the last one was very fun and quick moving.

LC Gen Es'mith



Challenging goals in some, but achievable by most. I'd say an excellent comp battle.

CPT Cmr Brown



This battle had a poor mission design. None of the critical craft in any of the battles were in any danger. Even worse, your forces would be excellent in combat to the point where it was humiliating to try and fly yourself. Other than that, the story/plot behind the battle was a little better, not to mention the overall succession of the missions to provide some interesting points.

AD Krax Tarnisar



Not an overall bad mission. The storyline makes up for some of the battle weaknesses that my fellow pilots have mentioned.

LT Zekk Terrik



It was craptacular. It possessed absolutely no storyline whatsoever, and what they tell you in the briefing doesn't correspond with the actual mission objectives. All you do in this battle is blow crap up, and the only reason I give it a 2 is because I like blowing crap up. Otherwise, it deserves a 1.




I't alright but it's too easy! no fighters target the shuttles until misson 4! it's just too easy for my taste!

COL Woobee



A good battle, and bug free. Tidy story and well constructed gameplay. Definately worth your while.

Battle Bug Reports

LC andr3


Mission 3 is prone to crashing the game.

High Scores

Battle Total: 207,175 CPT Night Grue
Mission 1: 36,504 MAJ Mauser 2015-06-21
Mission 2: 54,669 VA Philo
Mission 3: 85,719 COL Zystem Fryar
Mission 4: 50,977 VA Philo

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 195,617 HA Daniel Bonini 2003-12-10
2 191,575 LC Rando 2019-04-29
3 168,504 LCM Marlin 2005-05-07
4 159,890 AD Impulse 2019-08-10
5 158,845 RA Genie 2022-06-29
6 138,791 HA Plif 2017-03-26
7 137,758 COL Dirty Vader 2004-06-06
8 136,163 CPT SL8c8 2019-10-25
9 135,795 LC Diaboli 2005-01-22
10 117,113 MAJ Mauser 2015-06-21

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 485 pilots a total of 530 times.

