XW-DB 1: The Ways of the Sith

Battle Information

Game platform: X-Wing
Missions: 4
Release date: 2005-11-26
Last updated: 2005-11-26

COL Locke Setzer

Average rating: 2.2
Reviews: 5
Bug reports: 1
Times completed: 12
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

LCM Vanguard88



Mission 3 is beatable, and easily done. Here's how to do it. Start by powering up shields and weapons, you have a small timing window in which to do it. When X-Wing Red arrives, kill one of them, two if possible and immediately switch to X-Wing blue. They arrive 55 seconds after the mission starts. Switch to them immediately and take them out quickly, using torpedoes if necessary. Remember you can order the transport to take evasive action if you have to. Once they are dead kill one more of X-Wing red and then hull damage the other one so it goes to hyperspace; if it does not leave it alive. When A-Wing blue arrives put all power into engines, switch to proton torpedoes, get behind the A-Wings and dumb fire one torpedo into each of them. After that you can help mop up the remaining fighters or just kill the X-Wing on your tail then hyper out, the ISD will leave as soon as the transport is aboard.

GN Master



Was enjoying this until Mission 3. Otherwise its great.
Will re-review if Mission 3 ever gets fixed.

COL Locke Setzer



I tried to avoid reviewing my own things, but I recently re-flew this one (for some reason it was missing from my profile), and thought the time would give me enough distance to not think of it as one of mine. Unfortunately, that's impossible. I can tell you it was heavily influenced off of TIE DB-13, albeit with the goal of keeping the insanity optional. I can tell you the endless waves were specifically intended to frustrate H.S. chasers, although I can't tell you particularly why I wanted that bit of schadenfreude. I can also tell you Mission #3 in particular was weaponized annoyance towards the many missions in the compendium that don't threaten sensitive targets in the least.

I'd change at least a hundred things if I could do it again, but now it belongs to the ages. I think it's OK - too brutal in parts, too easy in others, punishing for folks who want that high score, but not so awful for folks who don't care.

LC andr3



Not the best battle. Mission 3 is insanely hard. One of these missions you have to play over and over again to know what exactly happens when so you can be at the right place in the right time.

LCM Marek Ny`Irfa



That's an average battle. The story of it is okay but it pretty much places you solo vs. the fleet. While parimary goals are relatively easy to achieve, granting you completion... You may decide to linger a while longer and mop up. And this is far from easy. Pretty much all of the missions feature at least one group of fighters that are set to roughly 10 waves. That is both boring and unceccessary. A solid battle but I've flown better.

Battle Bug Reports

GN Master


Mission 3 cannot be completed without cheats.
Even if you survive XW Red and somehow manage to take out XW Blue before it destroys the TRNs the AW will destroy it.
I dont care how good you are, cant be done.

High Scores

Battle Total: 116,962 LCM Vanguard88 2023-11-14
Mission 1: 17,965 AD Impulse
Mission 2: 42,224 LCM Vanguard88 2023-11-14
Mission 3: 44,817 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa 2020-09-12
Mission 4: 18,237 LCM Vanguard88 2023-11-14

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 116,962 LCM Vanguard88 2023-11-14
2 89,233 LCM Marek Ny`Irfa 2020-09-12
3 43,118 LC andr3 2022-10-20
4 36,554 COL Locke Setzer 2023-04-11
5 31,872 FA Pickled Yoda 2021-10-12

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 11 pilots a total of 11 times.

Title: The Ways of the Sith
Missions: 4
Game Platform: X-Wing
Author: BTM/NOV Locke Setzer/Prophecy/Qel-Droma/Arcona
aka	COM/RA Locke Setzer/ISD Challenge

Installation Instructions: 

X-Wing CD Installation: Download and install XCD from the SCO Site (http://sco.minos.net), files 
archive, the edittors section. (6k.) This will let you run custom missions. There is a full guide 
available at the SCO site as well. 
Put Max4.BRF, Max4.XWI, Max5.BRF, Max5.XWI, Satlit1.BRF, Satlit1.XWI, Waistem.BRF and Waistem.XWI 
in your new "C:\Mission" folder and use XCD to start X-Wing CD. 
Create a new pilot based on your pin and the battle's type and name. For example: 2883tc01.plt if 
I would be flying the first XW-TC battle. 
Fly the first 4 "Historical Combat" missions for the "X-Wing". 
note: other custom missions in your mission folder will be overwritten. 
X-Wing 95/Disk Installation: Run full install of the game so the mission files will be on your 
hard drive. The game will take it's mission information by preference from the harddisc, but might 
still give a warning. In that case - Ignore. 
Locate your X-W Directory and open the folder labeled "Mission", or "Classic" in X-W95. Copy the 
*.xwi, *.brf files of this custom battle into it. 
Create a new pilot based on your pin and the battle's type and name. For example: 2883tc01.plt if 
I would be flying the first XW-TC battle. 
Fly the first 4 "Historical Combat" missions for the "X-Wing". 
note: the original 4 missions in your mission folder will be overwritten, so back them up. 


Note:  As a long-time X-Wing mission designer and player, every now and then I like to make battles designed to challenge me, sometimes moreso then the player. Therefore, these missions are designed to be pretty challening. If you have problems with these missions, but wish to complete the battle, feel free to email me at eh_locke@yahoo.com and I'll see if I can't help you out with some hints and/or tips :)