Rho Report # 8 (2022-08-01)

This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Westric Davalorn/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Captain Westric Davalorn, Squadron Commander
DATE SUBMITTED: 08.01.2022



("Harpax, this is Rho One," speaks Captain Westric "Dav" Davalorn into his helmet comm as his TIE Interceptor "Banshee" exits the Warrior's hangar and angles towards the Interdictor holding postition off the port bow. "Requesting docking clearance for Rho Squadron."

"Acknowledged, Rho One," responds the docking controller on the Harpax II. "You are cleared to land in Docking Bay 2."

"Understood, Harpax," Dav replies. "Rho One, out." He switches the comm frequency over to the squadron's internal channel. "Rho Squadron, this is Rho One. We're cleared for Bay 2. Form up on me."

Having followed Dav out of the hangar, the eleven remaining Interceptors form up on his wing. As they close on the Harpax II, Dav pulls back on the throttle and reduces speed for the docking approach. Just before he reaches the docking bay, he rolls left and pulls back on the controls, peforming a slow loop to put himself in the rear of the formation.

Following the rest of the squadorn into the docking bay, Dav presses a button on the controls to switch to automated docking, allowing the cycling rack tractor beam to guide him the rest of the way. The solid clank of metal on metal confirms that he is docked. He keys his comm unit and states, "Docking Control, this is Rho One. Confirming Rho Squadron is docked and locked."

"Understood, Rho One," responds the docking controller. "It will take some time to cycle your ships into storage and bring your new craft out. Feel free to use the crew facilities while you wait."

"Acknowledged, Control," Dav confirms. "Rho One, out." He completes the shut down procedure and pops the hatch. Standing up in his seat, he climbs the ladder up to the gantry walkway to join the rest of the squadron. He doffs his helmet and tucks it under his arm. Approaching the group of pilots, he announces, "Looks like we're going to be here for a while. Feel free to hit the refresher or grab a bite from the mess. Just don't go too..."

The sound of the cycling rack servos powering up interrupts his train of thought.  The pilots turn to watch as the Rho Squadron Interceptors are lined up in single file to begin the trip back into the red-lit tunnels to the storage hold. A whirl of emotions overtake Dav and he suddenly snaps to attention and salutes the fighters as one by one they disappear around the corner. The rest of the squadron immediately follows suit as they silently watch the procession. Flyer. Octavian. Harbinger. Di'Jai. Until finally, Banshee disappears around the corner with the rest of her pack.

Dav lowers his salute and turns back to the rest of the squadron. He can tell everyone is still processing what just happened, so he clears his thoat and begins, "I know this is a tough transition. Those Interceptors safely carried us through several fleet maneuvers and wargames, not to mention brought us back alive from the Battle of Tusorix. But, our successes have been recognized within the High Command, earning us a new mission objective and armament that will allow us to better take the fight to our enemies. This is a moment of celebration. Remember the past. Forge the future. Dismissed."

As the rest of the Rho pilots leave the gantry walkway and disperse to the turbolifts, Dav pulls out his datapad and enters the command to upload the report he'd written prior to their departure from the Warrior.)

Pilots of Rho Squadron,

At this moment, we are awaiting the deployment of our new TIE Avengers.  These starfighters will allow us to better accomplish our new squadron objective, Deep Strike: to launch surprise attacks deep into enemy-held territory and assault locations where the Strike Fleet cannot go without extreme risk of destruction or capture.

With Rho Squadron being issued new TIE Avengers, we will need to begin training and flying patrols to familiarize ourselves with our new fighters. General Frown has requested proposals for operations that will utilize the Avenger’s strengths as a multi-role fighter. All Rho Squadron pilots are invited to submit a mission proposal for Rho Squadron's first mission in the new TIE Avenger.

Also, as part of our reorganization into a Deep Strike TIE Avenger squadron, we will need to update our recruitment profile.  I will be accepting submissions from the entire TIE Corps for a new Rho Squadron banner.

Sub-Lieutenant Skwidjm has been assigned to Rho 2 and has recently been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant!

Lieutenant Ayre and Sub-Lieutenant Flax Rogers have been transferred to Sigma Squadron to help bolster their ranks.  We wish them luck in their new squadron!

That's all the news I have for now.

For peace and order throughout the galaxy!  For the Empire!

  • We are now officially a Deep Strike squadron equipped with TIE Avengers!
  • Flight of the Avengers is a fiction competition open to all Rho pilots about our first mission in the TIE Avenger.  Additional details below.
  • I am accepting submissions for a new Rho Squadron Banner.  Additional details below.
  • Please welcome LT Skwidjm to Rho Squadron and congratulate him on his promotion!
  • LT Ayre and SL Flax Rogers have been transferred to Sigma Squadron and are no longer on our roster.
  • The participation details below represent the range of time since the last report on 07.18.2022. Therefore, the details cover 07.19.2022 - 07.31.2022.

