Lambda Report # 2 (2023-08-31)

This report was submitted by CMDR-ROA/LC Gytheran/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I


Lambda Squadron Report #2


Reporting Officer: LC Gytheran, Lambda Squadron Commander

TO: Lambda Squadron

CC: RA Genie "Blue Buns", Hammer Battlegroup Commander

Date Submitted: 31 August, 31 ABY

Squadron News



Raise the Flag 2023 has arrived!

 The month-long competition that tests our sanity is upon us and is set to begin 01 September 2023 at 12:00am GMT (Aug 31 @ 8PM ET/5PM PT). In 2022, Lambda came out on top and became the TCCOM’s escort squadron. Here in 2023, we will be once again fighting for supremacy and the right to be called the top squadron in the TIE Corps! The squadrons and battle groups have been pitted against each other for the glory of the Empire. Pilots will have the opportunity to compete for Iron Stars from copper to platinum, with both “wings” and “ribbons,” while participants of the top squadron and battle group will be awarded the coveted TUA and MUA, respectively. During this competition, there will be more than 150 individual awards given out. Iron Stars with wings will be awarded for flying activities and ribbons for the 2 art and 2 fiction mini competitions throughout the month. The awards are ripe for the taking! Pick your preferred method of activity and set yourself apart from your peers! I encourage you all to join a voice channel every chance you get, even if what you are doing is single player activity, and especially if you see members of other squadrons and ships in open channels. While this is a competition, there is no reason we can’t use it to foster a positive competitive environment and bolster the community!

The official RtF website is here:

It contains a comprehensive leaderboard and the rules, should you have questions. If something is unclear, my door is always open. If I don’t have an immediate answer for your question, I know who to go to for the information!

Additional Squadron News

Lambda is Full!
With the addition of LCM Swainteth Lortan as Lambda 1-2 and LT LPhoenix as Lambda 3-4, we are officially full up! Welcome to the Lambda family! Lambda is one of the most well-rounded squadrons in the fleet, with pilots specializing in all game modes. I have no doubt we can overcome any obstacles in our way!

Tip of the Month: You will be surprised at the mess left behind in a TIE Fighter piloted by a Hutt. Be ready with the mop and bucket following a debriefing... and set aside the rest of your day.

Creative Corner

          In this installment of Creative Corner, we have one of many single player guides put forth by our very own LT LPhoenix.  LPhoenix is always making extensive mission guides for single-player missions and posting them to the 'Streams' channel in discord. I suggest you check them out if you have chance. He does a great job of working through the mission objectives. You can find the video here:

Activity (01 July-30 August 2023)

Callsign SP LoS LoC Honour Guard COOP Rating Combat Rating Wings
Flight I

1-1   LC Gytheran
Legionnaire Top Ace Ranger Top Ace 2nd 21st Ech
1-2   LCM Swainteth Lortan

Private 4th
Marksman 4th
7th Ech
1-3   LC "Snuggles" Solohan50
Tesserarius Ace Ranger 3rd Elite 4th
21st Ech
1-4   LCM Calvin Phrick

Grenadier Private 3rd Marksman 3rd 6th Ech
Flight II

2-1   MAJ TheBlackxRanger 843
Centurion Master Ranger 3rd Top Ace 4th 21st Ech
2-2   LT Asche


2-3   LCM Therj'en'nuruodo

Gunner's Mate 4th Marskman 4th 7th Ech
2-4   LCM Scottrick


7th Ech
Flight III

3-1   CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana 118

Imperator Master Ranger 1st Veteran 1st 21st Ech
3-2   MAJ DemWookieeCheeks
Hussar Campaigner 1st Ace 1st 19th Ech
3-3   LT Das Oberon 42

Lancer Qualified

3rd Ech
3-4   LT LPhoenix 11

Qualified Trainee
9th Ech


Callsign Comms IU Medals Other
Flight I

1-1   MAJ Gytheran X
ORA x 28, IAR x 6, IS-BW x 8, IS-CW x 9, IS-BR x 1, IS-GW x 1, IS-SW x 2, SS x 2, IS-GR x 1
1-2   LCM Swainteth Lortan x

1-3   LC "Snuggles" Solohan50 X

ORA x 27, IS-SW x 3, IS-CW x 4, IS-CR x 1, IS-PW x 1, IS-BW x 4, BS x 2, IAR x 4, SS x 1, IS-GW x 1

1-4   LCM Calvin Phrick X

ORA x 4, ISM x 1
Flight II

2-1   MAJ TheBlackxRanger X [SM/6]
ORA x 28, IAR x 6, IS-CW x 3, IS-GW x 1, IS-BW x 3, SS x 1, IS-BR x 1, BS x 1
Uniform, Bug Reports, Mission Reviews
2-2   LT Asche X
ORA x 4

2-3   LCM Therj'en'nuruodo X [SM/6]
ORA x 6, IAR x 2, ISM x 2
Uniform, INPR
2-4   LCM Scottrick X

ORA x 2, BS x 1, IAR x 1
Flight III

3-1   CPT Wolve Excelsior Berkana X
ORA x 4, IAR x 4, SS x 3, BS x 1, IS-SW x 1, OV x 1, IS-SR x 1
3-2   MAJ DemWookieeCheeks X
IAR x 3, BS x 3, ORA x 1, IS-CW x 1

3-3   LT Das Oberon X
IAR x 3, ORA x 1, CoB x 1
3-4   LT LPhoenix x

ORA x 1, IS-SR x 1, MoC-soc x 1
INPR, Uniform

Competitions and Events

Highlighted Competitions:

There are various competitions held by several TC pilots. Currently in the spotlight, we have the following competitions

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Lambdas, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "TIE Corps", "Battlegroup I", or "Lambda Squadron".

Upcoming or Current Events:

TC Shootouts 2023 Season III: A weekly, TC-wide get-together. Win medals and ORAs for playing with other TC pilots!
Raise the Flag! This is the big one! All hands on deck! If you have the time and willingness, I implore you to help Lambda secure a victory!

Notable Streams:

Listing some of the most notable streams from the Emperor's Hammer. If you would like your streaming showcased here, drop me a line. You can find all the streamers on Discord under the #Streams channel.


Closing Comments


           I want to make this short and sweet. There is enough paperwork before us that I don’t need to keep you guys out of your TIEs any longer than I absolutely must. Lambda does its best work behind the flight stick, so let us get back to it. You have your orders. Raise the Flag is here. Let’s show the fleet how we do things in Lambda!

CMDR-ROA/LC Gytheran/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer/Battlegroup I


ORA-3C/LoC-7PS/LoS-23PS/CoLx2/CoB/OV-22E [Legionnaire] [Top Ace 2nd] [Top Ace Ranger]





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