TIE-DB 13: Circlet of Domination

Battle Information

Game platform: TIE Fighter
Missions: 6
Release date: 1998-01-01
Last updated: 2003-09-09


Average rating 2.4
Reviews: 13
Bug reports: 0
Times completed: 150
Patches used: None

Battle Reviews

GN Triji Boliv



This was bad. M2 was terrible, so many objectives that even just trying to read them and figure out what you're supposed to do was a challenge, not to mention really obscure arrival conditions. M4 and M5 were bad as well. I'm glad I'm done with it.

CM Benji Tandor



Some of the missions' goals can read like a shopping list from hell and the two missions in unshielded craft can be frustrating. Nevertheless, it all fits together, backed up by a tight plot that explains everything nicely. The final mission is a true joy to fly and a splendid capstone to what is a deceptively good battle !

My forty-second battle in the TIE Corps.

FA Brukhar



Poor. The goals are excessive and confusing, the fact that there are allied craft which must be attacked as goals and enemy craft that must survive is quite the hassal. Also, its annoying when your idiotic allies attack a fighter till it's damaged, then they let it fly into hyperspace while you're too busy trying to figure out what the heck you're supposed to be doing. Also, many missions have events which fall under "prior knowledge required" such as SHUs launching 5 clicks away and hypering out instantly, leaving you little chance. Plus, you can't destroy stuff to soon as an enemy craft which (for some reason) has to survive could be on it and thus fail your mission.

CM TK-9780



I'm all for missions that contain multiple goals, but some mission goals seem to have been added a random and not for the sack of the storyline. Doom style missions, with added annoyance that due to disproportionate number of goals per mission you have keep referring back to the mission Goals page every time you attack a craft/ship.

LCM Marlin



Nice and tricky and keeps a pilot on their toes. Perfect for a self challenge

COL Stuart



Complete crap... very buggy.. takes many times over even with cheasts... waste of time... etc eg. mission 2 unless you go in EXACTLY the right timing and order your ferries smack into an escort carrier overall garbage battle, don't play it if you dont have to!

LC Azazel



ok ...3 first mission were quite ok i mean nothing special but ok , but 4th mission is just crap ...i just lost time playing that battle

VA Locke Setzer



This was one of the most difficult battles I've ever played, and a couple of the ratings downsize it for that. Just because it gave you a hard time isn't a reason to whine. Regardless, it's an excellent plot with a few good twists... but very challengeing, so be warned...

AD Troutrooper



Another stupid DB battle. the first three missions are sequential: do A, then B, which allows FG C to...etc. apparently, the author felt that the last three missions needed to be hellish, so he put us in a T/F v. a CRV, DREAD, and FRG. go fly something else.

LCM Alexandr III Biges



Very, very difficult battle, spent two days with playng... but interesting.

LC Linkan



Too many objectives to complete! It's not fun to read the mission goals over and over again, just so you won't accidentally kill someone that should have survived.

CPT Devlin



Quite interesting DB battle

VA Wlodek




Battle Bug Reports

There are currently no open bug reports for this battle.

High Scores

Battle Total: 459,979 CPT Night Grue
Mission 1: 44,175 VA Oldham
Mission 2: 101,334 COL Callista
Mission 3: 79,319 VA Oldham
Mission 4: 83,095 COL Zystem Fryar
Mission 5: 102,161 COL Shae Kitane
Mission 6: 90,150 LC Tempest

Top Ten

(of available records)

1 448,338 VA Oldham 2003-01-29
2 426,985 HA Daniel Bonini 2011-09-17
3 426,985 HA Daniel Bonini 2011-10-06
4 425,640 LC Tempest 2011-09-22
5 401,140 VA Zósite Kónstyte Styles 2011-09-14
6 388,437 LCM Marlin 2005-03-10
7 378,864 CPT Rover 2003-11-03
8 341,317 COL George 2005-03-10
9 300,452 CM Kahooli 2003-12-06
10 269,506 CPT Morpheus 2004-07-06

Battle Completion Statistics

This battle has been flown by 140 pilots a total of 147 times.

