Lieutenant Commander Halcyon (# 2119)
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LCM Halcyon [Inactive]//
[Hussar] {TCCORE}

Combat Record
in the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
Combat Rating: NONE
    Battles completed   (6)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE Corps
TIE-TC 97: Hammer's Week (The Iron Warhammer)
TIE-TC 141: A New Ally II
TIE-TC 200: Ascension (Medal of Ascension)
TIE-TC 206: First Blood

Dark Brotherhood
TIE-DB 11: Black Dragon Rising

  XvT - Balance of Power

TIE Corps
BoP-TC 17: Revenge and Routine

    Free missions completed   (26)  

  TIE Fighter

TIE-free 104: Aurora Online
TIE-free 105: Blowing Crap Up
TIE-free 130: Chaos in Phare
TIE-free 145: Demons and Angels
TIE-free 149: Patrol of Somewhere
TIE-free 198: The Intrusion of Light
TIE-free 209: Historic Mission #1367
TIE-free 215: Pi squadron- Minos Cluster
TIE-free 216: Indaro's Little Adventure

  X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

XvT-free 11: The Test of Skill
XvT-free 57: Tiss & Mike: Prologue
XvT-free 65: Wing XIII: Phoenix Squadron
XvT-free 105: Diplomats
XvT-free 116: Subjugator Survive
XvT-free 125: An Exercise in Fast Attack
XvT-free 127: Folly: The Endless Inspection
XvT-free 137: Sector Neutral

  X-Wing Alliance

XWA-free 34: Steal a Gunship
XWA-free 40: The Capture of Firixon
XWA-free 43: TAC2K
XWA-free 47: Infiltrator Wing - The Rebel's New Toy
XWA-free 68: ASF: Avenger Elite Squadron
XWA-free 73: Space Truck
XWA-free 75: Tarentum on Patrol
XWA-free 76: Wipeout Rebel convoy
XWA-free 94: The Rebel's Escort Carrier

    Participated Combat Events   (0)