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Reviews for XvT-TC 97

 LT Wolve Excelsior Berkana
    rating: 4
 This battle stinks! Like cheese though. The required levels of childhood trauma that the creators have had to endure to come up with a set of missions this deeply disturbing must have been at epic proportions. The last mission......well lets just say it is aptly named. I'd say avoid, but this is a train wreck where you just can not look away. 4 stars.
 CM TheBlackxRanger
    rating: 5
 i really liked this one, i think im team cheese for sure. every single block of cheddar was delectable and tasty. I couldnt let the cheese escape, i had to eat it all, no cheese was safe. this battle was extra gouda
 CPT Solohan50
    rating: 3
 I played on Easy. This was a quick and humorous set of missions. You protect your convoy of cheese across a variety of missions. It was decently fun and there were a couple of funny moments in it. All in all, this was decent enough and it's quick for points.
 COL Genie
    rating: 4
 An entertaining battle, one that I will one day ask Yoda if he can give me the TLDR version of what was happening back in the day. The last mission is funny in its own right, will not spoil it.
 COL Phalk Sturm
    rating: 4
 This battle is one of the craziest out there. Fun, engaging and original, it will snatch a laugh or two from GN Gilbert Frown himself. Last mission, is the best of the whole assignment. And I assume that the inside jokes are piling up by the minute and obscure to the layman. Nevertheless a true gem. Fly it.
 GN Pickled Yoda
    rating: 5
 That was the funniest battle I have flown since Sarin's Booze. Absolutely fantastic... and Sarin's Stormies brought tears to my eyes. It's a bit of a Grey Wolf inside joke from when Sarin was COM... hilarious. Full marks, even though the musical could've been shorter. YOU MUST FLY THIS BATTLE.
 COL Nightmare
    rating: 4
 well... Cheese is good, I can fly as myself, we kill Trainer twice (w00t) and "we have no talent" hehehe...
 COL Rau Aznable
    rating: 4
 An excellent battle. One of those that make you like XvT. I rarely laugh during a battle, but this one can do it. You got lots of different challenges in this one, and you'll also get to put up with the unique crazyness of the GWSOoM. I just don't give it a 5 because of the last mission (what the hell were you thinking, Choosh?). Everyone will enjoy this battle, including all the GWSOoM haters out there.
 COL TK-7764
    rating: 4
 Odd... to say the least. Some custom sound files for radio messages would be a great addition for the last mission :p