GN Abel Malik - 2005-02-17


CM Ace

LC Ace Hobbes

CPT Achim Schwarick

CPT Adam Szydlowski

COL Adrenaline

LT Adrian Tepes

LT Aenyc Kreahyde

MAJ Aeolus - 2003-06-01

CM Agace

CPT Ahkliat

MAJ Aidan Pryde

SL Airamags - 2003-09-10

LC AJ421

LT Al Fuller

MAJ Aldaric - 2018-06-06

LC Alec Qarni - 2003-08-17

SL Alejandro Araujo - 2019-10-30

LCM Aleksey Chugunov - 2003-09-20

LCM Alexandr III Biges

CPT Alexi Stukov - 2003-12-02

MAJ Algaron Xerves

CPT Alimet

HA Anahorn Dempsey - 11 times, last on 2021-05-12

CM Anakin

LC andr3 - 2021-08-09

LT Andreev Anton

LT Andrew

CM Andrew

GN Andrzej Mezynski

COL Angel

LT Annihilator

CM Anthony Starr

CPT APanasyuk

AD Apophis Kuma

CM Aragorn

MAJ Arathar

CM Arcanix

COL Archangel - 2004-08-27

FA Arcon Telf

LC Ardeth Mordor

MAJ Arid Foxtrot

CM Arion Sunrider

CM Armagon - 2003-12-09

CM Arne Saknussem

COL Arso Slyth

AD Arthak Rhade

CM Arti

LT Arvel Crynyd - 2003-01-01

COL Astin

CPT Atmos Myremod - 2002-12-18

CPT Aval - 2019-08-18

CPT Avantar

CM Ayudanter de la Clars

LC Azazel

VA Azazel Djo'Tarr

CPT Badger

CPT Badlan

LCM Bebop

COL Beef - 2003-10-13

LCM Bernie

LC Big Poppa K

COL Bilbo

CM Billy Taldrya - 2003-05-16

CM Bizzare

CM Blade

LT Blitzdeath

CM Bonzo

CM Boston

VA Brakka

LC Brandon

CPT Bret K'thraz

GN Brian

LCM Brian Klem

LC Brin Chaser

COL Brucmack

FA Brukhar - 2004-07-04

LCM Brunon von Doom - 2003-03-21

MAJ Bryan

COL Calias

COL Callista

MAJ Caltin Doros

MAJ Calvin Senzin

COL Carl Lost

LT Castor Troy

LCM Charlie X - 2020-03-29

COL Chei-Ras

LC Chris McCollum

LCM Clarg Zethman - 2005-04-12

CPT Cmr Brown

LCM Cochrane

RA Colo Delste - 2021-05-12

SA Compton

CPT Con Selar

FA Conker Blackwood - 2009-12-07

GN Coranel Both - 2 times, last on 2018-06-02

Corran Force

CPT Corran Halcyon

SL Corran Horn

CM Cracoucas

MAJ Cray Mikalen

MAJ CrazyR2

COL CrimsonFury - 2005-01-23

CPT Crovax

CPT Crowe

LC Curtis

MAJ Da'emon Narshay

CPT Dagger

LC Daisuke Airyu

LCM Dall Star

COL Dan Malaktos

HA Daniel Bonini - 2003-12-10

LC Daniel Kamprath

MAJ Daniel Klivian

COL Daniel Stephens - 2016-06-09

LCM Dargor - 2004-07-18

CM Darius Hunter

LT Dark Scorpius


RA Darklord

AD Darksaber

CPT Darkstar

Darth Vader

CPT Dave Darklighter

GN Dax Corrin

CPT Deamon

CPT Death Angel - 2003-01-04

CM Death Knight

LCM Deathangel

LCM Dekar Jansen - 2021-09-15

MAJ Deleted Member - 2003-02-18

COL Den Darkhill - 2003-03-06

LC Dengar March

CPT Derek Dan

LCM Derf

CPT Devin McCloud

MAJ Devin Taralis - 2003-01-05

CM Dex D'Alcobia

LC Diaboli - 2005-01-22

CM Dirk Logan - 2003-02-02

COL Dirty Vader - 2004-06-06

MAJ Dodger

GN Domi

GN Doyon

COL Drak - 2005-02-20

GN Drake

LC Drake Jensen

COL Drako

COL Dras Hempor

LCM Drax Remlinger - 2002-09-03


CM Dulcatos - 2005-03-15

COL Duncan Idaho

GN Dunta Polo - 2 times, last on 2010-12-27

COL E. Tarkin

LT Ed Best - 2004-07-17

CM Edvard

CM Elvaron Starfire

GN Elwood the Brave - 6 times, last on 2022-10-08

COL EmpReach

MAJ Eugene

MAJ Evo Sarnok - 2003-04-18

MAJ Exar Khaland

GN Exar Kit - 2005-02-08


CPT Face Loran

CM Fahrer - 2005-01-25

CM Falcon

MAJ Falcon

COL Firebird

COL Fireclaw

