TIE-IW 8: Minos Raiders

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 5
Release date: 2023-09-04
Last updated: 2009-03-22

AD Proton

Average rating 3.5
Reviews: 4
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 113
Battle Medal: Medal of Versatility

Battle Reviews

Good battle overall. Mission 3 was quite frustrating, but other than that they were mostly enjoyable. Flying a T/F for the IW missions is an interesting take! :D

Flying an unshielded TIE Fighter for 5 missions straight is not exactly what I expected from an IW battle... but I'm not mad! I think it was well designed and well-balanced, although flying an unshielded TIE means you have to accept that sometimes you're just going to explode. Definitely enjoyed, even if perhaps we're stretching the prompt a bit on the battle designation.

Flying an unshielded TIE Fighter can be frustrating, especially when you see friendlies having the time of their life in various rebel starfighters, but it makes for an interesting challenge ! This is a battle with solid mission design, a strong plot, good writing and a fair amount of difficulty. What's not to love ?

My eighteenth battle in the TIE Corps.

This one is not very much fun to fly. Missions are unbalanced as there are a number of heavy installations and capital ships to burn with so little firepower, so be prepared to shoot lasers in an endless dull nightmare. Besides, last mission puts you in a T/F against 4 waves to ATRs, this is not just difficult, it is senseless. Also briefings are almost like a still photograph with no work in the text whatsoever. It seems the creator either lacked time to exploit is initial good idea, or lacked the stamina to put his ideas to reality. Either way, a not-so-good battle, in my opinion.

Battle Bug Reports

HA Pete Mitchell


Right after launching mission 1, the TIE cockpit shows up and the game freezes.

High Scores

Battle Total: 241,848 COL Shae Kitane
Mission 1: 59,220 HA Striker
Mission 2: 85,328 HA Striker
Mission 3: 62,569 LC Maverick
Mission 4: 41,141 VA Sarok
Mission 5: 41,151 MAJ Eugene

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 194,069 CM scottrick 2023-09-04
2 149,933 CM Benji Tandor 2023-01-30
3 112,169 VA Locke Setzer 2023-04-26
4 79,159 SL Airamags 2003-10-20
5 70,755 GN Abel Malik 2004-08-22
6 67,927 LC Dolsar Saris 2004-10-26
7 61,325 MAJ Zhaim Jifarr 2002-08-29
8 52,001 CPT Ras Kronar 2003-08-03
9 48,685 MAJ Deleted Member 2003-01-29
10 44,551 LC Turr Phennir 2003-01-11

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 98 pilots a total of 109 times.

U P D A T E D 5/24/98 with new Mission 5!

BATTLE NAME: Minos Raiders
AUTHOR: CMDR/LG Proton Silver 1-1/Wing I/MC-90 Bismarck/IW/EH (proton1997@yahoo.com)
TYPE: Battle
MEDAL: Versatility


Required patches
* EH Ship Patch for TIE
* Fly Rebel Fighters for TIE

Installation instructions
1] Make sure you have the EH Ship Patch for TIE installed
2] Download the patches from the EH Patch archive (http://tc.emperorshammer.org/patcharchive.php)
3] Install the patches by double clicking it in the EHSP installer
4] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
5] Check the Misc folder in your TIE one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
6] Press the TIE Fighter button to start TIE and fly the battle.

BATTLE SUMMARY: Infiltrator Wing is assisting Emperor's Hammer campaigns in the contested Minos Cluster. In this battle, IW flagship MC-90 Bismarck is prosecuting operations against the forces of Commandant Kruaan, leader of the raiders from the Jaggerbund Colony in the Lantare System. 

MISSION 1 INFO: A surprise assault by the Rebels must be blunted
	BRIEFING: A Rebel task force has caught the Bismarck by surprise and Silver Squadron is pressed into service flying reserve TIEs rather than the squadron's new X-wings and A-wings.
	IW ships: MC-90 Bismarck, M/FRG Elan, T/F Silver, X-wing Knight, B-wing Vulture, A-wing White, X-wing Panther
	Rebel ships: FRG Cession, CRKC Mortify, X-wing Blue, A-wing Aqua, A-wing Sky, X-wing Gold, Y-wing Yellow
	PRIMARY GOALS: M/FRG Elan must arrive

MISSION 2 INFO: Now that the Rebel diversion has been defeated, IW forces attack a convoy that is attempting to resupply the Lantare I spaceport controlled by the Minos Raider forces of Commandant Shrrinn Kruaan.
	BRIEFING: Multiple units from the Bismarck descend upon the Raiders. Again, Silver I is flying the backup T/F 
	IW ships: MC-90 Bismarck, T/F Silver I, T/I Silver II, T/F Silver III, X-wing Panther, X-wing Eagle, B-wing Vulture
	Raider ships: Freighter Ulyzz Run, Modular Conveyor Hiot Trans, M/CRV Heenst Ferry, TRN Hiot Bus, SHU Ulyzz Taxi, X-wing Windstorm, z-95 Tornado, R-41 Lantare CAP, R-41 Hiot Escort, X-wing Kruaan GRD
	PRIMARY GOALS: Destroy FRTs, conveyors, M/CRV, TRNs, SHUs

MISSION 3 INFO: It's time to destroy the Lantare I spaceport. No time for Silver's primary ships to arrive, yet -- you fly the unshielded T/F again!
	BRIEFING: Multisquadron assault force attacks platforms and associated vessels that constitute the Lantare I spaceport commanded by Raider Shrrinn Kruaan
	IW ships: MC-90 Bismarck, T/F Silver I, B-wing Vulture, X-wing Panther, X-wing White, T/I Silver II, T/F Silver III
	Raider ships: Platform B LI Spaceport, Z-95 Port CAP, T-wing Port CAP-T, Platform CAP Hangar, Y-wing Kruaan-Y, R-41 Kruaan-R 
	PRIMARY GOALS: Protect Bismarck, destroy spaceport PLTs

MISSION 4 INFO: No survivors allowed. Silver Squadron leads the sweep of the Raider survivors of our successful attack on the spaceport.
	BRIEFING: T/F Silver and other units chase and destroy fleeing Raider lifeboats. The Minos Raiders are trying to reach the safety umbrella of Rebel FRG Cession.
	IW ships: MC-90 Bismarck, T/F Silver I, T/B Silver II, X-wing Knight, X-wing Panther
	Raider ships: M/CRV Lifeboat I, CRV Lifeboat II, CRV Lifeboat III, TRN R-774, X-wing Kruaan GRD
	Rebel ships: FRG Cession, R-41 Tango, T-wing Foxtrot, Z-95 Bravo 
	PRIMARY GOALS: Destroy lifeboats, transports, X-wings

MISSION 5 INFO: Silver pilots deliver T/Fs to EH TIE depot, preparing to receive new X-wings
	BRIEFING: FRg Elan is needed soon for IW planning for a new anti-pirate campaign. Silver must complete T/F delivery to depot and shuttle back to Elan immediately.
	IW ships: T/F Silver, A-wing Silver, X-wing Panther, X-wing Shadow, T/D Koph (EH), FRG Elan
	Rebel ships: A-wing Green, X-wing Blue, X-wing Black, ATR Bravo, ATR Zulu
	Raider ships: R-41 Starchaser Revenger
	PRIMARY GOALS: FRG Elan, PLT Kala'uun must survive, A-wing Silver must arrive