Firebird Report # 1 (2024-06-30)

This report was submitted by CMDR-TACA/GN Master/Firebird/Wing XXII/MC90 Renegade/Battlegroup III


Firebird Squadron Report #01

Disclaimer: This is a mature report.
If you don't find any offensive, defamatory, or vaguely sexual material please let us know and we'll put some in immediately

patch.php?id=139&size=small From: General Master To: Major Enrina Drosa
CC: Vice Admiral Locke Setzer
Submitted: 30 June 32-ABY patch.php?id=139&size=small

***~CMDR's Corner~***

Welcome to my first report as Firebird Squadron Commander, it's been quite some time since I wrote a report but I think I remember how it goes...

A new dawn approaches... a long dark period comes to a close...

No? That's not how it goes?.. What do you mean stick to the script?.. I didn't agree to that! Do I have to?.. Why are you so strong?!?.. Oh alright! Fine! Such a Party pooper sometimes `L

Lets try this again... It is a great honour to be appointed as Firebird Squadron Commander and firstly I’d like to thank the shiny Admirals for their encouragement & support. Secondly, many thanks to MAJ SirCaleb for the amazing job he did as Firebird CMDR. He has agreed to stay on within the squadron and is the new Firebird XO, turning down what I was told was a lucrative role of bikini inspector on one of the moons of Ryloth. We thank him for his dedication and also congratulate him on his fancy new rank.

***~Squadron News~***

*~A New Era~*

So as afore mentioned, I, General Master am the new Commander type guy of Firebird Squadron.
Many of you are perhaps asking "Who is this Master person"? "Why is this Master person"? "Why am I reading this"? and "Why is he so handsome"?
These are just some of the many topics we will explore together in the coming weeks, months and even years.
I hope you brought a notebook... there will be tests.

*~Welcome Welcome!~*

Firstly let us welcome Gyot Soto who arrived to our sandy shores this month. He is already settling in nicely as you will see further below. Welcome aboard Gyot.
Sadly LT Suza leaves us for the reserves. Thank you for your service Suza and hope to see you again soon.

*~Promotion Time!~*

Two amazing promotions to celebrate this month with SirCaleb promoted to the rank of Major and our newest pilot, Gyot Soto promoted to Lieutenant. Congratulations to both pilots, amazing job!

*~Competition Time!!~*

The Great Firebird Squadron Chronicles - Chronicle Your Journey starts today! Further details below!!!

*~June MP Fun!~*

Amazing month from Gyot, Jafan, SirCaleb & Turel by smashing the Rebel Scum in the Multiplayer arena. They managed between them to earn 86 LoC's and 2 LoS's. These heroic actions promoted Jafan to the Combat Rating rank of Marksman 4th, Gyot to the rank of Trainee and SirCaleb to the rank of Veteran 1st. Fantastic job by all!!!!!

*~I'm Learding...!~*

Imperial University courses were popular this month with several of the squadron taking pride in their education. Gyot & Jafan led the pack! See activity section below for more in-depth details.

*~Shiny Medals!!!!~*

Aside from the many, many LoC and LoS being awarded lots of other great shinys awarded this month! Congratulations to all winners! Check them out!

  • General Master awarded a Iron Star with Silver Wings (IS-SW), Bronze Star of the Empire (BS) & Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster (MoC-boc)
  • MAJ SirCaleb awarded a Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster (MoC-boc)
  • LT Jafan Russ awarded a Commendation of Bravery
  • LT Caius Lao Bistail awarded a Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon (IS-BR)

***~Squadron Competitions~***

*~The Great Firebird Squadron Chronicles - Chronicle Your Journey~*

Hear ye, brave pilots of the legendary Firebird Squadron! The stars have aligned, and the cosmos beckons for tales of your daring escapades and gallant sorties. It’s time to etch your name in the annals of spacefaring history!

Objective: Craft your Imperial Navy Personnel Record (INPR) or give it a cosmic update, and forge your digital legacy on the hallowed Encyclopaedia Imperia. This is your chance to influence the very fabric of our upcoming sagas, ensuring that the stories resonate with the essence of who you truly are.
All rules and links are available in the Competition Center. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.
Medal Awards: IS-SR, IS-BR, IS-CR.
Comp Dates: 2024-07-01 - 2024-07-31

*~Battlegroup III Summer Games~*

Our esteemed BGCOM has launched a new competition which feels like an Olympics theme, but yeah basically there a certain challenge every two weeks.
Check out the Competition Center for more info and keep an eye out on discord for the next task.