The full list of current competitions can be found here in the Competitions Center.

Flight of the Avengers

With Rho Squadron being issued new TIE Advanced, nicknamed the "Avenger" by Imperial pilots, we will need to begin training and flying patrols to familiarize ourselves with our new fighters. General Frown has requested proposals for operations that will utilize the Avenger’s strengths as a multi-role fighter. All Rho Squadron pilots are invited to submit a fiction piece about Rho Squadron’s first mission in its new TIE Avengers.

Submissions will be judged by the Squadron Commander. The winning submission will receive an Iron Star - Silver Ribbon and be incorporated into the next Squadron Report following the end of the competition. Runner up will receive an Iron Star - Bronze Ribbon. Any valid entry over 1,000 words will receive an Iron Star - Copper Ribbon. All submissions must be a PDF file.

All submissions should be sent to Westric Davalorn via email (davalorn@gmail.com) or Discord DM.

Rho Squadron Banner

With Rho Squadron requisitioning new TIE Advanced starfighters, we are in need of a new banner for our squadron profile and reports!

All submissions should be sent to Westric Davalorn via email (davalorn@gmail.com) or Discord DM. Each submission will be judged anonymously by Rho Squadron pilots, with first, second, and third place determined by number of votes for each.

Warrior's Ace Pilot

Pilots of the ISDII Warrior, we're looking for the Warrior's Ace Pilot in the form of who can achieve the highest score in a Star Wars Squadrons Dogfight. You will have one month to send your highest scoring game to Theta Commander Vapen Vanman. There is only one submission per person, so my advice would be to keep the screenshot of your current highest score in a specific place and just replace that file if you get a higher score. Good Luck. Pilots, to your fighters!

Emperor's Hammer at War!

To honor the addition of Empire at War to the TIE Corps‘ supported games, you are challenged to partner up and complete the fastest PvE match of Empire at War. You and your partner must face 2 AI opponents on Hard, No Superweapons, No Heroes, and 2000 starting credits with a win condition of destroy enemy space station.

Only one submission per team sent via Discord DM or email (vapinvanman@gmail.com) to CPT Vapen Vanman. You must include a screenshot of the game settings and a screenshot of the win screen (with the Base displayed on the right for IS-CW credit).

Good luck and pilots, to your fighters!

Deal me in!

Squadron (Re)Mobilization is over so it's time to relax, take a break, and swindle your fellow pilots in Pazaak!

You have a month to play as many games of Pazaak as you want, but you may only submit your top 15 screenshots to VA Marenta at marenta@gmail.com. If you have better scores later in the month, you may send those in and I will take the top 15.

Take a screenshot of each match you win. Points in the competition will be given as follows: 3 points for a 3-0 win against another TC pilot 2 points for a 3-1 win against another TC pilot 1 point for a 3-2 win against another TC pilot 0.5 points for any win against PAZAAKBOT

Each pilot's points will be added up from the screenshots they submitted. Highest point total wins first place, second highest point total takes second place, and so on.

The game will be played on https://pazaak.parsely.io/game

  • Register using your TC pilot's name
  • Select "Basic" (Telosi won't be used for this competition)
  • Use "Private Game" to play against other TC pilots
  • Use "Practice Game" to play against the AI

You can find the rules here: https://pazaak.parsely.io/rules

Good luck, you're going to need it!

TIE Fighter Mineracing!

TIE Mine Racing! Pilots of the Emperor's Hammer are always seeking to improve their skills and prove their worth in battle. To demonstrate marksmanship and flying prowess, pilots will fly an unshielded TIE Interceptor on a short exercise to eliminate mines and containers in the fastest time possible.

Pilots will enter the TIE Fighter game combat chamber and load TIE campaign Battle 5, Mission 1 mineclearing. Upon arrival in the combat area, the pilot will immediately activate their in-flight video recorder ('C' Key) and destroy 18 space mines and four containers. It is not necessary to complete the mission or achieve any of the primary or secondary goals.

  • Difficulty: Hard (so you get 18 mines)
  • Invulnerability, reinforcements and unlimited ammo may not be utilized.
  • Objects may be destroyed in any order but the final kill must be a container.
  • Aggressor craft may also be eliminated but this is not a requirement.
  • In-game bonus goals required for completion: 100% MINE A Type 1A must be destroyed / 100% MINE A Type 1B must be destroyed / 100% CN/D Chi must be destroyed / 100% CN/D Psi must be destroyed

Please rename your video file to {pilotname}.clp (ex: aardvark.clp) and email to aardvark.tiecorps@gmail.com

Comp placement will be determined by the shortest elapsed time to destroy 18 mines and four containers. The elasped time will be established by a review of the in-flight video and shall be the time on the cockpit clock when the first evidence of destruction explosion animation appears on the final container object. To ensure proper scoring, the player's craft must survive and the in-flight video recorder must remain active for several seconds after the destruction of the final container.

