Lieutenant Commander Marek Ny`Irfa (# 55825)
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LCM Marek Ny`Irfa [Inactive]//
SS/BSx2/PC/MoC-1soc-4boc/IS-5GW-11SW-9BW-2GR-7SR-7BR/CoB [Aquilifer] {TCCORE}

Combat Record
in the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
Combat Rating: NONE
    Battles completed   (63)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE Corps
TIE-TC 113: Raid on Casserine
TIE-TC 114: Stop the Press! (Medal of Patience)
TIE-TC 121: Battle of Principles (Medal of Principles)
TIE-TC 138: Battle of the TIE Interceptor (Medal of Advanced Skill: TIE Interceptor)
TIE-TC 244: Lord of the TIEs (Platinum COMPOST Membership Card)
TIE-TC 246: Jeequi Encounter (Imperial Medal of Bravery)

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

XvT-TC 42: More Power Part II (Medal of Power - 2S)
XvT-TC 61: Operation Cotton Candy (A fresh batch of Cotton Candy commemorative)
XvT-TC 84: VSD Gilded Claw : Path of Destruction (Medal of the Golden Talon)
XvT-TC 89: Bubba's Beer, Bread and Message Board Bonanza! (A lost IS-SW)
XvT-TC 92: Wing VIII: Prelude (Colossus Cross)

  X-Wing Alliance

XWA-TC 1: Avenger Encounter (Medal of Entralla)
XWA-TC 2: First Contact
XWA-TC 3: The Darkon Mystery (The Darkon Star)
XWA-TC 4: Privateer
XWA-TC 5: Show of Force
XWA-TC 6: Enemy Defector
XWA-TC 7: Assault on Chimera
XWA-TC 8: Hammer to Anvil
XWA-TC 9: Defection of Kusanagi
XWA-TC 10: The Phare Encounter (The Dark Crescent)
XWA-TC 11: Heroes of the Immortal
XWA-TC 12: Imperium Deception
XWA-TC 13: Hammer to Anvil Part II
XWA-TC 14: The History of the ISD Immortal
XWA-TC 15: Nasty Surprise
XWA-TC 16: The History of the ISD Relentless
XWA-TC 17: Secrets and Lies: The Exile (Bronze Crest of Truth)
XWA-TC 18: Immortalized (The Earplugs)
XWA-TC 19: Evaluation of the ISD Vanguard
XWA-TC 20: The Tug Menace (Gold Tug Cross)
XWA-TC 26: Experimental Tie Evaluation (Medal of Experiments)
XWA-TC 36: GWSOoM Shipping Inc. 'Call to Chaos'
XWA-TC 46: The Rescue of Anna Darksaber
XWA-TC 52: Rendez-Vous with Peril (SSL 2005 Participation Certificate)
XWA-TC 58: Expansion (Vanguard Campaign Medallion)


XW-TC 1: ASF: Combat Collection II (the ASF Combat Medal II)
XW-TC 2: Operation: Dark Hammer (Dark Hammer Medal)
XW-TC 3: XW Week of War XLIII (Week of Combat)
XW-TC 4: ASF: Avenger Squadron I (Bronze Avenger Cross)
XW-TC 5: ASF: Avenger Squadron II (Silver Avenger Cross)
XW-TC 6: ASF: Avenger Squadron III (Gold Avenger Cross)
XW-TC 7: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron I (Flight of the Intruder)
XW-TC 8: Renegades of the Republic (Imperious Crescent)
XW-TC 9: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron II (Squad of the Intruder)
XW-TC 10: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron III (Wing of the Intruder)

