Eagle Report # 18 (2023-08-31)

This report was submitted by CMDR-COOA/COL Miles Prower/Eagle/Wing XXII/MC90 Renegade/Battlegroup III

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REPORTING OFFICER: Colonel Miles "Tails" Prower
DATE SUBMITTED: 31 August 2023
ROSTER COUNT: 10/12 (2 slots available)

Commander's Discord: Vulpinroid
Commander's E-Mail
Commander's Steam
Commander's EA/Origin: Vulpinroid

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Raise the Flag looms on the horizon as the Warfare Officer is getting the bricks put together. That's due to come about in September, so get rested and ready!

This is our big competition for the year, the fight for the status of Flagship and Escort Squadron. I'll be looking to you all to help me cement the Challenge as the Flagship and perhaps Eagle as the Escort Squadron.

Since our last report, we picked up some new personnel. The spotlight however goes on Lieutenant Maple "Waffle" Wulvar, who came out of training running with TCCORE under his belt and some very enjoyable times playing Battlefront II co-op with him alongside Lieutenant Prower. Even an Imperial Achievement Ribbon from the venerable Vice Admiral Pitt!

"It takes courage for a new pilot to boldly reach out to a member of the Command Staff with a new concept, no matter how small. I commend Lieutenant Maple Wulvar for having the tenacity to reach out and share the neat idea of a mascot for the Imperial University, accompanied by some concept art. For this, I'd like to award Lieutenant Wulvar with an Imperial Achievent Ribbon. Thank you for reaching out and speaking up!"
-Vice Admiral Sylas Pitt, Training Officer of the Emperor's Hammer, August 14th 2023

With his entry, things continued to shake up as Captain Cupcake requested to transition to a Flight Member role. Logically, Lieutenant Wulvar was the choice for the initiative displayed. Even more welcome though was the efforts of Captain SirCaleb who's made an explosive presence on the scoreboards. Showing us all what a pilot can do with the proper attention and tenacity! I'm pleasantly optimistic about September as a result.

As a reminder, my own schedule has me working between 2:30 PM to 11:30 PM US Eastern Time Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mornings on those days as well as Thursdays and Fridays will be my best day to arrange activity. I've got everything from XvT up to Squadrons.
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patch.php?id=156 ROSTER
Flight I (X-Wing) "Shadow Flight" The Eyes of the Eagle
Name/Rank Position Flight Certification
CR (PvP) CR (PvE)
COL Miles Prower
12th Echelon (951)
Fusilier (78)
Officer 2nd (298)
Gunner's Mate 1st (353)


Issued report

8 Legions of Skirmish

Processed 2121 matches
this month
LT Darktank99 FM 1-2
Flight Certified - Baseline (0 pts)
Unranked (0 pts) Unranked (0 pts) Unranked (0 pts) Discord
Open FM 1-3
LC Graf D'Jinn
FM 1-4
13th Echelon (1093)
Lancer (27)
Elite 4th (723)
Gunner's Mate 3rd (243)

Flight II (X-Wing) "Nova Flight" The Heart of the Eagle
Name/Rank Position Flight Certification
CR (PvP)
CR (PvE)
CPT Xylo Pethtel SQXO/FL 2-1
14th Echelon (1428) Unranked (0)

Veteran 2nd (560) Campaigner 1st (682) Discord,
3 Legions of Skirmish

FM 2-2
LT Maria Prower FM 2-3
Flight Certified - Baseline (17)
Qualified (17)
Discord, 3 Legions of Skirmish
SL Project Z0-6TV15
FM 2-4
Unranked Unranked None

Flight III (X-Wing) - "Talon Flight" The Talons of the Eagle
Name/Rank Position Flight Certification
CR (PvP)
CR (PvE)
LT Maple Wulvar
FL 3-1
Flight Certified - 2nd Echelon (25)
Unranked Trainee (7) Qualified (18) Originally FM 2-2

Took over FL 3-1 on 08/12/2023

Uniform upload

TCCORE passed (94%)

Awarded the IAR by the TO

7 LoCs and 18 LoSs

E-Mail & Discord

CPT SirCaleb FM 3-2
12th Echelon (806) Unranked (0) Veteran 3rd (474) Gunner's Mate 1st (306) Discord,
33 LoCs and 179 LoSs
SL Valorum Kore
FM 3-3
Unranked (0)
Unranked (0) Unranked (0) Unranked (0) Discord
CPT Cupcake
FM 3-4
8th Echelon (294)
Dragoon (118)
Marksman 4th (33)
Private 1st (103)
Discord, E-Mail
Transferred to FM 3-4 on 08/12/2023

patch.php?id=156 RESOURCES & SIGNOFF patch.php?id=156

TC Homepage

TC Discord

TC Pilot's Manual

COO Manual

Imperial University

Encyclopaedia Imperia Wiki

I'm here to help you and I'm here to help you all realise your potential. If there's anything you need, please let me know!

Screaming Eagles!

CMDR/COL Miles Prower/Eagle/Wing XXII/MC90 Renegade/Battlegroup III
IC/GOEx2/GSx2/SSx5/BSx5/PCx12/ISMx22/IAR/MoI-BC/MoC-5doc-5poc-7goc-7soc-53boc/MUA/IS-4GW-3SW-8BW-2CW-15SR-26BR/ORA-1C/LoC-RS/LoS-RS/CoLx11/CoB/LoAx2/OV-16E [Fusilier] [Officer 2nd] [Gunner's Mate 1st]

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