Lieutenant Commander Taurus (# 56071)
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FM/LCM Taurus/Firebird 1-3/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
BSx3/ISM/IAR/MUA-Rx1/IS-1BW-1BR/LoC-RS-TS-Rx3/LoS-CSx9-Rx2/CoB [Officer 1st] [Private 4th]

Imperial Navy Personnel Record
  Name and rank:   Lieutenant Commander Taurus
  ID line:   FM/LCM Taurus/Firebird 1-3/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
  Gender:   male
  Species:   Mandalorian
  Date of Birth:   3 May of 21BBY [14;5;3]
  Place of Birth:   Concord Dawn
  Marital Status:   none
  Family information:   the clan is my family; adopted in the clan around the age of 15
  Social status:   Blacksmith of Clan Vevut
  Significant events of childhood:   living alone on the streets of Concord Dawn making money with hacking tech and selling it on the blackmarket.
  Significant events of adulthood:   Adopted by Clan Vevut on my 16th birthday, becoming a beskaar smith and got accepted into the Corulag Academy on my 18th birthday, which i graduated with honors 2 years later.
  Alignment and attitude:   100% Loyal to Clan Vevut and the Empire. Honor, foresight in battle and courage
  Previous occupations:   Petty Chief Officer in the 204th Fighter Wing located on the ISD Pursuer
  Hobbies:   assembling all kind of weird, but usefull techs and weapons, hacking foreign data points
  Tragedies in life:   death of my blood parents
  Phobias and allergies:   greatest fear is to die meaningless
  Views on the Empire and
the TIE Corps:
  The Empire made the galaxys a better and safer place. Credits to all my brothers in the corps.
  Reason for enlisting in
the TIE Corps:
  Realizing my dream to fly through the galaxy while also serve my beloved Empire
  Other comments:   none
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