Defending the Rift

An Emperor's Hammer campaign is a named operation that advances the EH plotline with broad participation by members in one or more subgroups. A General Campaign Medal with appropriate clasp may be awarded to participants in approved campaigns.

Campaign Name: Defending the Rift
Dates: 2024-02-15 - 2024-03-15
Description: With the successful acquisition of the 'navigators' from the Navigators’ Guild, the Emperor’s Hammer First Recon Division fleet made contact with several member states in the neighboring regions of the Chaos. We learned the Kilji Illumine had been launching raids on the various states over the last several months. The Kilji Illumine were determined to be a large theocratic government that believed that all sentient beings of the galaxy should submit to enlightenment via their belief system, regardless of their opponent’s feelings on the matter.

Having made swift contact with the Chiss Ascendancy we did our best to reestablish Imperial relations with the secretive people. The fact that we were a unit formed by Grand Admiral Ronin (a Chiss himself) aided in this. We learned from the leader of the Chiss expansionary fleet that a large fleet of Kilji seemed to be planning a mass attack on the Cluster via an undefended gap - the Tkon Rift.

The Tkon Rift, a dense nebula, stood between the Kilji Illumine and many of the other species of the cluster. If the Kilji chose to send a large fleet through it, they could easily strike at the weakly defended rear and sides of six of the cluster’s inhabitants, including the Chiss. No single group had enough forces to fill this gap, and none of them trust each other enough to work together. It was into this breach the Emperor’s Hammer strode and, though incurring a heavy toll, was able to stem the flood of the Kilji, preventing them from penetrating through the Tkon Rift.
Related Competition: Imperial Storm VI
Campaign Medal: General Campaign Medal - Tkon Rift
Medal Description: In 32 ABY, Emperor's Hammer forces arrived at the Tkon Rift, an expanse of space that the Kilji Illumine sought to pass through enroute to dominating this region of space and then the galaxy. Over the course of a month forces of the TIE Corps and Secret Order put up a mighty fight, contesting every star system in the Rift and destroying well over half of the Kilji starfleet before the enemy forces fell back.

Participants in the campaign were recognized with award of the General Campaign Medal – Tkon Rift, with the blue and white ribbon alluding to the insignia of the Chiss Ascendancy in recognition of the newly established relationship between the groups.
Medal Subtext: Imperial Storm VI Participant


COL Aardvark
LT Alexander Stark
MAJ Alexandre Morgan
LT Alexmadv Corachan
LT Alpharius Omegon
LT Alton Sureshot
CM Anthony Starr
LCM Armon Ferro
LCM asche
CPT Asen Starlancer
CPT Aval
LT beach89
LCM C Wrench
LT Charlie Halcorr
CM CobraSparkles
RA Colo Delste
CM Cthulhu_saves
MAJ DemWookieeCheeks
GN Dunta Polo
GN Earnim Branet
LT EH-Zorak500
GN Elwood the Brave
RA fr0Zen
CM Gabba Gabagool
RA Genie
LCM Gian Webb
CPT Grendel
COL Gytheran
CM Habu
LT Hera Storm
COL Highlander
LC Honsou
CPT Iam Thinking
CPT Isabis Kamaria
LT Jafan Russ
CPT Jagged Fell III
LCM Jai Thorne
LCM Jaquel Rainrix
GN Jarek La’an
CPT Jayden Halcorr
FA John T. Clark
MAJ Kazraran
CM Kieran Yoyo
CM LandoRasputin
CM Lobsord
VA Locke Setzer
CM LPhoenix
LT Lucas Lucky Finn
LCM Ludovicus Gallorum
CM Maple Wulvar
GN Mark Schueler
LCM Marlore Julren
GN Master
MAJ Maston Dane
CM Matt Brass
CPT Matu Vonnegut
CPT Maximus Meridius
CM Miguel
COL Miles Prower
CM Milo Antu
MAJ Morgoth
LT Morkie
LCM MsMayham
LCM Nix Varro
CM Nova Discordia
LT OBS_Obiwan
CM OL"Davy Jonez
LCM Oudik-Delta-4
AD Phoenix Berkana
HA Plif
MAJ Prost Varsis
CPT Rachel Drakon
LCM Roxy Foxy
LCM Sam Arsio
CM scottrick
LT ScottyTheGeo
LT Seahowl
CM Shane
LCM Sid_amos
GN Silwar Naiilo
MAJ SirCaleb
CPT SirPants
LC Solohan50
AD Sylas Pitt
MAJ Taurus
COL TheBlackxRanger
GN Triji Boliv
CPT Turel
HA Turtle Jerrar
LT Ty Saunderez
CM Vanguard88
LC Vapen Van’an
CM Varik Kassal
LT Varn Sharasser
COL Westric Davalorn
CM WhatsUpDock
LT Wheelzmckay
CPT Witchblade
MAJ Wolve Excelsior Berkana