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Reviews for TIE-TC 104

 MAJ Genie
    rating: 3
 Flawed yet enjoyable. There are some good ideas buried in this battle. The execution is mostly good. Its failings are in some of the minor details, such as the orders of both the friendly and enemy starfighters. The humour, even though it didn't quite land on me, I have no problems with it. I just didn't find it that funny (and I even live and breathe humus, tavla etc). Overall a good, solid battle. Attempting to offer something different which is always nice and welcomed. There is a bug with the last mission's secondary goal, but that doesn't distract from the mission itself. One of the best things this battle does, is the nice use of its in-flight msgs. They do a good job of letting you know how the battle is going. Excellent example to emulate!
 COL Doyon
    rating: 3
 Overall, the battle was fun and well made. Some missions were quite easy, others required a bit more skills and good timing. However, the last mission was a total failure. As someone else mentioned, the container that was supposed to be ''captured'' was boarded instead, thus making impossible to complete the secondary objectives and bonus goals.
 CPT acetiepilot
    rating: 4
 Overall this is a pretty well put together battle. While the names and cargo listed in some of the missions are funny, they do seem a little out of place in the SW Universe. Some enjoyable, and some frustrating, missions involved. No bugs to report.
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 4
 A very good battle, with some humour all over it! The thing I liked the most were the briefings.
 LT Edward De'Galeon
    rating: 4
 Well, this is a pretty fun battle that can be finished quickly. The first 3 missions are easy and short, the 4th mission is fun, and the 5th almost ruins it between the bug that keeps the Reserves that show up attacking the Platform, the bug that has the TRNs boarding the containers rather than capturing them, keeping the secondary goals from being completed, and the rather uninspired naming and use of wings. Still it’s a fun battle that I recommend to anyone who can overlook that last mission. I give it a 3.80 (Round up to a 4 for purposes of the EH review scale)(Note: My full review is more detailed. I'd be happy to mail you a copy if you'd like one, but here without the line breaks it'd would look sloppy :) )
 CPT Alexi Stukov
    rating: 5
 I give it a 5 because it not only has lots of enemts to blow up, but because of the funny names given to the squadrons and the cargos in the containers. I never laughed as hard on a Tie Fighter mission before.
 LC Curtis
    rating: 4
 ok i mainly give it a 4 because of some of the funny names for the craft