Squadrons Premier League Season 7

Combat Event ID# 210
Game Platform Star Wars Squadrons
Main Contact AD Silwar Naiilo
Event Dates 2023-10-01 (09:32) - 2023-10-31 (09:32)

Squadrons Premier League is a 5v5 Dogfighting tournament hosted at the SPL Discord server: https://discord.gg/kxVzAdxgSr

At the conclusion of the tournament, the top placing with TIE Corps pilots will earn IS-GWs for each participating player (pilots and subs.) Pilots in the second, third, and fourth place teams will earn an IS-SW, IS-BW, or IS-CW, respectively. If the top team has a +3 win/loss ratio, they will earn a DFC instead of an IS-GW.