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Reviews for XvT-free 52

 VA Phoenix Berkana
    rating: 3
 A good mission, quick and painless which is what a FREE should be, but not a cake walk as the enemy are trying to kill you. That alone makes a change from some FREE missions! Frigate could be told to shoot back which would be a improvement, but otherwise a decent 3/5.
 CPT Xye
    rating: 2
 Easy enough on easy, see some Rebels, so I started blasted. So if it helps, the FRG will show up shortly after the mission starts - just wait it out. Then, there are two flights of X-Wings. So heads up when the second one hypers in. I say this for a reason: when the second one shows up, they will smoke you if you're not paying attention. Trust me.
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played on Easy. This is a pretty straightforward mission. You just need to inspect a Frigate and then kill a bunch of starfighters. It seemed like it had decent enough level design, with some cool secondary goals. I didn't achieve these, though, so I can't speak to them.
 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 4
 Inspect a Frigate and take on enemy fighters, it is straight forward and easy. Good mission though and it was very enjoyable. Nothing too crazy and it can be completed pretty quickly
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 Nice mission. It has a well structured sequence of dogfighting and the encounters are very well balanced. It can be played for fast completion or there is some competition material since there are deeper goals as you progress. The Galactica names were a nice touch. Worth a try.
 COL Genie
    rating: 4
 It's a nice mission. For once it's not just you vs the world. Feels good for a XvT Free (single) mission. Plenty of targets to shoot at, a quick skirmish. As a final bonus a frigate wrapped in a red ribbon for you (and a fan of Galactica?). The frigate could have been better at defending itself. I may return to attempt a high score after the RTF
 LC acetiepilot
    rating: 4
 A straight up dog fight mission. Plenty of targets to down. Only improvement I may suggest is have a flight of TF be available to fly, as the platform's defense. No bugs to report.
 COL Mouse Droid
    rating: 4
 This mission has a nice plot and is a good fly. I also like the presence of the ISD Subjugator in this mission and the surprise entry of the pirates apart from the usual Rebels. The order of the in-flight messages is garbled, which is a shame. In summary though: an enjoyable mission.
 SL A.J "Tainer" Brown
    rating: 4
 Overall an enjoyable mission, i liked it a lot.