CPT Firzam Coldsteel - 2004-08-16

MAJ Flelm - 2014-09-22

LC Florian

SL Fondor

RA fr0Zen - 2023-09-07

LC Frey Gallandro - 2003-02-18

MAJ Fritz Von Stukart - 2003-02-02

HA Frodo March - 2 times, last on 2014-06-07

COL Gallows

Garet Jax

LC Gen Es'mith

RA Genie - 2022-06-29

CM Ghorg - 2005-02-14

AD Gidda - 2002-08-12

GN Gilad Pelleaon - 3 times, last on 2018-06-30

FA Giovanni Palermo

GN Golbez Harvey - 2015-06-28

VA Gord Darkonian

COL Gordon

LCM Gruckn Rahn

COL Gyssler

COL Hades

LCM Halk Knight - 2010-06-12

LCM Hape Unger

AD Hav Antiel - 3 times, last on 2020-09-09

AD Havoc

SA Havok

LCM Hawky

MAJ Hermann - 3 times, last on 2021-01-29

MAJ Hev Randrowan

COL Highlander - 2021-11-24

SL Hirikka

FA Howlader

LCM Hubert - 2003-01-16

MAJ Hunter

Ian Jackson

LCM Ice - 2004-06-21

LC Iceman - 2002-11-23

AD Impulse - 2 times, last on 2019-08-10

VA Indaro Gallia

COL Ixion Deathbringer

LT Jace Zirago


CM Jade Falcon

CM Jamiek

VA Jan Wemmel

AD Jarak Maldon

GN Jarek La’an - 2015-03-29

MAJ Jaron Kai

MAJ Jaruus

LCM Jatz Crakker

LT Jaydar

HA Jedgar O. Paladin

AD Jeff 'Tiger' Loruss

LCM Jerry

COL Joerg

LT John Pennl

FA John T. Clark - 2015-06-10

SL Jonathan

MAJ Jonathan

CPT Julian Clary

LT Jum

LC Kadon Beir

GN Kaisin Mirtez - 2010-03-19

MAJ Kalve Ryder

SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz

VA Kane Reese

CPT Kaneda Pellail

CM Karce

SA Kawolski

MAJ Kazraran - 2022-12-02

MAJ KEBLAOMEGA - 2022-01-12

MAJ Keiran

MAJ Keiran Laserlight - 2003-03-10

Keller - 2003-01-05

LC Kenath Zoron

FA Kessler

FA Khadgar

AD Khaine

Khameir Sarin

LCM Kit Juno

LC Kodiak Kereban

FA Kramer

AD Krax Tarnisar

LT Kriminal

VA Ky Terrak - 2003-04-16

CPT Kyle Fardreamer

CM Laerox

CM Lafeber

MAJ Landon Cruise - 2014-02-25

CPT Lanil Jast - 2017-03-01

COL Len Eode - 2015-09-22

COL Lenvik

CM Leonid DeBastide

CPT Leslaw

LC Linkan

SL Linoge - 2003-02-02

LCM Lo Mar - 2020-09-14

VA Locke Setzer - 2003-07-19

COL Loor

CPT Mace

CPT Machinari

MAJ Mairin Astoris

CPT Marcin Kaczynski

FA Marcin Szydlowski - 2005-02-07

COL Marconius

GN Mark Schueler - 3 times, last on 2020-09-23

CPT Mark Stephenson

LCM Marlin - 2005-05-07

LT MarQs

GN Master

CM Matti Kuokkanen

MAJ Mauser - 2015-06-21

LC Maverick

MAJ Mawy

LT Max Danzig

LCM Mayk Drazzic - 2003-06-21

Mayk Wolverine - 2002-12-06

LC Menacer

CM Miackus

MAJ Michael

LC Michael Emrys

LCM Micheal Perry

COL Mini Minkus

COL Moagim Daar - 2004-11-02

CPT Morpheus

LCM Morte Scura

CPT Morth

COL Mosh - 2005-01-26

CM Mycroft

COL Nav'ric Trow

CM Nicholas

CM Nick Chi'Cath

LCM Nico Avenger - 2003-10-31

CM Nico Qarni - 2002-12-22

CPT Night Grue

COL Nightmare

COL NiksaVel

LC Nile Rosenau

CPT Ninj Prefect


MAJ Nolij - 2014-06-10

CPT ObiVader

CPT Onwai Starborne

LCM Oorl Quygg

CM Orion Diamante

LCM Orrimaarko Reeft - 2003-07-10

LCM Pain_then_Death

CPT Panaka

CM Parker Lewis

CM Pat Dowling

CPT Paul

COL Pavel


FA Pellaeon

HA Pete Mitchell - 2 times, last on 2020-09-10

COL Phalk Sturm

COL Phantom

CM Phantom

LCM Phelan

VA Philo

CPT Phoenix

AD Phoenix Berkana - 2 times, last on 2022-10-19

MAJ Picard

