Imperial University

The Imperial University (IU) is the premiere training institution for the Emperor's Hammer. There are numerous courses available for EH Members to take including Fighter Identification, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter tactics, XW/TIE/XvT/XWA Mission Design, even HTML/PHP/ASP website editing/creation.

At the moment, pilots will need to create a profile in the separate database on by completing the join form to create a PIN so that they can log in. Plans are in motion to consolidate our web services, so needing to have two sets of credentials isn't permanent.

The Imperial University is under the direct management of the Training Office, headed by the Emperor's Hammer Training Officer (TO).

The current EH Training Officer is: Fleet Admiral Tomaas Montte

The single most important course for members of the TIE Corps is TIE Corps Core. Normally taken very early in a pilot's career, TCCORE introduces all of the ranks, positions, structure, and other basic knowledge that sets a pilot up for success. In addition to the course's main page linked above, you can also go straight to the course notes or the list of graduates.

All of the other IU courses are listed here.