*~Trivia for the Challenged~*

Friendly reminder that Trivia for the Challenged is on-going for the trivia inclined. Every week, COL Miles Prower issues a new set of trivia questions that can be about almost anything! Great way to win shiny medals. Check out the Competition Listing for more info and keep an eye out on #bg3-competitions-announcements for the next task.

***~Squadron Orders~***

  • The Great Firebird Squadron Chronicles Begins!!!! Competition Center listing has all the info you need.
  • Looking for something to fly? Check out the Firebird Squadron Battleboard for inspiration.
  • Imperial University has a great collection of training courses that can help you on your journey to greatness. Check them out today.
  • Reach out, check in, tell me how you're doing. Always happy to chat on discord or via email.

***~Wing/BG/IW/Fleet News~***

  • Infiltrator Wing day is August 1st! 29th anniversary of the IW this year!! Let the preparations begin!!!
  • Raise the Flag rumored for Sept. Mark the calendars, put in those leave requests at work, prepare your families!!!
  • Jagged keeps releasing fancy new TFTC Custom Content for the EH. Check it out in the Battle Center.
  • The TC News Page - All the news that one could ever wish for.

***~Squadron Activity~***

  • CMDR-TACA/GN Master/Firebird 1-1 #6252
  • 2024-06-29 - Submitted image entry for Imperial Imagery Initiative competition
  • 2024-06-21 - Role Change: Firebird Squadron Commander
  • 2024-06-21 - Medal awarded: Iron Star with Silver Wings (IS-SW)
  • 2024-06-16 - Free mission completed: XWA-F 67 (1 mission)
  • 2024-06-14 - Submitted review for TFTC-F 2: An aMAZEing Mission
  • 2024-06-13 - Free mission completed: TFTC-F 2 (1 mission)
  • 2024-06-12 - Submitted review for TFTC-IW 1: Wraith Squadron: Part 1
  • 2024-06-12 - Submitted review for TFTC-TC 2: Anti-Rogue Squadron: The Bacta War
  • 2024-06-10 - Battle completed: TFTC-IW 1 (5 missions)
  • 2024-06-10 - Battle completed: TFTC-TC 2 (9 missions)
  • 2024-06-09 - Medal awarded: Bronze Star of the Empire (BS)
  • 2024-06-01 - Medal awarded: Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster (MoC-boc)
  • 2024-06-XX - Active on Discord
  • 2024-06-XX - TACA Work Stuff
  • FM/LT Gyot Soto/Firebird 1-2 #56906
  • 2024-06-29 - Course passed: Combat Medic [MD1] - 100%
  • 2024-06-29 - Course passed: Close Combat Course [CC] - 100%
  • 2024-06-29 - Medals awarded: 5 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-29 - New promotion: Lieutenant (LT)
  • 2024-06-28 - Medal awarded: Legion of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-28 - New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Trainee
  • 2024-06-19 - Joined the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps
  • 2024-06-XX - Active on Discord
  • FM/CPT Turel/Firebird 1-3 #12989
  • 2024-06-29 - Medals awarded: 5 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-25 - Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-22 - Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-21 - Medals awarded: 7 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-15 - Medals awarded: 5 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • FM/LCM Wett/Firebird 1-4 #56467
  • No activity recorded
  • SQXO-FL/MAJ SirCaleb/Firebird 2-1 #56053
  • 2024-06-28 - New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Veteran 1st
  • 2024-06-28 - Medals awarded: 20 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-23 - Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Skirmish (LoS)
  • 2024-06-21 - Role Change: Firebird Squadron XO
  • 2024-06-21 - New promotion: Major (MAJ)
  • 2024-06-17 - Medals awarded: 10 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-11 - Medal awarded: Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster (MoC-boc)
  • FM/LT Hector Von Ricmore/Firebird 2-2 #56410
  • 2024-06-XX -SO Activity Recorded
  • FM/LT Jafan Russ/Firebird 2-3 #56829
  • 2024-06-29 - Medal awarded: Legion of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-27 - Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-27 - Flight Certification Wings awarded: 3rd Echelon
  • 2024-06-26 - Medals awarded: 3 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-26 - Course passed: Vehicle Course - Stage 1 [VS1] - 100%
  • 2024-06-25 - Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-25 - Course passed: History of Imperial Officers [HIO] - 95%
  • 2024-06-23 - Medals awarded: 6 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-23 - Course passed: Apprentice Sniper Course [SN1] - 94%
  • 2024-06-23 - Medal awarded: Commendation of Bravery (CoB)
  • 2024-06-22 - New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Marksman 4th
  • 2024-06-22 - Flight Certification Wings awarded: 2nd Echelon
  • 2024-06-22 - Medals awarded: 8 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-20 - Medal awarded: Legion of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-19 - Medals awarded: 2 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-18 - New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Certified
  • 2024-06-18 - Flight Certification Wings awarded: 1st Echelon
  • 2024-06-18 - Medals awarded: 4 Legions of Combat (LoC)
  • 2024-06-XX - Active on Discord
  • FM/SL Serena Korra/Firebird 2-4 #56860
  • No activity recorded
  • FL/LCM Garth Gottamash/Firebird 3-1 #56449
  • No activity recorded
  • FM/LT Dev Morgan/Firebird 3-2 #56407
  • No activity recorded
  • FM/LT Caius Lao Bistail/Firebird 3-3 #56797
  • 2024-06-29 - Submitted answers for timed test: Trivia For The Challenged 2024 W12
  • 2024-06-24 - Medal awarded: Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon (IS-BR)
  • 2024-06-21 - Submitted answers for timed test: Trivia For The Challenged 2024 S1-W11
  • FM/SL Chiemo Cuvie/Firebird 3-4 #56861
  • 2024-06-XX - Active on Discord
  • FM/LT Suza #56793
  • 2024-06-20 - Transferred to Reserves

