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Reviews for TIE-TC 163

 COL Mouse Droid
    rating: 5
 I am not so much a TIE player, but this battle was excellent. Interesting plotline that slowly develops during the missions. On top of that, not too hard on medium. I especially liked the following quip from mission #5: Pilot to Flight Officer: "You're looking spiffy today, Sir!". Flight Officer to Pilot: "Well, glad that you noticed. I have been promoted from Lesser Briefing Officer to Senior Briefing Officer. Just waiting for the Flight Office to approve it.". It's this kind of humor and great plots that make flying TIE still very worthwhile! Great job, creators!
 HA Plif
    rating: 5
 Excellent, well-made battle. Though, if you're rusty like I was when I flew this one, you may want to start with something else, because this battle will be throwing things at you every step of the way.
 COL Beef
    rating: 5
 First off, the plot for this battle was superb. Quite interesting story even though it yielded slightly standard missions. The missions were very thorough, though, and true to the plot. Each mission had a real purpose in connection with the larger operation, and I found that to be quite enjoyable. I noticed the missions played realistically (for the most part), however, some of the ships could've/should've used different orders. The missions could be a handful if the pilot doesn't destroy/disable enemies in the correct order. Besides, you can always set it to 'easy' if you have to. I can see that a great deal of work went into this battle. Excellent job.
 MAJ Dae Cam
    rating: 5
 An excellent battle. The plotline was well thought out, a nice change from blasting rebels or hunting pirates. Furthermore, I found that the battles, while quite challenging, were quite exciting and the odds in a few had me on the edge of my seat.
 SL Vexan
    rating: 2
 Mission-5 is A totally unreal mission, the author has every fighter coming out of 1 FRG. In reality a FRG only holds 24 fighters.
 GN Drake
    rating: 5
 I loved this battle so much that if it was a girl named Suzie I would marry it..
 COL Fenn Logan
    rating: 4
 The missions were interesting and challenging--even if the plotline was a little gruesome. LOL!
 COL Dan Malaktos
    rating: 5
 Ok, this battle is good. If it's too hard, then tone down the difficulty level!
 CM Akira Vorsahyer
    rating: 4
 The ending mission is kinda tough, but the storyline is well thought out. A bit more variety in the mission goals would have been nice, but it follows a good progression and is quite fun.
 AD Arthak Rhade
    rating: 1
 The Briefings are great, but some Missions are too hard! This Battle isn't really great. The Missions are not really interesting!
 LT Zekk Terrik
    rating: 5
 This was a very interesting, intriguing, and fun battle! Even the twists in humor during the briefing sessions were fun. Good job, Zodiak and Da Jew. :)