Title: Dark Brotherhood Battle 13 "Circlet Of Domination"
Missions: 6
Game Platform: TIE Fighter
Author: WC/MG Lee_1/Wing IX/ISD Vanguard a.k.a  DJK Vlad (Sith: Ass't Saoi, Arbroath)

Installation instructions
1] Double click the .EHM file, the EH Battle Launcher will install the battle.
2] Check the Misc folder in your TIE one for additional material like patches, sounds etc.
3] Press the TIE Fighter button to start TIE and fly the battle.


Dark Brotherhood Battle 13:
"Circlet Of Domination"
Created By WC/MG Lee_1/Wing IX/ISD Vanguard
a.k.a  DJK Vlad (Sith: Ass't Saoi, Arbroath)
E-mail: gnlee@cyberhighway.net

Mission #1:   Secure Informant

	Through the use of the FORCE during a Dark Jedi meditation ritual, the Dark Brotherhood has learned of the existance of a powerful artifact of antiquity.  An archaeologist, who knows more details of the artifact, has been taken by Rebel sympathizers of the accursed Light Jedi into protective custody.  We have learned that he is being moved to a new hiding place, and have alerted our followers to take whatever steps to capture him.
	Two houses of the Dark Brotherhood, Arbroath and Tarentum, both seek to acquire the information first.  You are to hyper in and assist your house achieve its goals.  Once the Rebel escorts have been eliminated and the informant's transport disabled, you are to assist your house in the capture effort by disabling all rival house craft.  

Ships Used:
	(1) GUN Mu *Player's Craft*

	CRV Arbroath
	TRN Agar
	(3) T/F Alpha
	(2) GUN Aristotle

	CRV Tarentum
	TRN Osgo
	(3) T/F Able
	(2) GUN Copernicus

	(2) X-Wing Red
	(2) Y-Wing Gold
	MUTR Marcella *Archaeologist*
	(4) Y-Wing Bronze
	CRV Electra
	(2) A-Wing Paisley
	(4) X-Wing Chartruse
	(1) SHU Moth

Mission #2:  Light Jedi Trap

	Information gleaned from our informant has been enlightening.  Data Tapes about the artifact are being studied by Light Jedi at a heavily fortified installtion whose location is now known to us.  We have also learned of a colony hidden near the installation where Light Jedi families and sympathizers seek to homestead.  They have adapted several modified Cargo Containers into temporary shelters.  A modest hangar houses only a few defensive craft.
	The Dark Council has ordered Houses Arbroath and Tarentum to set aside petty rivalries for the moment and join the DB Dungeon Ship Lictor V in a reign of terror against the Light Jedi.  You are to inspect all containers.  Those that have suitable hostages will be disabled and taken by DB Cargo Ferries Karoo and Montesi.  Join CRVs Arbroath and Tarentum as they destroy their helpless targets.  This attack shall surely draw many of the Light Jedi away from the installation to the defense.  It is our goal to ensure that they be racked with fear and anger (that is the fuel of the Dark Side) before they are destroyed.  Only one Rebel craft, a transport, shall be allowed to escape.  It will serve to set the stage for the next phase of our operation.  We want the Light Jedi to learn that we mean business, and to oppose us is certain doom!	

Ships Used:
	(1) GUN Mu *Player's Craft*
	ESC Lictor V
	CRV Arbroath
	CRV Tarentum
	(2) CARG Karoo
	(2) CARG Montesi
	(3) T/F Alpha
	(2) GUN Tau *Reinforcements*

Rebel Colony:
	(4) Y-Wing Patrol
	(1) SHU Rover
	(1) SHU Echo
	(2) CN/I Post
	(2) CN/A Estate
	(1) CN/I Camel
	(2) CN/A Switch
	(1) CN/I Hangar
	(1) E/S Guard
	(1) SHU Home
	(1) TRN Crier *Must Escape*

Rebel Reinforcements:
	(4) X-Wing Red
	(5) B-Wing Blue
	(5) Y-Wing Gold
	CRV Katana
	(4) Z-95 Kai
	(3) T-Wing Yoshi
	(1) TRN Derelor
	(1) TRN Chintz

