Commander Richlet (# 4607)
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Flight Leader code cylinder(s)  Commander rank badge  Flight Leader code cylinder(s)  
FL/CM Richlet/Tempest 2-1/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
IS-CSx6-Rx3/LoS-CSx5-Rx2/CoB/LoAx6/OV-21E/OV-21E [Knight] [Officer 2nd] [Private 4th]

Awards received in service to The Empire:

  • Gold Star of the Empire
  • Silver Star of the Empire
  • Bronze Star of the Empire   x 6
  • Palpatine Crescent   x 6
  • Imperial Security Medal   x 10
  • Medal of Instruction - (1 recruit)
  • Medal of Communication - gold oak cluster
  • Medal of Communication - silver oak cluster
  • Medal of Communication - bronze oak cluster   x 4
  • TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award (1 award)
  • Iron Star with Gold Wings   x 3
  • Iron Star with Silver Wings   x 2
  • Iron Star with Bronze Wings
  • Iron Star with Copper Wings   x 2
  • Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon   x 4
  • Legion of Combat (283 victories)
          Rubidium Scimitar
          Iridium Scimitar
          Copper Scimitar x 6
          Regular x 3
  • Legion of Skirmish (27 victories)
          Copper Scimitar x 5
          Regular x 2
  • Commendation of Bravery
  • Letter of Achievement   x 6
  • Order of the Vanguard - 21st Echelon


    Gold Star of the Empire

    The Gold Star of the Empire can be awarded by any member of Emperor's Hammer Command Staff or TIE Corps Admiralty Board for extraordinary service and exceptional loyalty. Excelling command officers will most often be the recipients of this medal, but not necessarily. Greater than the Silver Star, it cannot be awarded for general activity.