Typhoon Report # 4 (2023-09-07)

This report was submitted by CMDR-TOA/COL Triji Boliv/Typhoon/Wing X/ISDII Challenge/Battlegroup III

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Date: 7 September 2023
From: COL Triji Boliv To: AD Stryker
CC: Battlegroup III



Credit to Colonel Locke Setzer for this amazing meme!

Woo, what an August! Welcome to Lieutenant Kieran Yoyo and Lieutenant Jagged Fell III! Both pilots have already made a noticable impact on the squadron's overall activity levels, and I'm really impressed with you both! Welcome!

July was a bit slower for the squadron as most of us enjoyed the middle of summer, but I'd still like to congratulate Colonel Locke Setzer for earning a Bronze Star of the Empire and General Jarek La'an for a Palpatine Crescent! August awards are in process and should be distributed shortly. August was a great overall month with 5 awards pending!

The last big Fleet-wide competition of the year is underway with Raise the Flag! This is the competition that determines the Flagship for the next year! The Challenge has won this multiple times in the past, and we're off to a great start this year! Keep it up Typhoon!

Fleet News

Raise the Flag is underway! Competition status can be found here.

Big changes have come to the Dark Brotherhood! Silwar has been promoted to Grand Master, and the DB database has been integrated alongside the TIE Corps site! This has given us hope that the DB might actually be able to regain some of its previous glory, and if you're interested in exploring your Sith side, visit the DB homepage.


RtF is running right now. Competition details here.


As always, my requirements are simple, put a point on the board for the month! Utilize Discord to chat with squadmates and others from around the fleet. And more than anything, have fun!



Yay! Kids are back to school. Hopefully I'll have more time to be active myself this month!

COL Triji Boliv signing off....

Always remember:

We will fly the winds of Death...

COL Triji Boliv

CMDR-TOA/COL Triji Boliv/Typhoon/Wing X/ISDII Challenge/Battlegroup III
SSx4/BSx14/PCx11/ISMx15/IAR/MoT-gh-bh/MoI/MoS/MoC-poc-goc-soc-8boc/MUA/IS-GW-11SW-6BW-2GR-SR-7BR-3CR/ORA-2C/LoC-IS/LoS-1PS/DFC/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-22E [Executor] [Marksman 3rd] [Ranger 4th] {TCCORE-COE/2-MCBS-MP/2-SM/2/3/5-TM/1-XAM}


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