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Reviews for XvT-DB 1

 AD Hav Antiel
    rating: 3
 Lots of capture operations in this battle. Makes this SPAM pilot wish XvT had time acceleration. I wasn't paying very close attention to the story, but I was confused by the last mission: seems like a mission where you have to identify a critical craft makes sense earlier in the battle. I'm used to blowing up the big cap ship in the last mission, I guess.
 GN Pickled Yoda
    rating: 2
 Really frustrating trying to play on medium and hard, especially when they have advanced missiles and you have no countermeasures. That plus some really unnecessary wait times ruin what otherwise seems like something with potential.
 HA Frodo March
    rating: 4
 It's ok I guess.
 LT Wenton Chan
    rating: 2
 Personally, I had a great deal of problems with Mission 3. Almost every time I have tried this mission Container Psi2 always gets blown up by the mines. The one time that I did manage to take out Green SQ and the mines the game froze, but that's a different issue. I only wished Totally Games put in the time acceleration feature that was so darn useful in TIE CD. If the containers were better spaced I'd give a higher score, but I'm just frustrated with getting fragged by Green SQ half the time and then having container 2 blown up most of the time, even before I get the chance to identify prior to going for the mines.
 AD Proton
    rating: 3
 This battle was a little painful to complete. There was a little too much dead time. For instance, the last mission, you have to wait 6 minutes for an ATR to capture a DREAD, with nothing else to do but wait. The minefield mission, No. 3, was a lot of fun.
 MAJ Jack Stone
    rating: 3
 The first 2 missions were ok. It would've warranted a 4 IF there weren't extremely long waits in the last 2 missions.
 MAJ Yutzka Serovich
    rating: 5
 Shups, I flew this the first time long ago, but after revisiting it... I have to give it a 5! Mission 3 was a pain in the... knee, but you get a 5 anyways. Love the Emperor's voice!
 COL Arso Slyth
    rating: 5
 WOW! Shups you really outdid yourself on this one. Good job.
 CPT Joe Arena
    rating: 1
 Terrible, im sorry, but i can't give this any higher than a one. Very good storyline and concept for the missions, but the quality of the missions themselves was poor. Mission 3, just you vs/ 5 xwings a frigate and 50 mines. Mission 4, all of your wingmen killed on the first pass. Thats just to list a few.
 CM Phantom
    rating: 4
 One of the best missions I've flown so far. Great work!
 MAJ Ponda Jarret
    rating: 5
 WOW! What can I say that hasn;t already been said? I REALLY liked this battle. There was a good deal of variety in the mission objectives, and the plot is among the best I've come across in the EH. Of course, Palp's voiceovers were choice! It would have been nice not to have to wait so long in mission 3, but that waiting DOES give you the time to wipe out the FRG, if you are so inclined. HIGHLY recommended!
 MAJ Mairin Astoris
    rating: 5
 This battle ruled! It had it all, what can I say? It even had Palpatine voices! And it's my first mission high scores too. :P Fly, fly, fly!
 FA Tomaas Montte
    rating: 5
 This battle was wonderful! It was well put together anbd fun to fly, most impressively bug free and well balanced. The addition of Palpatine's voice added that much more to the experience. We need more battles like this one.
 CM Furious George
    rating: 4
 this was a great battle.
 MAJ Erryc Lasitter
    rating: 5
 Great Battle...Totally Amazing...the custom waves were AWESOME...can we have about 20 more like this??? SUPERB WORK! GOOD JOB Shup!
 SL Kitten-claw
    rating: 4
 Good all round battle and story line -mission 3 to much waiting around - a reload craft would of helped against the FRG. great wave files.
 AD Adren Silvori
    rating: 4
 a cool battle with good story and nice use of the emperors voice only downer was having to wait 20minutes for atrs in mission 3 if u havnt played it do so
 LC Strahd
    rating: 5
 Great battle! I loved it...great use of the Emperor's voice and the plot was very good. I hope to see more battles of this quality. WOW!
 LCM Leon Mehoff
    rating: 5
 I loved it. It had action and a good plot. I hope u guys make so more this was a great battle!!!!
 LC Linkan
    rating: 4
 It was great to fly a good DB battle for a change. My compliments to the creator.
 LC Archon
    rating: 5
 I'm not usually a big fan of XvT battles, but I loved this one. The missions are great, the story is smooth, and the Emperor's voice is just plain awesome. Excellent work on this one, Shups!
 FA Marcin Szydlowski
    rating: 4
 I like this battle very much. It's good, pretty challenging. Expecially Emperor's voice in mission. It's great motivation.
 VA ShadowHawk
    rating: 5
 Very good. The plotline held throughout. It was playable, not impossible. VERY Dark! :)
 CT Liam
    rating: 5
 A Really EXELLENT battle. I definetly recommend it. There was abit of a wait on a few missions, but that's okay. And Palpatine's voice was super.
 LC Jargon Grim
    rating: 5
 It was great flying this Battle. It has a great story-line and the voice files of the emperor made it a wonderful experience ! :)
 COL Ricaud
    rating: 5
 The design of this battle rocks great big fecking bells ... the voices are just the icing on top of the cake. No feeling like hearing the Emperor cackle "Give in to your hatred," as you waste away a Rebel X-Wing.
 LCM MadDog
    rating: 5
 One of the best battles I have played so far. With the Emperor's Voice made the battle more fun. One problem battles 1-3 there was a very long wait.
 MAJ Black Revenge
    rating: 5
 The best battle ever, the plot was true, lots of activity to keep busy. Sound clips are awsome, not too much waiting, good battle all around...two thumbs up, a must fly...The time you spend waiting you need to catch up, and calm down...
 COL Brucmack
    rating: 5
 This was a very interesting battle, and I had fun playing it. My only concern was that I had to wait for over 5 minutes at the end of two of the missions (1 and 3). Oh well, I got a lunch break :)
 LT Chrusos Ichthys
    rating: 5
 I also agree that the Emperor's voice is enchanting! The missions are well balanced. They test your skill without requiring that every shot be right on the money. You could play the missions even at HARD and feel like you had a chance to win. I looked forward to playing each mission.
 GN Smitrock
    rating: 4
 I really enjoyed flying this battle for a few reasons. 1-I liked the story line a lot. I feel it is one of the more envolving plotlines incorperating the Dark Side of the Force. 2-Its alway's refreshing seeing another XvT battle submitted in which keeps the player interested in the outcome of each mission. 3-The wave sounds with the Emperor's voice is really cool, it makes you feel like he's talking to you like Obi-Wan was with Luke in a "New Hope".