Thunder Report # 8 (2023-03-08)

This report was submitted by CMDR-COOA-TOA/LC LegionX/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge/Battlegroup III

Thunder Squadron Report #


REPORTING OFFICER: Lieutenant Colonel LegionX, CMDR
TO: Thunder Squadron, Admiral Stryker, TIE Corps

Legion is sitting down by a desk, spinning a Beskar dagger on its tip. A hologram of his brother, Kyle Ordo, just finished reporting to him of several more Mandalorian clans now in favor of supporting Legion’s legitimacy to rule the Ordo Clan as its head. While this should be a moment of victory for him, Legion finds himself cautious in declaring himself as the clan’s leader. This would be a direct affront to the current one, Dr. Ordo, his own mother. While not afraid to fight her, there are still loyalists within the clan that would follow her to the death and he would rather not have a civil war with his own family.
“Are we sure that the last few clans will support my actions to unite the clans once again?” Legion asks Kyle to assure himself of the data he received.
“Other than the treasonous Nite Owls, Even the remains of Death Watch support you…Brother, this is it. Now more than ever, we can finally bring our people together. No more wandering, no more fragmented clans. We can be united as a people once agai-”
“And other Mand’alors did the same thing, did they not?...Unite our people, up until a point where they just fragment once again…Have you learned nothing of our history? I do not want to repeat this cycle anymore. If we are going to reunite, we need to find a way to STAY united!” , Legion interrupted Kyle in a small fit of rage.
“...I’m sorry Kyle…just getting frustrated is all.”
“No worries brother, I know the burden of leadership isn’t easy.”
“...truer words…ready the battleship…it’s time to send a message to the TIE Corps.”
“...the Crusade has started?”
“Yes Brother” As Legion rises from his desk and looks out towards the massive Mandalorian Fleet under his command. Returning his Beskar Dagger to its sheathe, he waves his hand to open a wall panel containing a new prototype Neo-Crusader Armor and Electrum-coated Lightsaber Spear Prototype Weapon he had been creating. “The Mandalorian Crusades have returned.”
[All Events take place during the LegionX: The Blood Hunter fiction / which is still being written up. Apologies for it's delay]

Squadron News

Alright Thunder, Listen up:

So we got some reworking to do within the squadron. With IS5 upon us, I want to take this time to make sure that all of you are ready for our first battle. Some have brought up concerns about our deployment pattern and while I have agreements and disagreements, the order still stands that we wait until we have a battle. THEN we wreck havoc against the bugs.

In the meantime, I want you all to continue with your normal procedures. LoS and LoC submissions, fiction writing, art, IU courses, whatever floats your fancy but I need to start seeing folks pull their weight here. For many of you, you have been doing an outstanding job and I am proud of each of you who have contributed. We will keep Thunder going strong. Now lets see whats going on with the Battlegroup

Battlegroup News

In Battlegroup 3 news: .
As stated before, Imperial Storm 5 is ongoing now. This competition as a reminder is not the usual spamfest that RTF is, so there is absolutely no need to burnout at all from games. Currently it looks like our forces have taken a bit of a hit from a massive Ishtari fleet and we have lost a few ships, nothing to panic about at all we were bound to lose a few anyway. Not really much going around in the BG sadly, haven’t received much word at all to be honest, so let's see how things are doing around the Fleet.

Fleet News

Around the Fleet:
IS5 once again taking the spotlight with almost all aspects of the fleet currently as is. Of the few things going around non IS5: Elite Dangerous is pretty much set to become the next primary game for the TC, now would be the time, if you haven’t already, to set up your games and flight rigs for that. TCiB is going strong still, the current round ends in a couple of days so get on that if you haven’t yet. Not really much else going on, just keep your heads on a swivel while we wait for the bug attacks in IS5.

Competitions to Consider:

Imperial Storm 5
One of the big 3 Corps wide competitions that is currently underway. Our forces instead of fighting in wargames with each other have instead started a theater of war against the Ishtari forces.

TIE Corps Jigsaw Puzzle Part 2
Run by MAJ Vaner Van'an for several months. Currently 1 month and 27 days left before the season ends so make sure you get in the fun before its too late.

It's Them! Blast Them!
run by COL Miles, an Elite Dangerous competition run for several months where the prize is the coveted Platinum Wings.

Trivia for The Challenged - 2023 Season 1
AD Stryker runs the Trivia for the Challenge in the BG, runs every week for shiny medals

Analyzing the Ishtari Tactics
Run by CPT Jetmech, a pub league based on Empire at War. 2v2 teams going against others at their leisure.

Squadron Activity

This table covers activity from the 1st of the month of the Imperial Year.

Callsign SP LoS LoC Honour Guard COOP Rating Combat Rating Wings Battle Reviews Comps IU Medals Other
1-1: LC LegionX 0 10 0 Lancer Ranger 1st Marksman 1st 14th Echelon n/a 3 0 ISM Admin Work - LC promo
1-2: Vacant 0 0 0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 0 0 n/a
1-3: CPT Ryuzokin 0 0 0 N/A Gunners Mate 2nd Marksman 4th 9th Echelon n/a 8 0 PC
1-4: CPT Dynamus 0 0 0 N/A Private 1st Officer 4th 9th Echelon n/a 0 0 X
2-1: LCM Bonebolt 0 26 2 N/A Private 4th Trainee 2nd Echelon n/a 4 16 PC
2-2: LCM Tyris Sal 0 0 0 N/A Qualified Certified 2nd Echelon n/a 0 0 X please contact CMDR
2-3: LT Danvil Hawks 0 0 0 N/A Qualified Trainee 1st Echelon n/a 0 0 X please contact CMDR / final warning
2-4: CM Drun'der Chuanach 0 0 1 N/A Private 2nd Marksman 1st 7th Echelon n/a 1 0 X
3-1: LCM Grendel 0 74 52 N/A Campaigner 3rd Officer 3rd 11th Echelon n/a 1 0 BS Thunder MvP
3-2: SL Swainteth Lortan 0 0 0 unranked unranked unranked unranked n/a 0 0 n/a Welcome to the Squadron
3-3: CPT Xander Drax 0 17 0 Legionnaire Qualified Marksman 2nd 11th Echelon n/a 4 1 X
3-4: LT Haro 0 0 0 N/A unranked Trainee 1st Echelon n/a 0 0 X Please Contact CMDR

Commander's Office

I ask all of you to please be patient about the Medal of Communications backlog that is still being looked at. As for anything else, as always please make sure you are keeping in regular contact with your flight leaders. If you are unfamiliar with the rank structure and don’t know who that is, don’t be afraid to ask me and I will help you out with that personally. That is all.

For The Empire,

CMDR/LC LegionX/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge/Battlegroup III
-14BR/ORA-1C/LoC-TS/LoS-2PS/CoLx2/CoB/OV-2E [Lancer] [Marksman 1st] [Ranger 1st]