Upon request, pilots will be provided with a TOPACE game file with an appropriate progression in the campaign to access this mission.

Signal Scramble Infection

Before VA Marenta's time as the Warrior Commodore, she used her faithful TIE Reaper, BESSIE, during a mission in which her com circuitry was corrupted and led to cascading and repetitive damage. Being the brilliant logistician she was, she decided to appropriate her vessel from Inferno Squadron and bring it with her to the ISDII Warrior. Unfortunately, it still has the bug of a strange frequency being transmitted into her ship. The messages are simply random 3, 4, and 5 letter combinations repeated for approximately 2 standard weeks before the letter combinations change again. In an effort to help figure out what the messages mean, Marenta has tasked the Warrior to make up phrases for the letter combinations and polling the fleet to determine which is the most likely. Every 2 weeks VA Marenta will generate 3, 4, and 5 random letter combinations and create a Google Form to allow personnel onboard ISDII Warrior to fill out with a time frame of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the responses will be put up in a poll where the Warrior members will vote on the responses provided. The members voting will NOT be able to see which phrase was submitted by which member. After a 2 week voting period, to keep the submissions along the same time period as the voting, VA Marenta will announce the winners. Each season will have 6 full rounds of entries/voting/results. Example: VTK Vocal Tauntauns? Kill! FTWN Free The Wookies Now! VAAAS Vacations At Alderaan Are Stupid

The Challenge with Words

After a particularly bad batch of Chalquilla was distributed by Inferno Squadron, medical was inundated with severely hungover and somewhat illiterate members of the fleet. The tanks had been infected with a spore that ate sugar and spit out alcohol, like yeast. But, this spore also had a side effect, it secreted a neuro inhibitor that ate away people’s knowledge. To help “stimulate” some learning, Inferno, along with the medical crew, have started sending out word puzzles to help the members of the fleet regain some of their lost knowledge.

At the beginning of every month, VA Marenta will generate a word search and post the link along with announcing the previous month’s entrants. Each month, the puzzle will be related to something specific like planets, people, craft, manufacturers, wars, a movie/book/series, etc. Each puzzle will be 50 words and the site will keep track of all submissions.

This competition will utilize the time test on the website in lieu of using the first-entrant on the host site.


Rho Squadron - Deep Strike
The Steam Rhollers || 'Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy'
Wing II - ISDII Warrior

Flight I - TIE Avenger
Antiel's Aces || 'Remember the Past, Forge the Future'
[1-1] CPT Westric Davalorn
[1-2] LT Skwidjm
[1-3] LCM Cray Xerious
[1-4] LT Bronx Bluar

Flight II - TIE Avenger
Dagger Flight || 'Death Comes on Dagger Wings'
[2-1] CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan
[2-2] LT Vraal Spag
[2-3] CM FamePlane
[2-4] LT Chudan

Flight III - TIE Avenger
Emperor's Will || 'In Peace, Vigilance - In War, Victory - In Death, Sacrifice'
[3-1] LCM Tiran Marr
[3-2] LC fr0Zen
[3-3] LT ReconNine
[3-4] LT Rotarg Kradak


Flight I

[1-1] CPT Westric Davalorn

  • Flying: 92 LoS
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating (MP PvE) rank achieved: Ranger 4th; Course passed: Wiki Editing for Dummies; Signal Scramble Infection; The Great Bounty Hunting Race
  • Communication: Email, Discord

[1-2] LT Skwidjm

  • Flying: 4 LoC
  • Non-flying: New promotion: Lieutenant (LT); New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Trainee
  • Communication: Discord

[1-3] LCM Cray Xerious

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: Submitted 2000+ words of fiction; Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

[1-4] LT Bronx Bluar

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

Flight II

[2-1] CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan

  • Flying: 1 LoC
  • Non-flying: Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

[2-2] LT Vraal Spag

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

[2-3] CM FamePlane

  • Flying: 3 LoC
  • Non-flying: Squadrons Championship League Staff; Squadrons Championship League Twitch Caster
  • Communication: Discord

[2-4] LT Chudan

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

Flight III

[3-1] LCM Tiran Marr

  • Flying: 2 LoC
  • Non-flying: Signal Scramble Infection; Updated Uniform; Updated INPR
  • Communication: Discord

[3-2] LC fr0Zen

  • Flying: 21 LoC
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Ace 4th; Squadrons Championship League Team Captain
  • Communication: Discord

[3-3] LT ReconNine

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[3-4] LT Rotarg Kradak

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord 

Enjoy the downtime while we wait for our TIE Avengers to be pulled from storage, but don't stray too far from the docking bay. 

CPT Westric Davalorn
CMDR/CPT Westric Davalorn/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior