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3175 Spot the Error! Lambda Squadron 1y,1m,30d
3174 Lambdas never die (Squadrons) Lambda Squadron 1y,1m,29d
3173 Lambda climbs the Ladder (Squadrons) Lambda Squadron 1y,1m,29d
3172 Lambs turn to Wieners (Squadrons) Lambda Squadron 1y,1m,29d
3168 Sinful Imagery entire TC 30d
3167 Art for the Riders on the Storm Entire TC 21d
3164 Know your sheep from your wolves - Trivia Lambda Squadron 1y,1m,28d
3161 Shakespearean-esque lyrics for modern songs Entire TC 30d
3154 The TIE Pilot Podcast entire TC 1y,3m
3155 Wake me up when November ends ISD-II Challenge 1m,30d
3153 Project Domination (The score is wrong B****) Theta 2m,30d
3151 Beta Jigsaw! Beta 3m
3149 The Empire's Wrath Entire TC 9d
3147 Trivia for the Challenged Wing X 1y,2m,30d
3146 Thunder TIES on Tour Thunder 1y,3m
3145 Thunder Trivia Thunder 1y,3m
3143 Beta's Maverick or Iceman Beta 3m
3142 Wielder of the Inferno Inferno 2m,30d
3138 Know your Beta (Weekly Trivia) Beta 2m,30d
3136 Warden's IU Tuition Assistance Entire TC 3m
3135 Challenge Pilot of the month (SP/MP) ISD-II Challenge 2m,30d
3134 Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots ISD-II Challenge 2m,30d
3130 Warden's Bi-Weekly Fiction Events Entire TC 3m
3128 Warden's Sitcom Monthly Run-On Entire TC 3m
3123 Sin Goes Golfing! Sin 2m,30d
3122 Know Your Enemies (Or Friends) Sin 2m,30d
3121 Sin Squadron Top Gun Sin 2m,30d
3120 Warrior Trivia Competition Wing II 2m,27d
3116 Hammer pilot of the month - 2020 Wing I 3m
3114 Rho Ace 2020 Rho 3m
3112 Cryp-TAC Entire TC 3m
3102 Everyone's a Critic Entire TC 2m,30d
3100 TIE Corps in Battle 2020 Entire TC 2m,30d
3099 Warrior Commodore's Escort Flight Warrior 3m
3098 Wing II Commander's Escort Flight Wing II 3m
3097 Adventures of Sin Squadron Sin 2m,30d
3096 Delta Trivia Delta 3m
3095 Delta on Tour - 2020 Delta 2m,30d
3093 Ace of the TIE Corps 2020 Entire TC 2m,30d
3092 Sin Squadron Trivia Sin 2m,30d
3091 Sin Squadron On Patrol Sin 2m,30d
3090 Sin Squadron Ace Competition Sin 2m,30d
3089 TIE Corps on the CoOp-Front - 2020 entire TC 2m,30d
3088 TIE Corps on the MP-Front - 2020 entire TC 2m,30d
3087 COO/SOO Riddle 2020 entire TC 2m,30d
3084 COO's Star Wars Challenge, Episode VI entire TC 3m
3083 MP COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2020 entire TC 3m
3082 MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2020 entire TC 3m
3080 EoR - 2020 Epsilon 2m,30d
3076 Alpha PvP Sparring Alpha 2m,30d
3074 TIE-Fu (TIE Fighter Edition) Alpha 2m,30d

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Top 10 competition submitters

  • High Admiral Anahorn Dempsey (162)
  • Fleet Admiral Plif (84)
  • High Admiral Frodo March (68)
  • Captain Von Predator (64)
  • Fleet Admiral Silvius (64)
  • Admiral Darksaber (60)
  • High Admiral Elwood the Brave (58)
  • General Dunta Polo (56)
  • General Sickman (54)
  • General Master (52)