Rho Report # 3 (2022-05-23)

This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Westric Davalorn/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Captain Westric Davalorn, Squadron Commander
DATE SUBMITTED: 05.23.2022


("Where did you find that droid?" Captain Westric "Dav" Davalorn asks, shaking his head in amazement as he pours two glasses.

"More like he found me," responds Commander Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan, sitting across from him in the office. "I'm walking to the hangar when I turn a corner and almost run into General Frown. He chastises me for being late to my XO briefing and orders me to follow him to the briefing room."  He pauses as he accepts the glass from Dav before continuing, "I end up sitting through three hours of briefings before the real General Frown walks in."

Dav laughs and says, "CAM-9 is definitely going to keep us on our toes."  He takes a sip of his drink and adds, "But, I think you were right to recommend him to the Commodore as her personal protocol droid."

The datapad on his desk chimes and he picks it up. "Speaking of which, General Frown is asking for an update on the status of our new recruitment profile."

Ossus stands up and finishes his drink, placing the empty glass on the desk.  "I'll leave you to it," he says.  He salutes, does an about-face, and leaves the office. 

Dav turns to the data terminal to begin composing his next report.)

Pilots of Rho Squadron,

I hope you've taken advantage of the downtime that you all earned after our hard-fought victory in Imperial Storm IV.  The Meritorious Unit Award has been issued to all pilots who contributed to our win.  Be sure to update your dress uniforms accordingly.

As part of ongoing recruitment efforts in friendly systems, we've been making updates to our squadron recruitment profile.  After reviewing all of your suggestions, we have selected our new Squadron Nickname and Motto.

Nickname: "The Steam Rhollers"; Motto: "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy"

Please congratulate Commander Vapen Vanman, Theta Squadron Commander and former Rho Squadron Executive Officer, on his winning submissions.

We will also be updating the Nicknames and Mottos of each flight.  Keep an eye on your datapads for a message from your Flight Leader regarding this process.

Vice Admiral Marenta "Sus" Jean has reviewed the candidates and selected CAM-9 as her personal protocol droid.  Commander Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan, Rho Squadron XO, made the winning recommendation.  My own suggestion, Grimace, did not make the cut and will continue to work closely with General Frown to ensure all squadron briefings are accurate and efficient as ever.

Lieutenant Tiran Marr has been selected as Flight Leader for Flight 3.  Congratulations and good luck in your new appointment!

Lieutenant Commander Brent Hebris has requested a transfer to the reserves to allow him to focus on his academy studies.  We hope to see him reassigned to active duty again in the near future.

Sub-Lieutenant Declan Blackwing has been out of contact for some time and has been declared missing in action. 

That's all the news I have for now.

For peace and order throughout the galaxy!  For the Empire!

  • Congrats to LT Tiran Marr on his appointment to Flight Leader!
  • Congrats to Theta CMDR CM Vapen Vanman (formerly Rho SQXO) on his winning submissions for the new Rho Squadron Nickname and Motto!
  • Congrats to CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan on his winning submission for the Protocol Pandemonium competition.  I'm sure VA Marenta will enjoy her new protocol droid, the quirky CAM-9.
  • LCM Brent Hebris has been transferred to the reserves and is no longer on our roster.
  • SL Declan Blackwing has been transitioned to inactive status and is no longer on our roster.
  • The participation details below represent the range of time since the last report on 05.09.2022. Therefore, the details cover 05.09.2022 - 05.22.2022

