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Reviews for TIE-free 87

 FA Turtle Jerrar
    rating: 2
 On the plus side, this mission at least starts out with a plot. However, the implementation really isn't very polished. Most of the craft have implausible and poorly designed orders; from the Escort Shuttles just sitting there, the friendly ISD doing nothing, to the extra fighters flying circles. It's flyable and can be completed easily, but unfortunately it's nothing very impressive. 2 points.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 3
 Like a fellow officer was relating below, this mission is a bit too easy to complete, but actually the secondary mission requires some effort to achieve. Certainly that tweaking the orders of the E/Ss towards a better defense of themselves, would have improved very much the overall level of this mission. But it was not bad at all. Dogfighting in the GUN is always a pleasurable pain.
 CPT APanasyuk
    rating: 5
 As always any missions is a good mission!!! Thanks for taking time to make it!!! AAAA++++++++++
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 0
 I'm surprised I'm the first to write a review for this. I flew this thing on hard, and what happens basically is that a bunch of R-41s and Escort Shuttles show up. The R-41s fly very slowly and do absolutely nothing cause they're "flying escort". The shuttles don't move, they just fire back with the turret if we shoot at them. You just disable the shuttle you need to disable and BAM! Primary mission complete! I wish there was a negative rating available.