FA Pickled Yoda - 12 times, last on 2022-10-23

COL Piett

HA Plif - 4 times, last on 2017-06-11

MAJ Powerslave

CPT Predator

MAJ Prinz von Hoffman

LCM Puma Oblivion

CPT Qiliang

CPT Quicksilver

LCM Rana Grande - 2014-01-07

GN Rancorous

LC Rando - 3 times, last on 2020-09-16

AD Ranthier Khaen

CPT Raptor

CPT Ras Kronar

LT Raven Arestar

CM Raven Lockholme

MAJ Raxis Krieger

LCM Razor

AD Reaper

CPT Red Fox

MAJ RedTaz

Rekio Corsair

COL Renegade

LC Repulsor

CPT Ric Gravin

GN Ric Hunter

COL Ricardo

MAJ Rich

MAJ Richlet

CM Richthofen

MAJ RichyV - 2010-01-24

LCM Rin Jaeger - 2020-09-03

VA Robert Hogan - 2020-09-24

CPT Roger

CPT Rogue

LCM Rollins

CM Rondo - 2003-09-01

MAJ Ryan Chi'Cath

LCM Ryan Neale

LCM Ryuu - 2004-06-20

CPT Saadam

LC Saeul Trigue

MAJ Sandor Clegane - 2002-11-23

MAJ Sanj

MAJ Sarn Erec - 2003-06-12

VA Sarok

LC Savageaz - 2002-11-18

CM Schitzo

COL Scoser

CM Scud

LC Scuslem

LT Sempren Kale - 2005-05-14

CM Sergeyli - 2009-08-21

CM Serin Jansj - 2005-03-05

LCM Sev'rance Tann - 2003-10-20

COL Shae Kitane

MAJ Shakur

LCM Sharpthief

FA Shotgun

COL Shups

CM Sidian

LCM Sint Seelasi

LCM Sirion - 2004-06-19

LC SkyShadow - 2020-05-17

CPT SL8c8 - 2019-10-25

LCM Solaris

LC Solohan50 - 2021-08-20

LCM SoulWhisperer

LC Spade - 2003-02-23

CM Spearhawk

FA StarLion

AD Stele Pellaeon

CM Steve Sunrider

LC Strahd - 2003-01-09

HA Striker

COL Stuart

COL Styles

COL Tad Taliesin

COL Talons Pryde

LCM Tarkinan

LC Tempest

LC Tethys

LC Thaas Pobyn

COL TheBlackxRanger - 2021-08-21

LCM Thor

LC Thorn

CPT Tiamat

COL Tiberius

LC Tiger


LC Tissaya Argat

MAJ Titus - 2003-02-13

CPT TK-6686 - 2005-02-08

CM TK-9780 - 2005-03-25

COL Todbringer

Tomaas Banys

FA Tomaas Montte

VA Toran Dan

COL Torres

GN Triji Boliv

AD Troutrooper

LC Turr Phennir

HA Turtle Jerrar

CPT Tvan'Oris

LC Tygra Shadowclaw - 2019-01-03

LCM Tyler

COL Undo

LCM Uriel K'rrden

MAJ Valic

LCM Vance Blackguard - 2003-10-13

CPT Vertigo

CM Vessicant

SL Vexan

MAJ VinDoros

CPT Viper

FA Viper Pred

CM Virus - 2005-06-10

CPT Von Predator - 2004-07-19

FA Von Reinthaler - 2003-02-23

CPT Vuffi Raa

CPT Wap Eal

COL Wes Janson

GN Wil Striker

LT Willis

LCM Willis

LCM Wilq Fastclaw - 2003-12-01

CPT Witchblade - 2023-07-31

COL Wolfverine

COL Wolly

MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana - 2022-05-15

COL Woobee

COL Wraithdog - 2014-06-20

COL Wysseri Arestar

CM Xalin

AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

CPT Xura Verr

CM Yarik Kelve

FA Yodavin

COL Yoman

SL Zekk Terrik

COL Zeth Durron - 2010-04-14

COL Zippy Hawk

LCM Zodiak

COL Zorn Starn

VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles

HA Zsinj

LC Zulaan Eronaile

COL Zystem Fryar

Required patches
* none

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE95 one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button on the EHBL to start the game
4] Create a new pilot and fly the first battle


Emperor's Hammer Battle Center - http://www.tiecorps.org/battles/
Modified for Project Phoenix (Feb 5, 2000)
- Battle1.lfd file corrected
- Briefing corrected in all missions, questions added in missions
by: CM Wlodek