***~The Unusual Suspects~***

Flight I: Phoenixes

"Be the fire to inspire"

  • CMDR-TACA/GN Master/Firebird One/XXII/Renegade/III [Executor] [Marksman 3rd] [Qualified] (TC)(SO)(IW)
  • FM/LT Gyot Soto/Firebird Two/XXII/Renegade/III [Trainee] (TC)(IW)
  • FM/CPT Turel/Firebird Three/XXII/Renegade/III [Dragoon] [Veteran 4th] [Gunner's Mate 4th] (TC)(SO)(IW)
  • FM/LCM Wett/Firebird Four/XXII/Renegade/III [Marksman 4th] [Beginner] (TC)(IW)
Flight II: Gryphons

"Fly like a bird, fight like a lion"

  • SQXO-FL/MAJ SirCaleb/Firebird Five/XXII/Renegade/III [Veteran 1st] [Campaigner 4th] (TC)(SO)(IW)
  • FM/LT Hector Von Ricmore/Firebird Six/XXII/Renegade/III [Marksman 4th] [Beginner] (TC)(SO)(IW)
  • FM/LT Jafan Russ/Firebird Seven/XXII/Renegade/III [Marksman 4th] [Beginner] (TC)(SO)(IW)
  • FM/SL Serena Korra/Firebird Eight/XXII/Renegade/III (TC)(IW)
Flight III: Brahmas

"Peace was never an option"

  • FL/LCM Garth Gottamash/Firebird Nine/XXII/Renegade/III [Trainee] (TC)(IW)
  • FM/LT Dev Morgan/Firebird Ten/XXII/Renegade/III [Certified] (TC)(IW)
  • FM/LT Caius Lao Bistail/Firebird Eleven/XXII/Renegade/III [Trainee](TC)(IW)
  • FM/SL Chiemo Cuvie/Firebird Twelve/XXII/Renegade/III (TC)(IW)

***~Dark Lord of the Month~***

The highly prestigious title of Dark Lord of the Month is only given to the person who has most advanced the success of the Squadron, amused the CMDR, or slipped me the most dollary doos in a brown paper bag. This months’ winner is:
New Firebird Squadron Commander! May my reign be long and terrible.

***~Ewok of the Month~***

Yub Yub!
Every story has a hero, every journey has a first step, every Fleet has a pilot who's about as much use as an ashtray on a speeder bike. This weeks Prize Ewok is none other than:
VA Locke Setzer
For promoting me to CMDR!

***~Quote of the Month~***

Fear the Emu `B!!!!...


***~In Closing~***

So ends my first report, hope you enjoyed it. My door is always open (i always forget to lock it) so if you need any help, guidance or just an idea for some activities then please don’t hesitate to contact me on Discord or by email.

Respectfully Submitted,

CMDR-TACA/GN Master/Firebird One/Wing XXII/MC90 Renegade/Battlegroup III
[Executor] [Marksman 3rd] [Qualified]

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light"

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