Mission #3:  Secure Data Tapes

	With the hostages obtained from our last mission, we shall use them as bargaining chips for the Artifact Data Tapes.  Once the tapes have been gained, we shall know more about the FORCE artifact known as the Circlet of Domination.	  ESC Lictor V and the hostages (aboard an old Freighter Halcyon) will hyper to the Light Jedi installation for negotiations.  You will lead a flight of TIE Interceptors to patrol the area while negotiations take place.  A suspicious Corellian Transport is also in the area, inspect it at the first opportunity.
	Initial communication with the Light Jedi tell us that they will deal with us, but only if the hostages are safe.  They are sending a C-3 Passenger Liner to take the hostages off FRT Halcyon.  We are not fools; we are prepared for any treachery they may expect to spring upon us.  Little do they know that the hostages have been exposed to a deadly virus which will suddenly produce fatal results in a few hours; more than enough time for the Liner to escape.  After our surprise has been delivered, CRVs Arbroath and Tarentum lie in wait to hyper in and launch fighters to disable the Rebel installation.  Both houses seek to serve the Dark Brotherhood, but only one may be allowed to capture the data tapes for us.  A single attack from you against one of the house CRVs will force the rival to leave and signal your house forces to begin their capture efforts.  Once the Tapes have been secured, the Rebel station shall be destroyed, a lasting tribute to those fools who would dare to oppose us!

Ships Used:
	(4) T/I Gamma *Player's Craft*
	ESC Lictor V  *Must Survive*
	(2) T/B Delta
	(1) T/B Beta
	(1) GUN Tau  *Reinforcements*
	(2) T/F Alpha
	FRT Halcyon *Hostages/Secret Plague Ship*

	CRV Arbroath
	(3) T/B Zeta
	(2) GUN Aristotle
	ATR Ghost

	CRV Tarentum
	(3) T/B Betty
	(2) GUN Copernicus
	ATR Spectre

	PLT/E New Hope *Data Tapes*
	CORT Ernham *Inspect/Allow Escape*
	MUTR Agate
	SHU Cloak
	SHU Dagger
	(4) B-Wing Pearl
	(2) A-Wing Mauve
	(2) X-Wing Navy
	(3) Y-Wing Amber
	(3) Z-95 Charcoal
Mission #4:  Track Down Escaped CORT

	Curse the very bones of those Light Jedi!  While our plague surprised produced excellent results and we secured the Artifact Data Tapes, the artifact itself was taken from the area aboard the Corellian Transport Ernham.  From the information on the data tapes we have learned that the Circlet of Domination is indeed intended for a Dark Jedi FORCE user; it amplifies control over the wills of others!  The Light Jedi were about to destroy it, before we had taken their hostages.  The fleeing CORT Ernham must be tracked down before we lose our chance at gaining such a powerful artifact!
	Unfortunately,  the ESC Lictor V has sustained some battle damage, and its shields are operating only at 50%.  We have entered an area where the CORT was last detected by long range scans.  It has eluded further detection.  However, an array of old-style CN/E navigation packs, probably once used by pirates to track target vessels, is in the area.  Perhaps one of them recorded the passage of the CORT Ernham.  You are to inspect all of the CN/E navigation packs and help protect the ESC Lictor V against an anticipated Rebel attack.  TRN Harpy will arrive to gather any information that you may find.

Ships Used:
	(1) T/F Alpha *Player's Craft*
	ESC Lictor V  *Shields 50%*
	(2) T/B Delta
	(6) T/B Beta
	(3) T/B Eta
	(2) GUN Tau
	(1) GUN Mu *Reinforcements*
	ATR Fortune *Reload Craft*
	ATR Barracuda
	TRN Harpy *Capture Craft*

	Navigation Packs CN/E V72
	Navigation Packs CN/E V73
	Navigation Packs CN/E V74
	Navigation Packs CN/E V75

	CRV Crusade
	FRG Hector
	(2) R-41 Red
	(3) T-Wing Blue
	(4) B-Wing Gold
	(5) B-Wing Sapphire
	(3) X-Wing Tan
	(2) A-Wing Amber
	(2) A-Wing Crimson