 Signal Scramble Infection

Before VA Marenta's time as the Warrior Commodore, she used her faithful TIE Reaper, BESSIE, during a mission in which her com circuitry was corrupted and led to cascading and repetitive damage. Being the brilliant logistician she was, she decided to appropriate her vessel from Inferno Squadron and bring it with her to the ISDII Warrior. Unfortunately, it still has the bug of a strange frequency being transmitted into her ship. The messages are simply random 3, 4, and 5 letter combinations repeated for approximately 2 standard weeks before the letter combinations change again. In an effort to help figure out what the messages mean, Marenta has tasked the Warrior to make up phrases for the letter combinations and polling the fleet to determine which is the most likely. Every 2 weeks VA Marenta will generate 3, 4, and 5 random letter combinations and create a Google Form to allow personnel onboard ISDII Warrior to fill out with a time frame of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the responses will be put up in a poll where the Warrior members will vote on the responses provided. The members voting will NOT be able to see which phrase was submitted by which member. After a 2 week voting period, to keep the submissions along the same time period as the voting, VA Marenta will announce the winners. Each season will have 6 full rounds of entries/voting/results. Example: VTK Vocal Tauntauns? Kill! FTWN Free The Wookies Now! VAAAS Vacations At Alderaan Are Stupid

The full list of current competitions can be found here in the Competitions Center.


Rho Squadron - Strike
The Steam Rhollers - 'Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy'
Wing II - ISDII Warrior

Flight I - TIE Interceptor
Antiel's Aces || 'Show 'em who the bad guys are.'
[1-1] CM Westric Davalorn
[1-2] LT Ayre
[1-3] LCM Cray Xerious
[1-4] Vacant

Flight II - TIE Interceptor
Parjai Flight || 'We are born to die. We live to be remembered.'
[2-1] CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan
[2-2] CPT Jarion Renalds
[2-3] CM FamePlane
[2-4] SL Krownest

Flight III - TIE Interceptor
Emperor's Will || 'Speed Kills'
[3-1] LT Tiran Marr
[3-2] LC fr0Zen
[3-3] LT Varnin Goldsbane
[3-4] Vacant

Flight IV - TBA
TBA || 'TBA'
[4-1] Vacant
[4-2] Vacant
[4-3] Vacant
[4-4] Vacant


Flight I

[1-1] CPT Westric Davalorn

  • Flying: 5 LoC, 27 LoS
  • Non-flying: Protocol Pandemonium!; Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Email, Discord

[1-2] LT Ayre

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[1-3] LCM Cray Xerious

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[1-4] Vacant

Flight II

[2-1] CM Alexandre “ossusplayz” Morgan

  • Flying: 5 LoC, 161 LoS
  • Non-flying: Flight Certification Wings awarded: 10th Echelon; New Combat Rating (MP PvE) ranks achieved: Gunner's Mate 2nd, Gunner's Mate 1st; May 2022 - Challenge with Words; Protocol Pandemonium!; Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

[2-2] CPT Jarion Renalds

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: Encyclopaedia Imperia Wiki updates
  • Communication: Discord

[2-3] CM FamePlane

  • Flying: 7 LoC
  • Non-flying: Squadrons Championship League Staff; Squadrons Championship League Twitch Caster
  • Communication: Discord

[2-4] SL Krownest

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: None

Flight III

[3-1] LT Tiran Marr

  • Flying: 4 LoC, 16 LoS
  • Non-flying: New assignment: Flight Three Flight Leader; New Combat Rating (MP PvE) rank achieved: Beginner, Qualified; New Combat Rating (MP PvP) rank achieved: Trainee; Flight Certification Wings awarded: 1st Echelon; Course added to academic record: [SM/5]; Signal Scramble Infection
  • Communication: Discord

[3-2] LC fr0Zen

  • Flying: 19 LoC, 1 LoS
  • Non-flying: Squadrons Championship League Team Captain
  • Communication: Discord

[3-3] LT Varnin Goldsbane

  • Flying: None
  • Non-flying: None
  • Communication: Discord

[3-4] Vacant

Flight IV

[4-1] Vacant

[4-2] Vacant

[4-3] Vacant

[4-4] Vacant


Be on the lookout for information on upcoming projects.  We have several exciting initiatives in the pipeline that I look forward to sharing with the rest of the squadron.

CPT Westric Davalorn
CMDR/CPT Westric Davalorn/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior