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Reviews for XvT-TC 9

 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 1
 Tedious, frustrating, a total mess. I love GUNs and I do love minefield clearings. But this battle is always the same repetitive template, with minor adjustments, over and over. Extensive minefields with less than 5 minutes to complete were really pointless and obliterated any entertainment whatsoever of this battle. Obnoxious. Do not engage unless you want to suffer.
 CM andr3
    rating: 1
 You are basically re-playing the same mission four times over - more or less. Disable your friends that attack you for some reason, take out the mine field, finish your objectives.
 CPT Marenac
    rating: 2
 It was fun, The last mission had lots of enemies to destroy. But wasn't the best and alot of pointless waiting.
 CM Michael K Starburst
    rating: 2
 I must say that the treachery of George & Gracie towards me came as a complete surprise. So much so that I was ready for them in the other missions. From that standpoint I feel that this battle could be improved greatly if that in the 2nd mission they would re-earn the player's trust by helping with the mission. Then in the final mission they could turn against the player as a final act of treachery. I will add that they got the death they deserved when I played it.
  Mayk Wolverine
    rating: 1
 Poor missions, stupid plotline. Also, who has heard about sending traitors into combat missions over and over again. I've found it a little bit boring, nevertheless author spent some time and work for creating it, that's why the rating isn't 0.
 CPT Joe Arena
    rating: 0
 I dont know what to say, except that its probably the worst battle i've ever flown and it made me wanna puke.
 GN Abel Malik
    rating: 1
 I've attempted to complete this battle at least 5 times over the past year and I find it to be without merit.
 CPT Tyanis Slyth
    rating: 1
 That was...hmm, different
 LT Allco
    rating: 0
 Pointless set of mission poorly put together with a pointless plotline, and G & G who are also pointless. So you have been warned.
 SL A.J "Tainer" Brown
    rating: 2
 If I could swear I would.
 LC Alec Qarni
    rating: 2
 What in the Sith? The only redeeming feature was that there were no bugs, and any given one of those missions would probably rate about a 3.5, Unfortunately, the same thing over and over again got REALLY stupid. Also, it was quite easy. And who would be proud to receive the "Memorial Medal of George and Gracie?"
 LCM Leon Mehoff
    rating: 3
 it wasn't that bad but just george and gracy are stupid.
 CM Jan Schneider
    rating: 2
 Bad story, very hard 1st mission
 LCM Latmac
    rating: 3
 George and Gracie made me sick! Taking them out over and over...What a sick joke! ;) The missions were ok and it was fun overall just mindlessly killing stuff. But couldn't it be called "The George and Gracie Incident?"
 CM Dvader
    rating: 1
 Disabling George and Gracie made me crazzzzyyy!!! It's also to easy.
 SA Kawolski
    rating: 2
 I hate George and Gracie. Some missions are a bit too weird and empty, but it's an easy set of FCHG points.