Mission #5:  Search And Seize

	After a narrow escape, the ESC Lictor V is headed for the nearest Imperial Shipyard for repairs.  Information gathered by TRN Harpy showed the last known trajectory of the fleeing CORT Ernham with its valuable cargo.  The CORT also has sustained damage to its hyperdrive motivator and can barely make the jump to a rendevous point.  Communications from the CORT Ernham were also intercepted and were decoded as a request for assistance.  Our scans of the area do not show the CORT, but rather a trio of Container Transports.  We suspect that the CORT may be hiding in one of the CRTNs holds until more Rebel help can arrive.  Already the CRTNS are taking up a defensive positon, and their TRN escorts are desperately laying a Type B minefield.
	You will be the first DB craft to arrive in  the area.  Eliminate immediate threats; the inspect and disable the CTRN group.  Don't destroy any of them until CORT Ernham has been found!  Eventually the CORT Ernham will have to attempt escape to a Rebel Capital vessel when it arrives.  Be Vigilant!  Houses Arbroath and Tarentum have sent other Assault Gunboats to assist you, but make sure at least one of each house's GUNs survives this encounter to report to their respective leaders.  Dark Brotherhood ATRs are also enroute to your position to provide aid against the Rebels.  Once CORT Ernham is disabled TRN Harpy will arrive to seize the Circlet of Domination; protect TRN Harpy at all costs during its mission!

Ships Used:
	(1) GUN Tau *Player's Craft*
	TRN Harpy  *Must Complete Mission*
	ATR Gamorae *Reload Craft*
	(2) ATR Shaddam

	(3) GUNAristotle *At least one must survive*

	(3) GUN Copernicus *At least one must survive*

	(3) CTRN Tar'ua
	Type B Mines
	(3) TRN Parapet
	(1) E/S Early
	CORT Ernham *Must be boarded*
	STRCK Redemption
	CRCK Peace
	(2) B-Wing Brown
	(1) A-Wing Scarlet
	(3) Y-Wing Auric
	(1) A-Wing Emerald
	(4) X-Wing Ruby
	(2) Z-95 Quartz
	(3) X-Wing Yellow
	(3) X-Wing Gold
	(3) E/S Halberd
	(1) A-Wing Blue
	(1) A-Wing Gold

Mission #6:  Rescue Circlet Of Domination

	The Dark Brotherhood M/CRV Jackal has been waiting for TRN Harpy to arrive with the Circlet of Domination.  In fact, now that you have arrived in the Jackal's hangar bay, having left the previous area long after TRN Harpy, DB Council members have expressed major concern.  We know that the Circlet amplifies Dark FORCE will-control, and for that reason, only Apprecntice Dark FORCE users were aboard the TRN Harpy.  The Circlet posseses a sentience of sorts, and feeds upon the energies of its victims, but can be just as fatal to an inexperienced user.
	Wait!!! An emergency message from TRN Harpy is coming in over the hyperchannel!  They have been ambushed by Rebels, and they are atempting to elude them.  The trio of X-Wings has forced them out of hyperspace near here and are closing in for the kill.  
	There is not enough time to mount a full scale rescue operation.  Our craft in this area is extremely limited.  You have shown great Dark FORCE prowess during this entire operation.  Take our fastest fighter aboard and hyper to TRN Harpy.  Destroy any immediate threats, then allow TRN Harpy to board you to give you the Circlet.  Use your FORCE powers to operate this mysterious artifact; you should be able to control the wills of some of the advancing Rebels.  Your will combined with the Circlet's power should enable you to make some of the Rebels attack each other.  Take advantage of any opportunity!  We will arrive as soon as possible, so you can personally deliver the Circlet of Domination to the Dark Council.  

Ships Used:
	(1) T/A Delta *Player's Craft/Must be boarded*
	TRN Harpy *Must complete Mission*
	M/CRV Jackal *Dark Brotherhood Ship*

	(3) X-Wing Pursuit
	(2) A-Wing Mercury
	(2) CRV Chantilly
	(2) M/CRV Benedict
	CRL Faith
	(4) B-Wing Pink
	(2) B-Wing Grey
	(5) Y-Wing Peach
	(2) SHU Scram
	(3) E/S Chanpagne
	(2) SHU Agara
	(2) A-Wing Mauve
	(1) X-Wing Fuchsia
	(1) Z-95 Carbuncle
	(2) A-Wing Lime