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Reviews for XvT-TC 10

 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 3
 A few missions that are mostly focused on dog fighting. Even the final mission was more about dogfighting than destroying the Rebel fleet, which was the vengeance plotline of the mission. Plotline isn't too bad and the missions flow nicely. Some of them are a little on the longer side but nothing too bad. Definitely worth a playthrough.
 COL Genie
    rating: 3
 Another mixed bag of good here. Eeven the briefing sometimes it had page breaks allowing you to move forward and sometimes the whole briefing was on a single page break. I know i know, who reads briefings?! :) Overall it was ok and I like some of the decisions made.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played on Easy. These missions felt pretty unremarkable. They weren't necessarily bad (though M3 does take a fairly long time), but they didn't feel particularly great either. All in all, they're decent enough and worth points.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 An overall easy and simple battle. The plotline is interesting. Briefings and preliminaries are somehow schematic but acceptably useful. The missions themselves are very straightforward, but depict some behind the lines rescue operation, just that, but it is decently depicted and the assignments the player will have to complete are challenging and fun to play. Certainly not anywhere near in quality or gaming experience to the best battles, but worth a try if you want to spend 25 minutes of an unpretentious short battle.
 CM andr3
    rating: 2
 Crashed on me upon mission successful message. Missions are quite repetitive. Nothing spectacular to see or do here. Moving along.
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 1
 Not a very good battle. Some missions were unnecessarily hard. Looks like a guerrilla operation against the Rebels, since Avenger Squadron has to resort to captured enemy fighters and even an enemy capital ship. Flying X-Wings adds something different, but makes no sense with an elite squadron like Avenger involved.
 FA Winters
    rating: 3
 Good battle, but why a X-Wing? I hate them with a passion. Anyways, missions were easy at times, but overall was a good one!
 SL Jagged Fel
    rating: 3
 Not bad at all. I liked the story line and the missions were of medium difficulty. Good work!
 LT Kiptan Irtor
    rating: 1
 I must have accidently played a different battle than the one that my esteemed collegues have been praising. If it hadn't been for the exaggerated difficulty levels that were either too hard or too easy, and the mentally handicapped computer players who would never complete their mission objectives, it might actually be a very good battle. I honestly don't know what the problem was. On mission 2, you are supposed to fight off oposition while two assault transports disable a cruiser. I fought off all the starfighters, destroyed the dreadnaught that was escorting the target, and waited for the ATs to do their job (a mission objective I might add) They disabled it just fine; however, instead of bording, they decided to fly around the cruiser for the rest of their bloody lives. Something like this happened on the third mission too but I can't remember the specifics. Maybe there is just something seriously wrong with my game copy; except, you would think that there would be problems on other battles too... there aren't. Anyway, sorry about the rant.
 CM William McArthur
    rating: 5
 Good battle,very fun to fly.Fly it ASAP!
 SL Kitten-claw
    rating: 3
 To easy in places - FG orders let this battle down - But it was fun to fly.
 LCM Hadrian von Astaan
    rating: 4
 A lot of fun! Enjoyed this one.
 AD Adren Silvori
    rating: 5
 What a Great battle with a beleivable plot and story well worth a look
 HA Frodo March
    rating: 4
 Sweet mission! both challenging and fun!
 LT Killian Bloodhawk
    rating: 5
 I thought this was a great battle. Well thought out, and no bugs that I noticed, although the Escort in Mission four is pretty painful to fight at higher difficulty.