General Devin (# 283)
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General rank badge  
RSV/GN Devin/M/FRG Phoenix
CoL/CoB/OV-25E [Fusilier] [Trainee] {TCCORE-SM/1/2}

Historic Record
    Date Time held Position  
    09/10/19995m,10dCMDR/GN Devin/Omega/SSSD Sovereign 
    02/19/20005m,10dFM/COL Devin/Omega 3-2/SSSD Sovereign 
    07/31/20004m,12dCMDR/COL Devin/Omega/SSSD Sovereign 
    12/11/20001y,7m,20dCMDR/GN Devin/Omega/SSSD Sovereign 
    08/02/20023y,6m,1dRSV/GN Devin/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves 
    02/01/200611m,8dFM/COL Devin/Omega 1-3/SSSD Sovereign 
    01/10/20076y,11m,14dRSV/COL Devin/M/FRG Phoenix/Reserves 
    12/24/20138y,26dRSV/GN Devin/M/FRG Phoenix 
    Date Information  
    01/21/2014Medal of Tactics - red hammer
Creation of TIE TC 50
Recommended by: Anahorn Dempsey
    01/21/2014Commendation of Bravery
Overdue at 'paleozoic-level' recommendation, for General Devin has been wandering around with 75 missions flown and no CoB for about 10 years now! Please accept my apologies in behalf of the rest of the Fleet, General.
Recommended by: Zósite Kónstyte Styles
    02/21/2002Bronze Star of the Empire
General Devin has spearheaded an Omega Squadron improvement program that includes new minimum requirements, a reorganization of flight leaders and a healthy discussion among the pilots about the future of the elite squadron. He has also led by example, including organizing and flying in an Omega XWA multiplayer activity. Also recently, he led a strong Omega showing in the Sovereign's Mascot Power Battles -- Omega, a squadron against six full wings, pulled off two individual first places and defeated two wings overall. Omega Squadron is lucky to have the general as its commander.
Recommended by: Proton
    05/21/2001Palpatine Crescent
For being a good Devin, and kickass Commander of Omega Squadron for all these ages
Recommended by: Howlader
    12/27/2000Palpatine Crescent
For winning the Wing II vs Omega prank fiction competition
Recommended by: Calzeo Inkwolf
    12/11/2000Bronze Star of the Empire
Excellence in service, always striving to keep Omega head and shoulders above the other "elites" - which he accomplishes.
Recommended by: Kramer