Infiltrator Wing
XW-IW 1: Capture Renegade Moff
XW-IW 2: Attack the Toakara System
XW-IW 3: Renegade Imperials
XW-IW 4: Savior (First Savior's Medal)
XW-IW 5: Eagle Tour of Duty
XW-IW 6: Lyccos Doom: The Blasted Landscapes (Trial of Fire)
XW-IW 7: Karana Takeover Campaign: Karana Infiltration (Bronze Karana Cross)
XW-IW 8: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Infiltrate Rion (Copper Infiltration Crescent)
XW-IW 9: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Seeds of Corruption (Bronze Infiltration Crescent)
XW-IW 10: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Eliminate Friendship (Silver Infiltration Crescent)
XW-IW 11: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Ambassadors (Gold Infiltration Crescent)
XW-IW 12: Mereen Insurgency (Kalidor Crescent)
XW-IW 13: Mereen Insurgency - The Saga Continues (Kalidor Crescent)

Dark Brotherhood
XW-DB 1: The Ways of the Sith

Corporate Division
XW-CD 1: IBC: Paper Round (Your first IBC Pay Check)

Combined Arms Battle
XW-CAB 1: Assault of Aurora (Medal of Aurora)

Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
XW-FCHG 1: Racing the Beltway (Calidor of Ronin)

    Free missions completed   (62)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE-free 105: Blowing Crap Up
TIE-free 208: Talons' First Patrol
TIE-free 246: Garrison Duty
TIE-free 260: A Station Too Far

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

XvT-free 1: Assault on Ravent
XvT-free 119: Copperhead Squadron: Patrol
XvT-free 127: Folly: The Endless Inspection
XvT-free 229: A New Home

  XvT - Balance of Power

BoP-free 21: Infiltration of type 40 Cruiser 'Meteor'

  X-Wing Alliance

XWA-free 1: Battle of Midway
XWA-free 2: Destroy Ackbar
XWA-free 3: A Simple Patrol
XWA-free 4: Defend the ISD Colossus
XWA-free 5: ISD Pursuit
XWA-free 6: Rage Assaults Platform FK-438
XWA-free 7: Patrol the Area
XWA-free 8: Rescue the Phoenix
XWA-free 9: Supply Transfer
XWA-free 10: Kuat Revenge
XWA-free 11: Crippled INT
XWA-free 12: ESC Plunderer
XWA-free 13: Protect the Vanguard
XWA-free 14: Assault on Churba Shipyards
XWA-free 15: Mercenary Doom
XWA-free 16: Clearing the Way For the ISD Intrepid
XWA-free 17: Recon at Semag
XWA-free 18: Ambush on the Border
XWA-free 19: Attack at Abaddon
XWA-free 20: Sneaky Rebels Die
XWA-free 21: IRC Breen
XWA-free 22: Battlecry One
XWA-free 23: Battle of Baraton
XWA-free 24: Operation Moonbaker
XWA-free 25: New Fighters
XWA-free 26: Lost In Space
XWA-free 27: Rescue Praetorian
XWA-free 28: Rain Down Retribution
XWA-free 29: Operation TakeDown
XWA-free 30: Capture the M/FRG Hound
XWA-free 31: Capture Corvette Group
XWA-free 32: Attack on the SSD Avenger
XWA-free 33: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
XWA-free 34: Steal a Gunship
XWA-free 35: Routine Patrol
XWA-free 36: Capture Rebel Cruiser
XWA-free 37: Revenge on the Immortal
XWA-free 38: Blazing Fury !
XWA-free 39: Testing Sources
XWA-free 40: The Capture of Firixon
XWA-free 43: TAC2K
XWA-free 95: The Legend of the Pink Star Book
XWA-free 150: Cody's Return


XW-free 1: Tartarus Squadron Wipeout - Corsair
XW-free 2: ASF: Avenger vs. Gray
XW-free 3: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron
XW-free 4: Promethian Encounter
XW-free 5: Star Destroyer Alley
XW-free 6: TIE Fighter: Demonstration
XW-free 7: Training Day
XW-free 8: Deceiving the Traitorous
XW-free 9: Smuggler's Run
XW-free 10: Kidnapping Triji Boliv

    Participated Combat Events   (0)